Template:Infobox location The Tavern is the in-game establishment that provides lodging and entertainment for travelers. This translates into a place to rest when you need a break from your Dailies and an active chat that any user is welcome to participate in or simply observe.

You will find the Tavern under the Social tab's Tavern Chat option. You can also access the Tavern by clicking on the Social tab itself. 

Resting in the Inn编辑


Click on this button in the Tavern to rest in the Inn.

主条目: Rest in the Inn

The avatar of a user resting in the Inn.

While resting in the Inn, most normal Cron processes are prevented from occurring. For example, you will not take damage for your incomplete Dailies. You still have the option to check off and get rewarded for Dailies if you want, and any Dailies that you complete will become unchecked the next day as usual.

Note that you will still receive boss damage from your party members if you are on a quest and they do not complete all of their dailies.

While in the Inn, Habitica alters your avatar by closing its eyes and adding Zzz's.

Tavern Chat编辑

Tavern Chat Power Tips
  • Before writing/posting, hit the "Fetch Recent Messages" button to see if anything relevant was posted since messages were last loaded.
  • Autocomplete names by typing "@" when addressing a message. Tab selects the first name in the list.
  • Messages addressed to you will be highlighted in grey and your name will be underlined.
  • Use Markdown to format your post.
  • If you like what someone has written, you can click the "+1" button at the end of their post.
  • There is no edit function, but you can post the corrected message, then delete your old message by clicking the trash can icon (at the end of the message).
  • There is no way to see messages that have disappeared off the end of Tavern Chat, which occurs after 200 posts.

The Tavern offers you a place to chat with other Habitica users, learn about new guilds, and get support for Habitica. Note that the Tavern chat is NOT an instant-messaging system, and will not update itself automatically. You can update it by hitting the "Fetch Recent Messages" button.

The Tavern Chat resembles a chatroom and is not divided into distinct topics. If you'd prefer to participate in a forum that is divided into topics and includes individual threads, head to The Courtyard.

Tavern Chat is the largest and most active of the chat areas that a player can participate in. Everyone is welcome. Friendly, supportive communication is encouraged and participants should use language and discuss topics appropriate for younger Habitica players. Individuals may be instructed to modify their language or asked to discontinue communications that are aggressive or otherwise unacceptable.

If a conversation becomes long and involved or is about something controversial, you are encouraged to move it to the Back Corner guild.

You can read more about appropriate communication in the Community Guidelines.



The list of resources provided in the Tavern.

The Tavern's Resources box, located in the left sidebar of the page, offers useful links:

Please use the "Report a Problem" and "Request a Feature" links if you run into a problem or want a feature added or changed. While the developers of Habitica definitely want to hear about bugs and possible improvements, they spend more time working than talking in the Tavern, so those links are the best way to get their attention. The Tavern only shows 200 messages, so if a developer isn't there when you post your idea, they probably will not see it.

Player Tiers编辑

主条目: Contributor Rewards#Contributor Tiers

Some players in the Tavern Chat and other chat areas have their names highlighted in a different color. These colors have a very distinct meaning in Habitica. Every new user starts out with a grey name background, but can earn new colors by contributing to Habitica. Contributors are given tiers and one or more titles, which describe the types of contributions they have made.

Tavern Challenges编辑

Because the Tavern functions as a public guild, it has its own challenges. These challenges are viewable to everyone and can be seen in the lefthand side of the Tavern underneath the Player Tiers key.


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