A world boss is a boss that all Habitica players fight in a special type of quest. All users are rewarded upon its defeat, even those who have been resting in the Inn or have not used Habitica for the entirety of the quest.

Fighting a World BossEdit

Players automatically join the fight, even if they are already participating in a party quest. Players do damage to a world boss in the same way that they do damage to a normal quest boss: by completing positive Habits, Dailies, and To Do's, and by casting Burst of Flames or Brutal Smash, which belong to the Mage and Warrior classes, respectively. As with general quest bosses, a player's effect on a world boss is tallied after Cron. A player who is resting in the Inn will deal no damage, and players who are inactive (i.e., did not interact with Habitica that day) are not counted, since inactive users experience no Cron.

Players will not take damage from a world boss attack or have their accounts negatively affected in any way. However, uncompleted Dailies will fill the boss's Rage bar; when the Rage bar is full, the boss will unleash an attack against a NPC.

While a world boss is active, the Tavern displays information about the world boss, including the current values of its Health and Rage bars.

Previous World BossesEdit

World bosses were first introduced with The Dread Drag'on of Dilatory as part of the 2014 Summer Splash event. Burnout and the Exhaust Spirits was the first animated world boss. 

Picture Name Health Strike Event/Year
Quest dysheartener
The Dysheartener 17.0M 500K Valentine's Day 2018
Quest bewilder
The Be-Wilder 20.0M 800K Spring Fling 2016
Quest burnout
Burnout and the Exhaust Spirits 11.0M 1.0M Fall Festival 2015
Quest stressbeast
The Abominable Stressbeast of the Stoïkalm Steppes 2.8M 1.4M Winter Wonderland 2015
Quest dilatory drag'on
The Dread Drag'on of Dilatory 5.0M 4.0M Summer Splash 2014

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