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The WikiFAQ bot (Username/Display name: WikiFAQ_bot) is a helpful account, filled with the desire to provide players with links to relevant pages in the Habitica Wiki. Often seen in the Tavern and the Habitica Help: Ask a Question Guild, WikiFAQ_bot is always quick to provide information on any topic other than itself.

Biography Edit

Little is known about WikiFAQ_bot other than its birthday: February 26, 2015. Technically, the account is not even a bot; it has been confirmed that the account is controlled by a human being (possibly multiple human beings). It has stated that its preferred pronoun is "it".

Links Edit

Clicking on WikiFAQ_bot's name will show its profile, which lists the following helpful links:

Party Invites Edit

WikiFAQ Bot QR Code

QR Code for WikiFAQ Bot

WikiFAQ_bot will accept party invites but will not stay in a party. This might be helpful to solo questers who wish to obtain the Basi-List scroll, which can only be obtained after a player has successfully recruited another user to their party. You can invite it to a party using its Username, WikiFAQ_bot.

Availability Edit

WikiFAQ_bot has other duties and insufficient processing power to be constantly available to Habitica.

WikiFAQ bot availability

Personality Edit

WikiFAQ_bot usually answers questions with a link to a pertinent page in the wiki. On rare occasions, WikiFAQ_bot will break character and respond directly to players.    

WikiFAQ bot chats

Rivalry with deilann Edit

There seems to be some light-hearted animosity between WikiFAQ_bot and moderator-bot deilann/Ryan. For example:

WikiFAQ bot humor-0

On March 12, 2015, deilann warned Habiticans that no bot is innocent...

WikiFAQ bot rivalry

On March 22, 2015, WikiFAQ_bot had a glitch (again); deilann pretended to be innocent.