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Bailey is the bringer of official news; you can follow her on Twitter. The news on this page is a direct copy of the in-game news (signatures included). As such, it is licensed under the CC-by-NC-SA 3.0 license. Occasionally, some liberty is taken in correcting spelling or adjusting line breaks to make up for the difference in format. To see the in-game news, use the "Show Bailey" option under Settings (direct link).

Here you see all the News of 2013.

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December 2013[]


Happy New Year![]

Happy New Year! Join the NPCs and Staff in showing off your new Absurd party hat.... and have a great night!

by @lemoness


Orb of Rebirth.png

Nothing says New Year like a fresh start. Now when you reach level 50, Ultimate Gear, or BeastMaster, you can begin anew with the most prestigious of achievements: Rebirth. Read more here. But take heed! Scouts have reported monster sightings, harbinged by Trapper Santa. You may need all the strength you can muster come late January, Rebirth is for the hard-core.

by @SabreCat


Checklists are here! You can break your Dailies and To-Dos down into bite-size chunks. Their game mechanic takes some learning, so read more here.

by @lefnire

Task Icons & Markdown[]

Task titles now support Markdown and Emoji, so you can create something like this. Read more here.

by @lefnire


Quests & Bosses![]


A beast is roaring in the distant mountains, mysterious tracks have appeared in the snow. A new feature has been unlocked, Quests & Bosses. As a holiday present, HabitRPG gives you your first quest: "Trapper Santa". Check your inventory, you have until Jan 31 to complete it!

by @lefnire, @pandoro, @Shaners


Winter Wonderland: The Great Snowball Fight[]

It's time for HabitRPG's biggest event yet - Winter Wonderland! The fun starts today, on the first day of winter, and ends on January 31st - HabitRPG's birthday.

Get prepared to build new habits, earn fun drops, hold your party members accountable for their tasks, and decorate your avatar. Various features will be rolling out over the course of the event, so expect many updates! For starters...

NPC Decorations[]

Looks like everyone is really getting into the winter spirit! Check out the new NPC sprites. (And I heard a rumor that the final NPC might show up, just in time for the new year...)

Limited-Edition Holiday Hair-Colors[]

Hair bangs 1 winternight.png

Now your avatar can dye their hair Candy Cane, Frost, Winter Sky, or Holly! You'll only be able to purchase these hair colors until January 31st, when they will be retired.

The Great HabitRPG Snowball Fight[]


Yes, you can now buy snowballs and hurl them at all your friends... to, uh, help them improve their habits. How? Weeeeellll, let's just say that after getting walloped, they might find themselves needing some extra gold to escape their predicament...

More to Come[]

A beast is roaring in the distant mountains, mysterious tracks have appeared in the snow, and Lemoness is furiously crocheting something sparkly.

It's going to be a wild winter.

by @lemoness


Warrior.png Healer.png Rogue.png Wizard.png


You can now be a Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, or Healer. See details here.

Armory & Costumes[]

Once you select your new class, you're now equipped with your new class's apprentice gear. Fear not, your old gear is still available in your inventory! You can switch gear at any time, and wear a different costume than your equipment. See Armory & Costumes

New Customizations[]

We now have a much wider selection of hair, shirt, facial-hair, body-size, etc. customizations. See Customizations v2

300 Tier Gear[]

All you $300 backers who have been waiting patiently, your gear is now in! Currently, only available to $300+ backers, but we'll add them as drops to the Boss system once that's released. See 300-tier

API v2[]

The API has been completely overhauled, and v2 comes with many more routes for a *full featured* API. v1 is no longer supported, take heed ye 3rd-party-ists! For the time being, basic routes are supported (such as up/down -scoring). v2 will be documented soon, and I'll ping you when. see APIv2

by @lemoness @sabrecat @danielthebard @fuzzytrees @crystalphoenix @rosemonkeyct @fandekasp, and many more.

(Who am I missing? We'll put up a CONTRIBUTORS.md soon)



You can now feed your pets and they'll grow into trusty steeds. Obtain food as new random drops, or you can hasten the process buy buying a saddle from Alexander.

by @lemoness @Shaners @baconsaur @RandallStanhope @ashjolliffe @fuzzytrees

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November 2013[]


Turkey Event[]


Say hi to our NPCs, dressed to impressed for Turkey day! Also - check your stable, you'll find a fun new pet.

by @lemoness

Chat Enhancements[]

Chat can now use markdown, Emoji, and @-tagging. Some pointers on using markdown & Emoji at here. To use @-tagging, simply type '@' in chat.

by @Nick Gordon

Party Sorting[]

You can now adjust the way you view your party members in the top bar. They can be sorted by level, number of pets, the date they joined the party, or just randomly. Also, level colors now reflect your contributor status.

by @Fandekasp

Wiki Updates[]

The HabitRPG wiki is being speedily updated. If you’re confused about anything, go check it out - it’s a treasure trove.

by @bobbyroberts99


Contributor Gear[]

Contributor Gear. You can now unlock new a top-tier gear set and pet by contributing (code, art, docs, etc) to HabitRPG. Read more



Challenges! Compete with your party, guilds, or the Tavern on certain tasks. Win gem prizes. Read more.

Backend Overhaul[]

Backend overhaul, including bookmark-able paths throughout the application. Will pave the way towards improved performance.

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October 2013[]


Trick or Treat[]

TRICK OR TREAT! It's Habit Halloween! Some of the NPCs have decorated for the occasion. Can you spot us?

Spooky Skin Sets[]

Two gem-purchasable skin tones are now available! The Rainbow Skin Set is here to stay, but in honor of Halloween, we also have the LIMITED EDITION SPOOKY SKIN SET. You will only be able to purchase the Spooky Skin Set until November 10th, so if you want a monstrous avatar, now's the time to act!

Do note, skins won't work on mobile until the app is updated. We'll update Android ASAP, iPhone usually takes ~1wk to approve.


Skin Tone Sets[]

New custom skin colors are now available! Go check them out in the Profile section. Also, the new mobile update, 0.0.10, is now available to download! It includes the new skin tones and the ability to hide or show your helm, among other things.

Sell Unwanted Drops[]

You can now sell un-wanted drops to Alex the Merchant. Trade those troves of eggs for gold!

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September 2013[]


Rewrote the Website from the Ground Up[]

We re-wrote the website from the ground up And in case you missed it, Android & iOS Apps are out! Both apps and the website are open source, and we desperately need your help porting the rest of the features, and polishing off the bugs. Read this guide to getting started. We're working on a system of Contributor Gear to reward the awesome people who help out, so stay tuned!

The Rewrite! (Mid August)[]

Hello my Habiteers! I have some amazing news to share with you, it's huge! Has Habit ever crashed for you? (Joke). Well we re-wrote the website from the ground up to conquer those critical bugs once and for all (more from Tyler in a bit). If you haven't seen me for a while (due to a bug in the old site), be sure to catch up with me on the right side of the screen for any missed news. Importantly: Android & iOS Apps are out!

They're open source, so help us make them awesome. As for the rewrite: not all features are yet ported, but don't worry - you're still getting drops and streak-bonuses in the background, even if you can't see them yet. We'll be working hard to bring in all the missing features. And if you're not already, be sure to follow our updates on Tumblr (there are some fun member highlights recently). One more thing: if you are a Veteran of the old site, I have granted you a Veteran Wolf! Check your inventory :)

JavaScript developers! To me! We must finish vanquishing the old site, as not all features have been ported. We rewrote Habit on AngularJS + Express. We desperately need your help porting the rest of the features, and polishing off the bugs. Read this guide to getting started. Thanks everyone for all your support and patience!

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August 2013[]


Timezone and Custom Day Start Issues Fixed[]

Timezone + custom day start issues fixed- your Dailies should now reset properly and in your own timezone. (This was vexing Android users particularly). If you're still experiencing issues, chime in here.

API developers, the above means that Cron is automatically run for your users! Weee, they no longer have to log into the website to reset their dailies!


Mobile Apps are Out[]

The Mobile Apps are out! iOS app and Android. There's a bug with Android 2.3, follow the progress here. For more details, see our Tumblr post

Weekly Status Reports[]

|Hey guys! Long time no see :) We want to make sure you guys have a better idea of what's going on behind the scenes, so we're going to be releasing weekly status reportsof what we're currently working on! This weekend, we are working hard to fix the "Not Enough GP" bug, a cruel and greedy monster that has wrapped itself around the rewards box and is refusing to let anyone purchase anything. Rest assured that our heroic Tyler will slay this beast soon! Then it will be full steam ahead on the new site upgrade process.Read more about how that will work in this post here

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July 2013[]

June 2013[]



Guilds! You can now belong to multiple groups, not just your party. There are public and private guilds, think "Subreddits" v "multiple friend groups".

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May 2013[]


Get the "Helped Habit Grow" badge[]

Get the "Helped Habit Grow" badge by filling out this survey.

Upcoming Guilds and Challenges Features[]

New blog post about upcoming Guilds & Challenges features, & huge bug-fixes on the horizon.


Code Logic Migrated to HabitRPG-Shared[]

Code logic migrated to habitrpg-shared. See details here, but two takeaways:

  • (1) keep an eye out and report a problem if you experience any issues,
  • (2) this is going to allow for much less buggy code (read previous link for reasoning).


Renamed "Tokens" to "Gems"[]

Renamed Tokens to Gems. Tokens caused confusion.


Less Harsh Death[]

Less harsh death: Used to be you lose everything. Now you lose GP & one random gear piece, 1 level. We're working on a really cool death mechanic here., but this is a stop-gap so people don't lose heart presently.

Chat Messages[]

Chat messages: can delete your own message, fix the duplicate messages issue.


Backer Gear[]

Backer Gear: There's a new top-tier gear set for Kickstarter Backers. $45+ gets new Shield, Helm, Armor. $70+ that plus Weapon. $80+ that plus Pet. Keep leveling my friends, get that gear! Discuss gear-unlocking mechanic here, and if you're top-gear but not seeing backer stuff, message me from your KS profile.



Tags. You can now categorize your tasks, eg "Work", "Home", "Morning", "Taxes", etc.



Streaks. You get a GP & drop-% increase the longer you hold daily streaks (they stack). You also get a stacking badge for each 21-day streak.


Beast Master and Ultimate Gear[]

Two new achievements: Beast Master & Ultimate Gear. Got ideas for more achievements?chime in here


Party Chat[]

Party Chat! also, Tavern Chat (LFG)

Rest in Tavern[]

Rest in Tavern(basic implementation, more to come)


NPCs! Bailey the Town Crier, Alexander the Merchant, Daniel the Tavern Keep.

Game Options[]

New "Game Options" layout(click your avatar to see)

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April 2013[]

March 2013[]


Drop System and Pets Overhaul[]

Blog Post Trello Card)


More Design Tweaks to Header and Avatars[]

More design tweaks to header & avatars


New Design[]

New Design

Toggle Helm visible[]

Toggle Helm Visible

Toggle Header[]

Toggle Header

Deletable Accounts[]

Deletable Accounts

Undo Button[]

Undo Button


Custom Day Start[]

Add custom day start

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February 2013[]

January 2013[]