The Tasks page includes columns for Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards.

Habitica is a game to help you improve real-life habits. It "gamifies" your life by giving you in-game rewards for your real-life tasks. The better you are at accomplishing real-life tasks, the more you progress in the game. If you slip up in life, your character starts backsliding in the game.

Habitica is all about accountability and responsibility. Completing your real-life tasks means you can tick off your Habitica tasks. These are your once-off targets (To-Dos), those routine items that must be completed each day (Dailies), and the Habits that you are trying to do more of or stop doing.

Habitica Level Progression

A Habitica user's avatar represents their progression as they accomplish tasks.

You can level up, gain gold, collect equipment, and find pets, all by simply accomplishing real-life tasks, remembering to do your daily chores, and avoiding bad habits. You progress in the game by improving your life and mastering your habits – and should you slip up in life, you'll start to lose health points. If you catch yourself in time and start improving your habits and conquering your tasks, you can earn enough gold to buy yourself a health potion before you face the consequences!

Although you must sign into Habitica to check off a Daily on the day it is due in order to receive credit for doing it, there is a system that allows you to take a rest from Habitica without penalty, for instance if you know you will be traveling and cannot log in.

The motivation to keep playing has to come from you, the player. However, Habitica offers the following built-in motivational concepts:

  • Achievement – Game rewards for doing tasks and completing major goals keep you focused on improving your real-life goals.
  • Adventure and Advancement – Continuous positive task performance grants levels and equipment. Advancing in level can unlock extra game skills and level-specific quests.
  • Shared Quests – Some types of quests require you to do your Dailies, or cause damage to all your friends, building in a level of co-responsibility. The members in your party will support you!
  • Common-Interest Groups and Challenges – Use Habitica to find like-minded individuals, and join in on special challenges that add tasks to your task list that can help you achieve your life goals.  You can join guilds and chat with people around the world who share your real-life interests and your real-life issues.

Habitica is also a protected environment. Rude, intolerant or antisocial behavior is not permitted. You can game in comfort, knowing that trolling and abuse are both rare and firmly dealt with by active and responsive moderators.

Habitica is open source and runs in your web browser and on iOS and Android (although the mobile apps are not as fully featured as the website). All the main features are free.