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The Warrior is a class that citizens of Habitica can select when they reach level 10. Additionally, all players begin the game as Warriors, though with limited abilities because mana for skills is not available until a class is chosen. After level 10, play style changes the least for players who choose the Warrior class.

Warriors deal high damage to bosses and have more (and more powerful) critical hits on tasks, while also having good defense against task-based damage. Warrior skills can deal extra damage to bosses, increase the warrior's own constitution, and buff party members' strength and constitution. They are powerful allies to have for dealing damage in boss battles.


  • Warriors have high Strength, which causes them to have a much higher chance of dealing a critical hit and to receive greater benefits from each critical hit. This provides random rewards that some players may find especially motivating.
  • Their high Strength also causes Warriors to deal a higher amount of damage to bosses, both normally and when dealing a critical hit. The skill Brutal Smash deals further damage to bosses. (Brutal Smash cannot be used on challenge tasks.) Together, high base damage and high damage from skills allow Warriors to damage bosses very effectively. Assisted by a Warrior's high damage and critical hit chance, as well as the Warrior skill Brutal Smash, parties are able to complete boss quests much faster.
  • When in a party, Warriors can buff (increase the stat points of) the Strength and Constitution of their party members. This can help the party deal more damage, earn more critical hits, and take less damage from negative Habits and missed Dailies.

The Warrior's high Constitution aids in survival, while their high Strength increases experience, gold, and drop rewards in a balanced manner through improving the player's chance of dealing critical hits.

At level 10, you can choose to stay a Warrior when you enable the class system. You can also choose to allow Habitica to allocate stat points automatically. If you do so, the game will then largely carry on as it had before classes were unlocked.


Warrior skills and their descriptions, as shown on Habitica's Android app. Skills that are colored in can be used immediately. Skills in grey require more Mana Points before casting.

  • Consult the Skills and Buff pages for more information on how skills and buffs work.
  • All skills' effects are based on the caster's stats at the time of casting, not on the attributes of other party members.
  • Some skills are also affected by the value of the task they are cast on.
  • Some skills adjust the value of the task they are cast on. They have no ongoing effect on the task.
  • Skills never mark a task as complete. You do not have to complete a task before or after casting a skill on it. You can cast a skill on a complete or incomplete task.
  • All skills that buff the party also buff the caster, unless stated otherwise.
  • Buffs are applied immediately and persist until each party member's next Cron.
  • Skills do not affect quests, unless stated otherwise.
  • Consult the "Skills and Buffs" section in the Data Display Tool to learn more about the precise effect each skill will have when you cast it.

Brutal Smash
Icon Shop smash.png
MP Cost 10 MP
Unlock Level 11
Target Task
Description You make a task more blue/less red and deal extra damage to Bosses! (Based on: STR)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your STR.
Critical Hit? To increase the chance of a critical hit and to increase the effects of the critical hit (i.e., to increase the effects of the skill if a critical hit occurs), increase your CON.
Notes Increases the value of a non-challenge task (makes it more blue / less red) and does damage to a quest boss.
  • Change in task value without a critical hit = 2.5 * STR / (STR + 35)
  • Damage to the boss without a critical hit = 55 * STR / (STR + 70)
  • As STR increases, the change in task value gets closer to 2.5 and the damage to the boss gets closer to 55. Those values are never exceeded.
  • With STR=20, the change in task value is 0.9 and the boss damage is 13.
  • With STR=50, the task value change is 1.47 and the boss damage is 23.
  • With STR=90, the task value change is 1.8 and the boss damage is 31.
  • With STR=150, the task value change is 2.03 and the boss damage is 38.
  • These numbers will be larger if a critical hit occurs.
Task Value Increase based on Stat.png
Brutal Smash Damage based on STR.png
  • Now stronger for lower level players; about the same for higher level
  • Will damage a quest boss even if it is cast before a quest starts (but on the same day)
  • Uses diminishing returns
  • Now only applies to non-challenge tasks (as of 21 May 2016)

Defensive Stance
Icon Shop defensiveStance.png
MP Cost 25 MP
Unlock Level 12
Target Player
Description You crouch low and gain a buff to Constitution! (Based on: Unbuffed CON)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your CON with stat points or gear (buffs to CON will not make this skill stronger).
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the player's CON.
Calculation CON increase = Unbuffed CON * 40 /(Unbuffed CON + 200)
  • For unbuffed CON=25, you will gain an additional 4
  • For unbuffed CON=125, you will gain an additional 15
CON Buff based on Unbuffed CON.png
  • Now stronger especially for lower level players
  • Uses diminishing returns
  • Is not capped at 40, but diminishing returns will give a similar effect
  • Uses unbuffed stat to determine the strength of the skill

Valorous Presence
Icon Shop valorousPresence.png
MP Cost 20 MP
Unlock Level 13
Target Party
Description Your boldness buffs your whole Party's Strength! (Based on: Unbuffed STR)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your STR with stat points or gear (buffs to STR will not make this skill stronger).
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the STR of every player in the party.
Calculation STR increase = Unbuffed STR * 20 / (Unbuffed STR + 200)
  • For unbuffed STR=25, you and your party will gain an additional 2 STR
  • For unbuffed STR=125, you and your party will gain an additional 8 STR
Stat Buff based on Unbuffed Stat.png
  • Now stronger for players at low levels, weaker for players with very high stats
  • Uses diminishing returns
  • Is not capped at 20, but diminishing returns will give a similar effect
  • Uses unbuffed stat to determine the strength of the skill

Intimidating Gaze
Icon Shop intimidate.png
MP Cost 15 MP
Unlock Level 14
Target Party
Description Your fierce stare buffs your whole Party's Constitution! (Based on: Unbuffed CON)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your CON with stat points or gear (buffs to CON will not make this skill stronger).
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the CON of every player in the party.
Calculation CON increase = Unbuffed CON * 24 / (Unbuffed CON + 200)
  • For unbuffed CON=25, you and your party will gain an additional 3 CON
  • For unbuffed CON=125, you and your party will gain an additional 9 CON
CON Buff based on Unbuffed CON.png
  • Now stronger especially for lower level players
  • Uses diminishing returns
  • Is not capped at 24, but diminishing returns will give a similar effect
  • Uses unbuffed stat to determine the strength of the skill



Gathering all the Warrior Basic Gear gives players the "Ultimate Gear - Warrior" achievement. It costs 1205 gold to buy the whole set of basic Warrior gear.

The tables below show the pieces of equipment that can be purchased through the Rewards column by players who do not already own them.

Name Appearance Cost (Gold) Effect Description Notes
Training Sword
Weapon warrior 0.png
1 Confers no benefit. Practice weapon. Starting gear.
Weapon warrior 1.png
20 Increases STR by 3. Common soldier's blade.
Weapon warrior 2.png
30 Increases STR by 6. Double-bitted chopping weapon. Requires Sword.
Weapon warrior 3.png
45 Increases STR by 9. Heavy club with brutal spikes. Requires Axe.
Sapphire Blade
Weapon warrior 4.png
65 Increases STR by 12. Sword whose edge bites like the north wind. Requires Morningstar.
Ruby Sword
Weapon warrior 5.png
90 Increases STR by 15. Weapon whose forge-glow never fades. Requires Sapphire Blade.
Golden Sword
Weapon warrior 6.png
120 Increases STR by 18. Bane of creatures of darkness. Requires Ruby Sword.

Name Appearance Cost (Gold) Effect Description Notes
Leather Armor
Broad armor warrior 1.png
30 Increases CON by 3. Jerkin of sturdy boiled hide.
Chain Mail
Broad armor warrior 2.png
45 Increases CON by 5. Armor of interlocked metal rings. Requires Leather Armor.
Plate Armor
Broad armor warrior 3.png
65 Increases CON by 7. Suit of all-encasing steel, the pride of knights. Requires Chain Mail.
Red Armor
Broad armor warrior 4.png
90 Increases CON by 9. Heavy plate glowing with defensive enchantments. Requires Plate Armor.
Golden Armor
Broad armor warrior 5.png
120 Increases CON by 11. Looks ceremonial, but no known blade can pierce it. Requires Red Armor.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Leather Helm
Head warrior 1.png
15 Increases STR by 2. Cap of sturdy boiled hide.
Chain Coif
Head warrior 2.png
25 Increases STR by 4. Hood of interlocked metal rings. Requires Leather Helm.
Plate Helm
Head warrior 3.png
40 Increases STR by 6. Thick steel helmet, proof against any blow. Requires Chain Coif.
Red Helm
Head warrior 4.png
60 Increases STR by 9. Set with rubies for power, and glows when the wearer is angered. Requires Plate Helm.
Golden Helm
Head warrior 5.png
80 Increases STR by 12. Regal crown bound to shining armor. Requires Red Helm.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Wooden Shield
Shield warrior 1.png
20 Increases CON by 2. Round shield of thick wood.
Shield warrior 2.png
35 Increases CON by 3. Light and sturdy, quick to bring to the defense. Requires Wooden Shield.
Reinforced Shield
Shield warrior 3.png
50 Increases CON by 5. Made of wood but bolstered with metal bands. Requires Buckler.
Red Shield
Shield warrior 4.png
70 Increases CON by 7. Rebukes blows with a burst of flame. Requires Reinforced Shield.
Golden Shield
Shield warrior 5.png
90 Increases CON by 9. Shining badge of the vanguard. Requires Red Shield.

Grand Gala Equipment[]

This table shows the special Warrior gear from all Grand Galas. These equipment sets are available for purchase in the Seasonal Shop, which opens during each Grand Gala. At that time, newly released equipment sets can be purchased with gold, and equipment sets from previous Grand Galas can be purchased with gems.

Clicking on "Show Grand Gala Equipment" will display all Grand Gala equipment for Warriors on this page. Clicking on any of the other classes, or on "Class System" will redirect you to the respective wiki pages.

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Shield Head Accessory
Summer Splash
Waterspout Warrior
Weapon special summer2022Warrior.png
Cyclone Shield
Broad armor special summer2022Warrior.png
Waterspout Armor
Shield special summer2022Warrior.png
Shark Blade
Head special summer2022Warrior.png
Waterspout Helm
Spring Fling
Rainstorm Warrior
Weapon special spring2022Warrior.png
Inside-Out Umbrella
Broad armor special spring2022Warrior.png
Rain Slicker
Shield special spring2022Warrior.png
Head special spring2022Warrior.png
Rain Slicker Hood
Winter Wonderland
Stocking Warrior
Weapon special winter2022Warrior.png
Candy Cane Sword
Broad armor special winter2022Warrior.png
Fuzzy Stocking
Shield special winter2022Warrior.png
Jingle Bell Shield
Head special winter2022Warrior.png
Fuzzy Stocking Cap
Fall Festival
Headless Warrior
Weapon special fall2021Warrior.png
Horse Rider's Axe
Broad armor special fall2021Warrior.png
Formal Wool Suit
Shield special fall2021Warrior.png
Jack-o-Lantern Shield
Head special fall2021Warrior.png
Headless Cravat
Summer Splash
Flying Fish Warrior
Weapon special summer2021Warrior.png
Watery Blade
Broad armor special summer2021Warrior.png
Finny Armor
Shield special summer2021Warrior.png
Watery Shield
Head special summer2021Warrior.png
Fishy Helm
Spring Fling
Sunstone Warrior
Weapon special spring2021Warrior.png
Hammer of the Sun
Broad armor special spring2021Warrior.png
Armor of the Sun
Shield special spring2021Warrior.png
Shield of the Sun
Head special spring2021Warrior.png
Helm of the Sun
Winter Wonderland
Ice Fisher Warrior
Weapon special winter2021Warrior.png
Mighty Fishing Rod
Broad armor special winter2021Warrior.png
Insulated Jacket
Shield special winter2021Warrior.png
Big Fish
Head special winter2021Warrior.png
Insulated Hood
Fall Festival
Wraith Warrior
Weapon special fall2020Warrior.png
Spectre's Sword
Broad armor special fall2020Warrior.png
Revenant's Robes
Shield special fall2020Warrior.png
Spirit's Shield
Head special fall2020Warrior.png
Creepy Cowl
Summer Splash
Rainbow Trout Warrior
Weapon special summer2020Warrior.png
Fish Hook
Broad armor special summer2020Warrior.png
Rainbow Trout Tail
Shield special summer2020Warrior.png
Huge Trout Scale
Head special summer2020Warrior.png
Flashy Fishy Cap
Spring Fling
Rhinoceros Beetle Warrior
Weapon special spring2020Warrior.png
Sharpened Wing
Broad armor special spring2020Warrior.png
Exoskeleton Armor
Shield special spring2020Warrior.png
Iridescent Shield
Head special spring2020Warrior.png
Beetle Helm
Winter Wonderland
Evergreen Warrior
Weapon special winter2020Warrior.png
Pointy Conifer Cone
Broad armor special winter2020Warrior.png
Bark Armor
Shield special winter2020Warrior.png
Round Conifer Cone
Head special winter2020Warrior.png
Snow-Dusted Headdress
Fall Festival
Raven Warrior
Weapon special fall2019Warrior.png
Talon Trident
Broad armor special fall2019Warrior.png
Wings of Night
Shield special fall2019Warrior.png
Raven-Dark Shield
Head special fall2019Warrior.png
Obsidian Skull Helmet
Summer Splash
Sea Turtle Warrior
Weapon special summer2019Warrior.png
Red Coral
Broad armor special summer2019Warrior.png
Carapace Armor
Shield special summer2019Warrior.png
Half-Shell Shield
Head special summer2019Warrior.png
Turtle Helm
Spring Fling
Orchid Warrior
Weapon special spring2019Warrior.png
Stem Sword
Broad armor special spring2019Warrior.png
Orchid Armor
Shield special spring2019Warrior.png
Leafy Shield
Head special spring2019Warrior.png
Orchid Helm
Winter Wonderland
Blizzard Warrior
Weapon special winter2019Warrior.png
Snowflake Halberd
Broad armor special winter2019Warrior.png
Glacial Armor
Shield special winter2019Warrior.png
Frozen Shield
Head special winter2019Warrior.png
Glacial Helm
Fall Festival
Minotaur Warrior
Weapon special fall2018Warrior.png
Whip of Minos
Broad armor special fall2018Warrior.png
Minotaur Platemail
Shield special fall2018Warrior.png
Brilliant Shield
Head special fall2018Warrior.png
Minotaur Visage
Summer Splash
Betta Fish Warrior
Weapon special summer2018Warrior.png
Betta Fish Spear
Broad armor special summer2018Warrior.png
Betta Tail Armor
Shield special summer2018Warrior.png
Betta Skull Shield
Head special summer2018Warrior.png
Betta Fish Barbute
Spring Fling
Sunrise Warrior
Weapon special spring2018Warrior.png
Axe of Daybreak
Broad armor special spring2018Warrior.png
Armor of Dawn
Shield special spring2018Warrior.png
Shield of the Morning
Head special spring2018Warrior.png
Helm of Rays
Winter Wonderland
Gift-Wrapped Warrior
Weapon special winter2018Warrior.png
Holiday Bow Hammer
Broad armor special winter2018Warrior.png
Wrapping Paper Armor
Shield special winter2018Warrior.png
Magic Gift Bag
Head special winter2018Warrior.png
Giftbox Helm
Fall Festival
Habitoween Warrior
Weapon special fall2017Warrior.png
Candy Corn Lance
Broad armor special fall2017Warrior.png
Strong and Sweet Armor
Shield special fall2017Warrior.png
Candy Corn Shield
Head special fall2017Warrior.png
Candy Corn Helm
Summer Splash
Sandcastle Warrior
Weapon special summer2017Warrior.png
The Mightiest Beach Umbrella
Broad armor special summer2017Warrior.png
Sandy Armor
Shield special summer2017Warrior.png
Scallop Shield
Head special summer2017Warrior.png
Sandcastle Helm
Spring Fling
Feline Warrior
Weapon special spring2017Warrior.png
Feathery Whip
Broad armor special spring2017Warrior.png
Pawsome Armor
Shield special spring2017Warrior.png
Yarn Shield
Head special spring2017Warrior.png
Feline Helm
HeadAccessory special spring2017Warrior.png
Blue Kitty Ears
Winter Wonderland
Ice Hockey Warrior
Weapon special winter2017Warrior.png
Stick of Might
Broad armor special winter2017Warrior.png
Ice Hockey Armor
Shield special winter2017Warrior.png
Puck Shield
Head special winter2017Warrior.png
Hockey Helm
Fall Festival
Swamp Thing
Weapon special fall2016Warrior.png
Attacking Roots
Broad armor special fall2016Warrior.png
Slime-Streaked Armor
Shield special fall2016Warrior.png
Defensive Roots
Head special fall2016Warrior.png
Gnarled Bark Helm
Summer Splash
Shark Warrior
Weapon special summer2016Warrior.png
Hooked Sword
Broad armor special summer2016Warrior.png
Shark Tail
Shield special summer2016Warrior.png
Shark Tooth
Head special summer2016Warrior.png
Shark Helmet
Spring Fling
Brave Mouse
Weapon special spring2016Warrior.png
Cheese Mallet
Broad armor special spring2016Warrior.png
Mighty Mail
Shield special spring2016Warrior.png
Cheese Wheel
Head special spring2016Warrior.png
Mouse Guard Helm
HeadAccessory special spring2016Warrior.png
Red Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Snow Day Warrior
Weapon special winter2016Warrior.png
Sturdy Shovel
Broad armor special winter2016Warrior.png
Snowman Suit
Shield special winter2016Warrior.png
Sled Shield
Head special winter2016Warrior.png
Snowman Hat
Fall Festival
Scarecrow Warrior
Weapon special fall2015Warrior.png
Wooden Plank
Broad armor special fall2015Warrior.png
Scarecrow Armor
Shield special fall2015Warrior.png
Birdseed Bag
Head special fall2015Warrior.png
Scarecrow Hat
Summer Splash
Sunfish Warrior
Weapon special summer2015Warrior.png
Sun Swordfish
Broad armor special summer2015Warrior.png
Golden Tail
Shield special summer2015Warrior.png
Sunfish Shield
Head special summer2015Warrior.png
Jeweled Oceanic Helm
Body special summer2015Warrior.png
Oceanic Spikes
Spring Fling
Beware Dog
Weapon special spring2015Warrior.png
Bone Club
Broad armor special spring2015Warrior.png
Beware Armor
Shield special spring2015Warrior.png
Dish Discus
Head special spring2015Warrior.png
Beware Helm
HeadAccessory special spring2015Warrior.png
Purple Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
Gingerbread Warrior
Weapon special winter2015Warrior.png
Gumdrop Sword
Broad armor special winter2015Warrior.png
Gingerbread Armor
Shield special winter2015Warrior.png
Gumdrop Shield
Head special winter2015Warrior.png
Gingerbread Helm
Fall Festival
Monster of Science
Grabby claw of science.png
Grabby Claw of Science
Labcoat of science.png
Labcoat of Science
Potent potion of science.png
Potent Potion of Science
Monster scalp of science.png
Monster Scalp of Science
Summer Splash
Daring Swashbuckler
Weapon special summerWarrior.png
Seafaring Slicer
Broad armor special summerWarrior.png
Swashbuckler Robes
Shield special summerWarrior.png
Driftwood Shield
Head special summerWarrior.png
Swashbuckler Bandana
HeadAccessory special summerWarrior.png
Dashing Eyepatch
Spring Fling
Mighty Bunny
Carrot Sword
Clover-steel Armor
Egg Shield
Clover-steel Helmet
Green Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Warrior Yeti
Yeti-Tamer Spear
Yeti-Tamer Robe
Yeti-Tamer Shield
Yeti-Tamer Helm

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