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... captain of the proud pirate ship "Ching Shih" (named in honor of Zheng Yi Sao). ⛵

Contact data in Habitica:

Habitica Display Name: Mara the Marine Marauder
Habitica Username: @MaraMarineMarauder
Habitica User ID: 1aff9116-34b0-438c-9877-06038bdce161

I am currently (July 2021) active in Habitica and in some parts of the wiki (mostly Armory pages of guilds I am leader of, but also in the process of updating the Avatar Customizations page and some image files, and occasionally meddling with the "Running a Challenge" page).

(But in the past, I have been known to become inactive for many months and leave unfinished messes in both Habitica and the wiki. It may happen again.)

All my other wiki user pages except this one are currently completely outdated and messy - please rather don't look there! (Yes, I want to clean them up eventually.)

My username is not based on the similarly named DC villain. (Until a short while ago, I had no idea it existed.)