Hi all,

I see myself as a dual class socialite/scribe. Most of my edits are based on questions we get in the help guild, so that those answers are documented for future Habiticans, but some of them are projects that interested me for one reason or another, particularly documenting new activity. I'm also glad to help out any place I can be useful.


Possible to do itemsEdit

  • Update Achievement Badges
  • Create a page for QR Code
  • Create a page describing Action Drawers
  • Look over the Priority Edit and Suggested Changes categories for something that's not being done.
  • Review pages to make sure descriptions are clear regarding how to create, rearrange, and delete tasks in Web Client, iOS and Android
  • Review what's new pages for inline links, images, typos
  • Finish dolphin quest and watery potions
  • Check gem image against github?
  • Unite potion quest and pet quest templates?
  • Update Template:Mystery_Item_Set to accommodate possibility of third item. (Start with Template:Mystery Item Set/Sandbox.
  • Confirm pig and dragon mount images are updated.


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