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Table layoutEdit

Rearrange horizontal tables so they don't scroll off the page

Pet Quest templateEdit

In call to Boss template, mobile page displays "HP" and "Strength" twice. Fixable?

Images on foreign-language wikisEdit

Double-check that links are correct on all wikis once deletes are done

  • English (waiting on deletes)
  • French (waiting on deletes)


Create a Task template that recreates Habits, Dailies, or To-dos

  • Resolve padding issues when glitches have been more thoroughly explored

Ongoing projectsEdit

Update Costume Carnival

  • Sort costumes in "To Sort" category (everyone is welcome to help with this)
  • Pull images from Costume Carnival Guild
  • Images uploaded up to 6 April, 2018

Update the Guilds Guide

  • Of ~410 large and medium guilds, only 70 have not yet been cleared for addition
  • Summaries of all other guilds have been updated
  • Feb. 20, 2018: Done for now. No more guild leaders have responded. Maybe send another request in a month or two.
  • May 10: New guilds contacted & added

Completed projectsEdit

Pet Quest pages all transferred to Pet Quest template

  • All pages have been checked to make sure they correctly render
  • Image links updated on all foreign-language wikis
  • In GitHub, "the" appears inconsistently in boss names, such as "Fiery Gryphon" but "The Unicorn Queen". Note in template doc that "the" should be omitted.
  • Add instructions to Advanced Wiki Editing page

Review info for aborting quests on Quests page

Finish filling out Habitica History 2015-2016 (stops at Nov. 11)

Contact unlisted guilds (see my sandbox)

Potential future projectsEdit

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