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Creating a Unique Experience Sandbox[]

Habitica offers an interesting game play setup designed to encourage users to be productive. It places most of the game decisions on the player, allowing them to dictate their own experience. Other players and the wiki offers suggestions to create a unique experience such as Naming Your Tasks, Gamifying Your Lists, and Self-Imposed Challenges. This article explores these topics and more, with links that provide additional information.

Your Own Tasks[]

A simple but effective way to create a unique Habitica experience is customizing tasks. Each task type (Habit, Daily,To-Dos) has an article with suggestions on how to develop appropriate tasks for your experience.

Naming Your Tasks[]

A player might consider the task name a trivial thing. You should take some time thinking about the precise language and goals you have in mind when you create a task. The page Naming Your Tasks details this.

Organize Your Tasks[]

Make your tasks easier to find and accomplish. Habitica offers many options for organization. Consider the following:

Game Your Tasks[]

Many users prefer to transform their tasks into game-related terms. The entry Gamifying Your Lists details this process.

Leverage Custom Rewards[]

Custom rewards can be used as both a motivation and a punishment. This is a powerful tool for creating a unique experience. The section on Rewards/Custom Rewards details some of the ways you may use this.

Custom Rules[]

A player may adopt custom Habitica rules. These are, in most cases, designed to make the game more challenging. These are discussed later under Adjust Difficulty. Other custom rules may be applied as part of a challenge, guild, party, or personal preference.

Fix Character Values can be found in User > Settings > Site > Fix Character Values

Many custom rules require the use of the Fix Character Values feature. The ability to manipulate your avatar's values in browser mode is located under User (the silhouette icon) and Settings.

Some examples of custom rules include:

Mana Potions[]

A player may decide to use Fix Character Values in order to "purchase" a mana potion. The player can create a custom Reward in order to remove gold or can simply use Fix Character Values to exchange an appropriate amount of gold for mana.

Regenerating HP[]

Regenerating lost Health Points is a common question that new players have. They might expect to regain a set amount of HP every Cron. A player might consider regenerating x number of Health Points at Cron.

Swapping Health for Mana[]

A player who finds that they need more motivation to avoid bad Habits might use Fix Character Values to regularly reduce their health. If they would also like to have more mana, they can "buy" mana with health points. Decide on an appropriate exchange rate (perhaps 1 HP = 2 MP), and then after leveling up, use Fix Character Values to exchange as many points as you will find motivating.

There are unofficial names for players who do this. A Mage becomes a Bloodmage, a Warrior is a Berserker, a Healer is a Donor, and a Rogue is a Ninja. An advanced version of this with other related ideas is described in the Sub-Classes challenge in the ➕ Habitica Plus guild

Death, Dying, Necromancy[]

A party member may not log in for many days and consequently kill everyone. Some players feel it is acceptable to use the Fix Character Values to restore their level and gold.

It is a little-known trick that a Healer can 'raise the dead' by healing the group before they log back in. Habitica applies the sum of damage and healing to the party member only when they update, so if you log in and discover you'll have killed the party, there's still a chance to save some or all of the members if you do it quickly.

Adjust Difficulty[]

The key to Habitica is to use it in a way that will make you the most productive. Look for what motivates you the most in Habitica. You can adapt the game mechanics to emphasize that motivation.

You will find many unique rules as Self-Imposed Challenges, like refusing to buy health potions or increasing their price. Additional suggestions are included here:

Collection Quest Damage[]

Collection quests can sometimes feel mundane and lack that sense of excitement that boss quests do. A player could choose to take self-inflicted questing damage to encourage yourself to finish it quickly. Create a Habit with negative value only. Every day you fail to finish a collection quest, click the negative Habit (or remove Health manually using Fix Character Values)

Boss Quest Damage[]

Extend the danger of quest bosses. Have Warriors and Mages abide by one or more rules:

  • Only use a limited number of casts (1-3) of Brutal Smash or Burst of Flames per day.
  • Only casting spells on Dailies you have actually completed that day.
  • Avoiding the use of class boss-damaging spells at all if the boss has less than a certain amount of health.

Accessibility, Adaptations, and Plug-Ins[]

Habitica is always working to provide an ideal space for every person to grow. A variety of tools, applications, and communities have been developed to make your Habitica experience the one you desire. A complete list of add-ons is located on the Extensions, Add-Ons, and Customization page.

Guilds Guide[]

The Habitica Wiki Guilds Guide is a curated list, rather than relying on a keyword search. It may help you find the perfect community.


The Accessibility page offers suggestions on using Habitica for people with disability.

Phobia Extension[]

A browser extension exists for users that may want to block some images. More information is located at Phobia Protection Extension.


Habitica is a unique experience and you should not hesitate to make it your own. If you feel like something isn't working for you, ask a more experienced player or make a post about it. Everyone wants you to succeed.