Avatars wearing Unconventional Armor

Unconventional Armor is a special item set occasionally available to Habiticans who visit Habitica's staff or booth at conventions. It consists of seven accessories: two capes, two masks, and three collars. The items do not give any Character Stats and are free to any players who obtained a promo code[1] from staff.

Unconventional Armor promo codes have been available at the following conventions:

Additionally, players who mailed the Habitica staff a postcard between 19 July and 31 August 2016 received a promo code for the Unconventional Armor set.

Name Image Type Notes
Mighty Mask HeadAccessory special wondercon red.png eyewear What a powerful face accessory!
Sneaky Mask HeadAccessory special wondercon black.png eyewear Your motives are definitely legitimate.
Mighty Cape Back special wondercon red.png back accessory Swishes with strength and beauty.
Sneaky Cape Back special wondercon black.png back accessory Spun of shadows and whispers.
Ruby Collar Body special wondercon red.png body accessory An attractive ruby collar!
Golden Collar Body special wondercon gold.png body accessory An attractive gold collar!
Ebony Collar Body special wondercon black.png body accessory An attractive ebony collar!
  1. Previously known as Coupons.
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