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Two to do's, which are red and orange, below the quick add text box at the top of the to do column

Option to Add a To Do. To Do's change color the longer you take to do them.

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To Do's on the Habitica iOS app.

To Do's are tasks that need to be done once, or multiple times but not on a regular basis like Habits. Examples may include "Complete assignment about nutrition" or "Wash mom's car". To view other examples, please refer to Sample To Do's.

You can set a due date for your To Do. However, missing the date or letting the To Do turn red will not reduce your avatar's health.

There is no limit to the number of To Do's you can create.

To Do's are the third category of tasks displayed on the Tasks page, along with Habits and Dailies.

Effects of To Do's[]


When a To Do is checked off, it turns grey. It moves from the "Active" list to the "Completed" list, and the player gains experience points, gold, mana, a chance of a drop, and a chance for a critical hit.

Uncompleted To Do's[]

Unlike Dailies, To Do's do not cause loss of health when they are left uncompleted.

Over time, a To Do left undone will gradually become redder and be worth more experience and gold upon completion. This gives you extra incentive to finally complete old To Do's.

However, there is a limit to how much a To Do can become worth, because an ever-increasing value could act as a disincentive. A To Do will reach this limit when it is about a month old. This is to dissuade you from putting off a task in order to achieve a large reward.

Creating a To Do[]

The top of the to do's column. The title, To Do's, is on the left, with tabs for active, scheduled, and complete on the right. Below them is a text field for quick task creation.

Add a single To Do task

To create an item on your To Do list:

  1. Type the task in the box that says "Add a To Do".
  2. Press the Enter key or click the + button to confirm.

If you are actively filtering your tasks by one or more tags while creating a To Do, these tags will be automatically applied to the new To Do.

Adding Multiple To Do's[]

Two to do's entered into the quick task creation text box on separate lines.

Adding mulitple To Do tasks at once

You can add multiple To Do's on the website. To add several To Do's at once:

  1. Type in your To Do in the grey text box above the To Do list. After creating one To Do, use the Shift + Enter key to begin the next To Do.
  2. Press the Enter button when finished.

To add multiple To Do's with tags, select one or more tags, then add your To Do's.

Copy a To Do from Chat[]

A chat message reading "I will eat a steak today
The copy as to do modal contains the following from top to bottom: An editable text box with the message from chat, an editable text box containing the author and location, and a preview of the task. At the bottom right are a white close button and a purple submit button.

Dialog box to create To Do from chat message

You can quickly create a To Do from the chat windows on the web version of Habitica. When a user selects the "Copy as To Do" option, a brief options box will open. The default entries are (body of the chat = Entry for To Do). The description area of the To Do will include the name and location (party or guild) of the original post. You can learn more about this on the Chat page.

Viewing Your To Do List[]

Habitica allows you to view your To Do list in three ways

  • Active: Shows all of your incomplete To Do's, regardless of due date.
  • Scheduled: Shows only your active To Do's with due dates, beginning with the closest first.
  • Complete: Shows recently completed To Do's (refer to Completing a To Do below).

Click on the tabs under the To Do entry box to move from one view to another view.

The Data Display Tool will also show active, dated, and completed To Do's. When you have a To Do due today or a To Do that is overdue, a box appears in its dashboard telling you how many To Do's are due.

Todo's will also change colour as time passes. It starts as yellow, but as time goes on, will change to orange and then to red.

Editing a To Do[]

An orange task with 10 checklist items.

Edit a To Do by clicking the pencil icon. In edit mode you can edit the title of the task and add extra notes. There are a number of other things that can be edited, which are explained below.

Adding a Checklist[]

Checklist editor in task edit modal. There are four existing items, which can be edited, and a line for adding a new checklist item at the bottom.
Main article: Checklist

If you find that a task has several parts, you can add a checklist to your To Do. This has several benefits, including clearing up your To Do list and breaking large, daunting tasks into smaller, more workable items.

Assigning Difficulty[]

Four difficulty options from left to right: Trivial, Easy, Medium, Difficult.

Difficulty can be changed when you edit a To Do. You can increase the difficulty of a challenging or time-consuming To Do, thus earning greater awards for completion.

Adding a Due Date[]

An orange to do with a red due date reading "due in a day".

Due task

Due date selector. From left to right: A text box for the date, which has been clicked to show the date picker, followed by buttons for "today" and "clear".

You can add a due date by clicking on the Due Date field. A date-picker will appear. You can also type the date into the Due Date field. Clicking the "Today" button will put the current date as the due date.

When you save the To Do, the date will appear on it in grey text using the date format selected in Settings.

The date will change to red when the To Do is due. This visual indicator is the only function of the due date. The date does not affect the task's value, and you are not penalized for failing to complete the To Do by the due date. A penalty for missing a due date is a requested feature. In the meantime, you can use the Poisonous To Do's method from the Self-Imposed Challenges page.

To remove a due date, click in the Due Date field, then click the "Clear" button.


You can add a reminder on Habitica's official mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Adding Tags[]

An open tag dropdown in the daily edit modal. It lists tags and allows them to be selected.
Main article: Tags

You can use tags on a To Do to help with filtering. Add tags under the edit feature. All tasks can be filtered by the tags you apply.


If you use the task-based auto-allocation feature, the Advanced Settings menu on the web will give you four options for Stats: Strength, Intelligence, Perception, and Constitution. For the iOS App and theAndroid app, this will appear as option in the edit screen. If set, Habitica will distribute your stat points according to your most common task stats. The stats will not appear in the To Do edit screen if you don't have the task-based auto-allocation feature turned on.

Completing a To Do[]

Slay Dragon

After you complete a task, clicking the checkbox will turn the To Do grey, and you will earn the appropriate amount of experience, gold, and mana points.

Check task

Slay Dragon

The To Do is now marked as complete and will be moved from the "Active" or "Scheduled" tab to the top of the "Completed" tab, which removes it from the visible list of To Do's. You need to click the "Completed" tab  to view your completed To Do's.

Clicking on the checkbox on a completed To Do will reactivate it. If you've made a mistake by ticking the wrong To Do, this is the way to retrieve it. The task will move back to the bottom of the "Active" tab. You will lose the gold, experience, and mana points that you had gained when you completed the To Do.

If you completed a To Do but want to add it back to your list to be completed again without losing the gold and other stats, you will need to either add it as a new To Do or un-complete the original one and then use Fix Character Values to restore your stats.

The "Completed" tab shows only the 30 most recently completed To Do's, with the most recent at the top. To see older completed To Do's, use the Data Display Tool link at the bottom of the screen or export your data.

Deleting Completed To Do's[]

At the top of the "Completed" tab is a button marked "Delete Completed" that will permanently delete all of your completed To Do's (including those not visible in the Completed tab but not including those that are part of active Challenges or those that are from Group Plans).

You may wish to delete completed To Do's if you regularly review them and do not want to keep seeing ones you've already reviewed. Manually deleting completed To Do's does not improve performance of the website.

Completed To Do's are automatically deleted after 30 days for non-subscribers and 90 days for subscribers.

It is impossible to export deleted To Do's or retrieve them in any other way, so if you want to keep permanent records of your To Do's, export them regularly.

Rearranging To Do's[]

A task in the middle of being dragged. It is translucent and moves through the list as it is dragged.

Clicking and dragging a To Do

As with all tasks, To Do's can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them in their new position, or by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of a task and choosing "To top" or "To bottom" from the resulting drop-down menu.

If you would like certain, important To Do's to always appear at the top of the list, there is currently no way to pin them there. If you don't want to keep using Move to Top on them, assign them to a tag called "top" so that filtering by that tag will show you only those important tasks.

If you use both the website and the Android or iOS app, sync before adding new To Do's. Otherwise, the order of existing To Do's is likely to change.

When adding To Do's, add them while viewing the "Active" tab, or filter on the apps. If you add them while viewing the "Scheduled" or "Completed" tab or filter, the order of existing To Do's is likely to change.

A task with an open three button menu containing options for "edit", "to top", "to bottom", and "delete". The user is hovered or focused on the "to top" option.

Moving a To Do to top


The amount of experience and gold earned depends on the To Do's task value. However, after the value reaches -47.27 (when the To Do is about a month old), further changes in the value do not have any additional effect on the experience and gold earned.

The amount of mana points earned is equal to 1% of your maximum MP.

If the To Do contains a checklist, when you mark the To Do as completed, each completed (checked off) checklist item adds an amount equal to the gold, experience and MP as each item on the checklist would provide on its own as a sum. Therefore, a To Do with one item ticked off provides twice as much as a To Do with no checklist; two items ticked off provides three times as much and so on. To Do's with checklists still drop up to one item at most and cannot produce multiple drops.

You might think: "Why should I do my To Do's right away, when they're worth the least amount of points, instead of waiting until they're huge and then cashing them in? Isn't that backwards of what you want -- to get To Do's off fast?" The reason that To Do's work this way is as follows.

If To Do's diminished in value as they aged, then you would want to do the ones that were red even less, because they wouldn't be worth much after a certain point. Consequently, there would be less point to doing anything you hadn't done right away. With the current system, you have a greater incentive to eventually get around to doing the older To Do's, especially for things that cannot be done quickly or easily, such as long-term goals that take a lot of effort.  

"Instant" To Do's (ones you put on your list only to check them off immediately) may seem to have the lowest value initially, but they also provide an immediate experience, gold, and mana return, which can bring you closer to something you want to buy, or an extra spell cast on that day.

Spelling of To Do's[]

In Habitica, the plural of "To Do" is "To Do's" - with an apostrophe even though apostrophes are generally not used for plurals. Before mid-June 2020, the official spelling was "To-Do" and "To-Dos".

The change to "To Do's" was to improve accessibility for visually impaired people. Screen reader software does not correctly pronounce "To Dos" or "To-Dos", making it sound more like "to does" or "to-DOS" with a short "o" (as in "MS-DOS"). This caused confusion for people using screen readers. Changing the plural to "To Do's" caused screen readers to pronounce it correctly.

Technically, from a grammatical perspective, using an apostrophe for a plural isn't "correct" but there is some variation to that rule for cases in which plurals are unrecognizable without an apostrophe. Examples of this can be found in internet resources such as Unusual plurals. Regardless of any potential grammatical arguments against this practice, accessibility is important and using "To Do's" makes Habitica more pleasant for people who use screen readers.

See also[]

Known Bugs[]

Tasks Become Unsorted - Last List Sort Order Is Not Preserved

Description: Sometimes, when you sort your To-Dos, some or all of them will become unsorted, either immediately after you have sorted them, or later when you add new To-Dos. You can use the Task Adjustor Tool (Direct Link) to confirm if you have this bug. If you are affected by this bug, the tool will display an orange message (see screenshot below) once you log in.
Solution: The workaround is to report the issue to the Staff by going to Help > Report a Bug (on the website) or Support / About > Report a Bug (on the apps). This opens a preformatted email to admin@habitica.com with some of your account details, where you can add the message from the tool. An admin will then cleanse some data in your account, which will fix the problem. You cannot fix this problem yourself. In particular, deleting completed To-Dos will NOT help (it used to help for a previous version of this bug, but it won't make any difference now).
Screenshot(s): Task Sort Bug
Octocat habitica Issue #7645