The Sabre Cat is a quest with a boss called the Zombie Sabre Cat. Defeating this boss will unlock the Sabretooth Quest Pet. The quest scroll can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 4 gems.

The Zombie Sabre Cat's HP (1000) makes this a long quest and its strength multiplier (2) make this a medium difficulty quest. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four-person party can typically finish this quest in between three and four weeks.


A roaring monster is terrorizing Habitica! The creature stalks through the wilds and woods, then bursts forth to attack before vanishing again. It's been hunting innocent pandas and frightening the flying pigs into fleeing their pens to roost in the trees. @InspectorCaracal and @icefelis explain that the Zombie Sabre Cat was set free while they were excavating in the ancient, untouched ice-fields of the Stoikalm Steppes. "It was perfectly friendly at first – I don't know what happened. Please, you have to help us recapture it! Only a champion of Habitica can subdue this prehistoric beast!"


Defeat the Zombie Sabre Cat.

On Completion

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After a long and tiring battle, you wrestle the Zombie Sabre Cat to the ground. As you are finally able to approach, you notice a nasty cavity in one of its sabre teeth. Realising the true cause of the Cat's wrath, you're able to get the cavity filled by @Fandekasp, and advise everyone to avoid feeding their friend sweets in future. The Sabre Cat flourishes, and in gratitude, its tamers send you a generous reward – a clutch of sabretooth eggs!


Achievement: The Sabre Cat x1
Pet Egg Sabretooth
Sabretooth Egg x3 (Once the quest has been completed, the eggs become available for gems in the Market.)
Experience Points
650 experience
67 gold

Quest Pets and Mounts

The eggs obtained from this quest can be used to raise the Sabretooth pets and mounts.

Show/Hide the Quest Pets and Mounts
Sabretooth Pet Sabretooth Mount
Base Pet-Sabretooth-Base Mount Sabretooth-Base
White Pet-Sabretooth-White Mount Sabretooth-White
Desert Pet-Sabretooth-Desert Mount Sabretooth-Desert
Red Pet-Sabretooth-Red Mount Sabretooth-Red
Shade Pet-Sabretooth-Shade Mount Sabretooth-Shade
Skeleton Pet-Sabretooth-Skeleton Mount Sabretooth-Skeleton
Zombie Pet-Sabretooth-Zombie Mount Sabretooth-Zombie
Pet-Sabretooth-CottonCandyPink Mount Sabretooth-CottonCandyPink
Pet-Sabretooth-CottonCandyBlue Mount Sabretooth-CottonCandyBlue
Golden Pet-Sabretooth-Golden Mount Sabretooth-Golden

Development and Credits

  • Release date: January 13, 2016
  • Writers: Daniel the Bard, Flutter Bee, and SabreCat
  • Artists: Scroll - UncommonCriminal   Boss - icefelis   Egg - InspectorCaracal   Mount - InspectorCaracal   Pet - Fandekasp
  • Trello Card