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The Moonstone Chain is the first quest in the Recidivate quest line and is the fourth collection quest made available. The quest cannot be started until the player has reached level 60 or higher. Completing the quest awards to the quest owner a continuation quest scroll to fight Recidivate the Necromancer.

The quest scroll is dropped for free when the player first reaches level 60 (players who are already higher than level 60 when the quest was released also got one automatically by completing any task), or it can be purchased for 4 gems from the Quest Shop (by players of at least level 60) to repeat the quest.

This is one of the more difficult collection quests, requiring parties to collect 100 items. Higher Perception levels will aid groups attempting this quest. Given an average of 5 Moonstones per person per day, a four person party will take 5 days to complete this quest. Remember that collection quests use the drop system, so adventurers who have many Habits and Dailies will fare better than ones who have fewer of them.


A terrible affliction has struck Habiticans. Bad Habits thought long-dead are rising back up with a vengeance. Dishes lie unwashed, textbooks linger unread, and procrastination runs rampant!

You track some of your own returning Bad Habits to the Swamps of Stagnation and discover the culprit: the ghostly Necromancer, Recidivate. You rush in, weapons swinging, but they slide through her specter uselessly.

"Don’t bother," she hisses with a dry rasp. "Without a chain of moonstones, nothing can harm me – and master jeweler @aurakami scattered all the moonstones across Habitica long ago!" Panting, you retreat... but you know what you must do.


Moonstone by aurakami.png Collect 100 Moonstones.

On Completion[]

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At last, you manage to pull the final moonstone from the swampy sludge. It’s time to go fashion your collection into a weapon that can finally defeat Recidivate!


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Achievement: The Moonstone Chain x1
Inventory quest scroll moonstone2.png
Recidivate the Necromancer Scroll (Part 2) — awarded to quest owner only
Experience Points.png
100 experience
50 gold


"Recidivate" is a verb, meaning: "To return to a previous pattern of behavior, especially to return to criminal habits."

Quest Line[]

The Moonstone ChainRecidivate the NecromancerRecidivate Transformed

Development and Credits[]

  • Release date: October 23, 2014
  • Writers: Lemoness, waldere and Tru
  • ArtistsCollection Item - Sam, Scroll - UncommonCriminal, Promo Art - Eevachu
  • Trello Card