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The Magical Axolotl is a quest with an eponymous boss. Defeating this boss will unlock the Axolotl Quest Pet. The quest scroll can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 4 gems.

The Magical Axolotl's HP (500) makes this a medium length quest, and its strength multiplier (1.5) and rage bar (50) make this an easy(+) quest. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four-person party can typically finish this quest in about two weeks, but if the rage bar fills (especially repeatedly) it may take considerably longer.


From the depths of Washed-Up Lake you see rising bubbles and... fire? A little axolotl rises from the murky water spewing streaks of colors. Suddenly it begins to open its mouth and @streak yells, "Look out!" as the Magical Axolotl starts to gulp up your willpower!

The Magical Axolotl swells with spells, taunting you. "Have you heard of my powers of regeneration? You'll tire before I do!"

"We can defeat you with the good habits we've built!" @PainterProphet defiantly shouts. You steel yourself to be productive to defeat the Magical Axolotl and regain your stolen willpower!


Defeat the Magical Axolotl.

On Completion

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After defeating the Magical Axolotl, you realize that you regained your willpower all on your own.

"The willpower? The regeneration? It was all just an illusion?" @Kiwibot asks.

"Most magic is," the Magical Axolotl replies. "I'm sorry for tricking you. Please take these eggs as an apology. I trust you to raise them to use their magic for good habits and not evil!"

You and @hazel40 clutch your new eggs in one hand and wave goodbye with the other as the Magical Axolotl returns to the lake.


Achievement: The Magical Axolotl x1
Pet Egg Axolotl.png
Axolotl Egg x3 (Once the quest has been completed, the eggs become available for gems in the Market.)
Experience Points.png
275 experience
37 gold

Quest Pets and Mounts

The eggs obtained from this quest can be used to raise the Axolotl pets and mounts.

Show/Hide the Quest Pets and Mounts
Axolotl Pet Axolotl Mount
Base Pet-Axolotl-Base.png Mount Axolotl-Base.png
White Pet-Axolotl-White.png Mount Axolotl-White.png
Desert Pet-Axolotl-Desert.png Mount Axolotl-Desert.png
Red Pet-Axolotl-Red.png Mount Axolotl-Red.png
Shade Pet-Axolotl-Shade.png Mount Axolotl-Shade.png
Skeleton Pet-Axolotl-Skeleton.png Mount Axolotl-Skeleton.png
Zombie Pet-Axolotl-Zombie.png Mount Axolotl-Zombie.png
Pet-Axolotl-CottonCandyPink.png Mount Axolotl-CottonCandyPink.png
Pet-Axolotl-CottonCandyBlue.png Mount Axolotl-CottonCandyBlue.png
Golden Pet-Axolotl-Golden.png Mount Axolotl-Golden.png

Promotional Art

Artwork featuring the Magical Axolotl was created for the official Habitica blog.

Axolotl promotional art.png

Development and Credits

  • Release date: June 15, 2016
  • Writers: Summer (River Mori)
  • Artists: Scroll - sungabraverday   Boss - Streak   Egg - hazel40   Mount - Kiwibot   Pet - PainterProphet   Promo Art - James Danger
  • Trello Card