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Hi Habitors,

I have great news for Android users that love Pomodoro! It's actually pretty simple. Using LadyAlys's Android's Tasker app and HabitRPG's API , goldfndr's Tasker-habitrpg JavascriptTasker, and Pomodroido Pro A tasker profile can be set up to determine when your Pomodoro starts and ends while keeping time and making sure you completed the entire Pomodoro. Upon completion you are upped in productivity EXP.


  1. Download Tasker
    • This tutorial requires knowledge of tasker.
  2. Follow the instructions in goldfndr's Tasker-habitrpg Javascript and LadyAlys's Android's Tasker app and HabitRPG's API
  3. Download Pomodroido Pro (Pomodroido Pro has Tasker integration) !This is a pay app!
  4. Set up a profile, task, and profit!

The first three steps you will be able to do on your own. If you have errors there, check those links.

  • Do as in the pictures.

Pomodroido lets you select the length of your Pomodoro. If you select a time other than 25 minutes the Pomotimer task will need to be changed. Set the %Pomotime variable to the desired Pomodoro length in minutes.

Any questions, ask. - Blnk2007 (talk) 02:58, February 13, 2015 (UTC)

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