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The knights meet here and discuss their leisure activities when they're off-duty from slaying monsters. This is the place to present your guild or showcase your party appropriately.

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Mental Health Warriors Unite00:06, 23 July 2024Bluehawkling
The Society of Old Books15:08, 15 July 2024Shalot
Habitica's Movie + TV Enthusiasts11:26, 30 June 2024SevenNationTrooper
BLACKRAM 🐺19:18, 24 June 2024Invisiblebird
Pirate Cove/Hails by GuildBot18:17, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
ADHDers Guild18:16, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove/Hails In Other Languages18:05, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
THE MYSTERY TRAIN. Puzzlers Archive18:05, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove/Jun2018-Sep2018 Guilds with Inactive Leaders17:44, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Mystery Train17:44, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove/Mar2018-Jun2018 Guilds with Inactive Leaders17:42, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove/Nov2017-Mar2018 Guilds with Inactive Leaders17:42, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove/FAQ17:41, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove/May2017-Nov2017 Guilds with Inactive Leaders17:41, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove/Archive/Oct2016-May2017 Guilds with Inactive Leaders17:37, 19 June 2024Citrusellaeditswikis
Pirate Cove/Archive/Jan2016-Oct2016 Guilds with Inactive Leaders17:32, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove/Archive17:29, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Elven Grove17:28, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Duelling Grounds17:26, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Library of Tasks and Challenges17:26, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pirate Cove17:25, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Wizards of the Wiki17:22, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Short-Term Goal Accountability17:17, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pixels in Progress17:17, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Habitica Help: Ask a Question17:16, 19 June 2024PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Adults Who Are Trying19:28, 15 June 2024Citrusellaeditswikis
Renegade Party02:32, 15 June 2024CorbanPendrak
The Habiticans02:32, 15 June 2024CorbanPendrak
Superb Routiners03:44, 12 May 2024KaeNKae
Gamified Reading18:20, 15 April 2024Shalot
Gamified Reading/Tymeles18:17, 15 April 2024Shalot
Gamified Reading/Finriq18:08, 15 April 2024Shalot
Gamified Reading/Officers18:06, 15 April 2024Shalot
Gamified Reading/The Reidmorr18:03, 15 April 2024Shalot
Gamified Reading/Sqwandyr17:59, 15 April 2024Shalot
Gamified Reading/The Bookwyrm17:52, 15 April 2024Shalot
Awesome Habit Party09:01, 9 April 2024Kanguste
Moonlight Knights14:24, 3 March 2024Antoniolfn
The Razzle Dazzlers12:11, 20 February 2024RazzleDazzleJoe
The Philosopher Kings04:53, 6 December 2023Motobass4321
United Knights of Habitica03:27, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Phantom Thieves of Habitica03:24, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Jericho Squad03:24, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Heroes and Villains03:23, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Empire03:21, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Dawn of the Dragons03:21, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
»★« We got this »★«03:11, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Vigilantes de Stendarr03:11, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Oxen03:10, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Fellowship of the Spoon03:09, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Concrastinators03:09, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Taskbusters03:09, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Poisoned People (You Are Poisoned ! Challenge)03:08, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Pathfinders03:07, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Habit Master03:01, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Costume Carnival02:58, 29 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Gotta Catch Them All19:19, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Afternoon Tea's Chronicle19:15, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Elite Habiticans party19:07, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
New Year Countdown Challenge Series19:07, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Disciples of Jesus Party19:06, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Onus Squad - Esquadrão Onus18:59, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Angelic Quests18:55, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Beasts of productivity18:53, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Mandalorian Guild18:37, 19 September 2023PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Habit Haven09:21, 27 August 2023Jazzjambos
快乐的秘诀是每天睡12h03:39, 28 June 2023LiziKnight
Valiant Revenants14:46, 28 May 2023108.41.86.49
Sleeping Beauty07:50, 25 May 2023122.116.72.82
Festina Lente20:42, 5 April 202350.116.18.48
Notorious Streakers21:09, 28 March 2023The real tenko
Gargle Blaster17:11, 2 February 2023Evyxmsj
中文奇妙挑战爱好者:Chinese Wonderful Challenge03:01, 29 December 2022LiziKnight
Happiness13:11, 28 November 2022180.74.224.99
Dango and Motato Association18:01, 22 October 2022PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Fellowship of the Assiduous00:17, 19 September 2022Effiejae
The Conquistadorks12:44, 29 August 2022107.115.5.122
Red Pill over Blue Pill18:13, 17 August 202224.214.236.227
Danikkany18:11, 18 May 2022178.120.64.214
Quest-a-holics Anonymous22:08, 4 April 2022Mara the Marine Marauder
Jordy's Legion16:51, 12 February 2022Edhammerbeck
United Kinsmen22:56, 1 February 2022Taldin
Oh squirrel!19:06, 28 January 202252.237.162.113
The Legendary Monster Fighters06:38, 18 January 2022Mara the Marine Marauder
Questing for Health, Wealth and Wisdom22:51, 17 January 2022Taldin
The Golden Habiticans13:02, 23 November 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Seven Samurai21:38, 14 November 2021Taldin
Equipe Brasil Team21:14, 10 November 2021Taldin
Indonesia RPG21:43, 6 November 2021Taldin
The NeverendingQuesting Party!18:59, 30 October 2021Taldin
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers01:47, 22 October 202171.36.207.83
Quests!22:40, 3 October 2021Taldin
Productiviteam!02:40, 13 September 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
You Can Break Metal Chains And Your Friends Won't Let You Fall22:29, 2 September 2021Taldin
The Palace00:21, 4 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The House of Relentless Knowledge00:15, 4 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Disoriented Dozen00:13, 4 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Quest Co19:15, 3 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Philippine RPG19:06, 3 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Par-TAY19:04, 3 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Minxes (Party)18:50, 3 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Equipe Inteiramente Brasileira - Brasil Team23:40, 1 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Dragonriders and Spacetravelers23:34, 1 August 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Anti-AFK14:29, 1 August 2021GoreGrindGeek
Addicted to Habitica22:33, 30 July 2021Taldin
Afternoon Tea's Chronicle/The journey continues02:28, 30 July 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Todo-ers22:31, 21 July 2021Taldin
The Skeleton Crew19:51, 22 June 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Phantom19:45, 22 June 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Gotta Catch Them all19:45, 22 June 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Razzle Dazzlers:Achievement Colour19:44, 22 June 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Veg Alliance19:39, 22 June 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Urban Hyenas19:29, 22 June 2021PurpleCitrusTagBOT
The Collective15:51, 17 June 2021Univofmiss
Time Travelers Anonymous21:41, 28 May 2021Taldin
Challenge Quest21:25, 11 May 2021Taldin
Gotta Catch 'Em All22:20, 28 April 2021Taldin
ComedyClub20:36, 27 April 2021Taldin
The Porn-Free Crusaders02:07, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
The League of Extraordinary Newbies02:02, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
The Knights Hospitaller02:01, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
The Do Better Gang01:57, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
S.W.A.R.M.01:49, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Riders of Resolve01:48, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Operation Complete all the Quests!01:27, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Lotus01:07, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
InterGalaxia00:49, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Habitica Warriors00:40, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Habit Slayers00:37, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Faith Uniting00:22, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Coven00:09, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Canadian Bacon00:08, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Aztecs.00:00, 16 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
All Quests All the Time23:44, 15 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
All Pets!23:43, 15 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Afternoon Tea's chronicles part 3 A new journey23:42, 15 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Quest Slayers13:44, 13 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Weenie Hut Jrs.13:43, 13 April 2021Mara the Marine Marauder
Polite Orthopraxy05:49, 3 April 2021Taldin
The Adventurers17:15, 21 January 2021Dahareem
Recovered Raiders18:21, 18 January 2021PixelStormArt
Knights of No Excuse18:10, 18 January 2021PixelStormArt
Kick Ass Crusaders23:43, 19 December 2020Taldin
Party Todoer22:13, 19 November 2020HannaHananaB
League of Obsidian23:05, 10 November 2020Taldin
Procrastination butt-kickers!!19:45, 8 November 2020SlothHut
The Fandom Experts18:12, 6 November 2020SlothHut
DFTBA18:08, 6 November 2020SlothHut
30+ Professionals06:43, 6 November 2020SlothHut
Gaia21:17, 5 November 2020SlothHut
Halcyon's Party06:52, 3 November 2020SlothHut
8-Bit League04:24, 8 October 2020Bakthezar
Pirate Cove/Sep2018-Dec2018 Guilds with Inactive Leaders16:35, 3 October 2020Citrusellaeditswikis
Executive Dysfunction Junction, What's Your Function?12:17, 2 May 2020CTheDragons
Habitican Crusader Corps12:21, 27 February 2020Kunar
The SG Adventurers10:02, 27 February 2020Kunar
The Cheesebeans21:31, 18 February 2020Taldin
Kicking Big Projects18:00, 15 December 2019Taldin
Witness Warriors14:54, 9 July 2019PixelStormArt
Order of the Dragon14:46, 9 July 2019PixelStormArt
It's the Party Party00:00, 1 September 2018CTheDragons
The Procrasta-Killers14:22, 26 June 2018CTheDragons
The Overseers of Discipline20:55, 27 August 2017183.76.127.126
Warriors of Habit08:26, 15 June 2017109.166.138.145
A Motley Band of Misfits00:49, 27 February 2017Quilynn
Monster be DEAD01:44, 7 December 2016Sonnet73
The Mystic Combatants19:57, 25 August 2016Taldin
The Makers02:47, 3 July 2016Auditasum
The Nerd Birds19:55, 1 May 2016TheFlyingOctopus
Crew of the Grand Meteo Airship08:23, 19 February 2016VeerkeRegan
The Mavericks12:52, 18 February 2016The real tenko
The Ultra Party11:38, 18 February 2016The real tenko
League of the Lavender Rhinoceros07:30, 15 September 2015The Unexpected Shroom
Serious Writers, Programmers, and/or Academics10:45, 20 May 2015LadyAlys
People Who05:36, 4 April 2015RBrinks
Resolution Collectors05:33, 4 April 2015RBrinks
Epic Egg Time15:50, 15 January 2015DLPanther
Na Fianna Habitica21:04, 15 June 2014AlexMcG