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Group Profile for Last Edit Last Author
The Mystery Train14:41, May 28, 2020108.7.41.30
Mental Health Warriors Unite10:53, May 27, 2020X4ojM
ADHDers Guild18:46, May 26, 2020Nakonana
The Razzle Dazzlers15:21, May 26, 2020RazzleDazzleJoe
The Fellowship of the Spoon19:42, May 25, 2020Faelwyn62442
The Ship of the Dread Pirate Roberts02:19, May 24, 2020LadyAlys
Pirate Cove/Hails In Other Languages23:23, May 23, 2020Nakonana
🍲 Culinary Institute of Habitica01:49, May 22, 2020201.239.139.237
Pixel Power11:26, May 14, 2020PixelStormArt
Wizards of the Wiki07:28, May 14, 2020IzzoT
Atomic Habiticans - Tiny Habits towards Sustainable Goals21:14, May 9, 2020Taldin
Digital Addicts Anonymous02:00, May 7, 2020EliotThe
Executive Dysfunction Junction, What's Your Function?12:17, May 2, 2020CTheDragons
Party Todoer00:07, May 1, 2020207.177.47.73
Habit Slayers21:48, April 20, 2020Taldin
Pirate Cove03:40, April 20, 2020Sciuridae
Gamified Reading20:15, April 15, 2020Taldin
Recovered Raiders01:48, April 14, 202076.118.76.86
Epic Nerd Camp00:58, April 10, 2020CTheDragons
Habitica's Court Jesters19:43, April 9, 2020EternalLearner
ComedyClub16:29, April 9, 2020Dekubutler
創作者ギルド: Creators[日本語: Japanese]16:30, April 1, 2020Sora00001
Pirate Cove/GUS Classifications04:51, March 28, 2020Nakonana
Knights of Academia01:58, March 27, 2020Raenastra
Emergency Preparation21:48, March 23, 2020Nakonana
Knights of No Excuse20:36, March 23, 2020Taldin
Habitica Traders Guild22:47, March 18, 2020Taldin
Financial Discipline Guild13:49, March 16, 202012.218.255.130
The Concrastinators16:12, March 15, 2020Satinrubber
The Habiticans19:28, March 12, 2020CTheDragons
🏂 🎯 Flow20:29, March 6, 2020Taldin
Onus Squad - Esquadrão Onus16:52, March 5, 2020BardoVelho
The Duelling Grounds22:28, March 4, 2020CTheDragons
Habitican Crusader Corps12:21, February 27, 2020Kunar
The SG Adventurers10:02, February 27, 2020Kunar
Redditors09:59, February 27, 2020CTheDragons
Podcasters23:50, February 26, 2020PizzaMyHeart
The Cheesebeans21:31, February 18, 2020Taldin
Mythical Creatures of All Sorts00:23, February 10, 2020Aspiringadvocate
The Society of Old Books15:35, February 1, 2020PizzaMyHeart
Aspiring Tailors08:36, January 31, 2020134.115.168.20
Gaia05:04, January 18, 2020CTheDragons
Gamified Reading/Tymeles05:03, January 18, 2020CTheDragons
Gamified Reading/The Bookwyrm05:03, January 18, 2020CTheDragons
Gamified Reading/Sqwandyr05:02, January 18, 2020CTheDragons
InterGalaxia04:06, January 7, 2020Jordyward23
Gamified Reading/Officers08:34, December 26, 2019Bhollon
Gamified Reading/Finriq23:30, December 19, 2019CTheDragons
Anti-AFK11:50, December 17, 20192401:7400:C802:8FFF:FCA7:1023:3F47:BE10
Kicking Big Projects18:00, December 15, 2019Taldin
Addicted to Habitica11:10, December 15, 2019CTheDragons
Pirate Cove/GUS Categories12:02, November 24, 2019CTheDragons
Taskbusters15:36, November 22, 20192600:1:F168:B686:7998:F9B8:21A5:1FD4
Mental Health First Aiders15:21, November 3, 2019Drpf33
November Poetry Challenge Guild00:46, November 2, 201924.17.18.250
Book Lust19:31, October 2, 201992.232.150.221
📆Long Term Project17:55, September 30, 201996.56.170.75
Th' Pirate's Tongue20:34, September 24, 2019Drpf33
The Skeleton Crew16:34, September 6, 2019Taldin
The Keep:Pirate Cove/Sep2018-Dec2018 Guilds with Inactive Leaders21:45, August 20, 2019CTheDragons
Pirate Cove/Archive18:17, August 18, 2019CTheDragons
Pirate Cove/FAQ02:49, August 17, 2019CTheDragons
League of Obsidian17:15, August 9, 2019Taldin
Habitica Warriors21:38, August 5, 2019Taldin
Pirate Cove/Mar2018-Jun2018 Guilds with Inactive Leaders19:22, August 4, 2019Kunar
Seven Samurai13:05, August 2, 2019CTheDragons
Online Lecture Hall22:51, July 26, 2019PizzaMyHeart
52 Weeks16:06, July 20, 2019Taldin
Witness Warriors14:54, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
Study Hall14:50, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
S.W.A.R.M.14:49, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
Riders of Resolve14:49, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
Project Stratica14:48, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
Operation Complete all the Quests!14:46, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
Order of the Dragon14:46, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
D&D14:38, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
Angelic Quests14:37, July 9, 2019PixelStormArt
You Can Break Metal Chains And Your Friends Won't Let You Fall21:37, July 2, 2019Taldin
Musical Mood Management23:51, July 1, 2019CTheDragons
Habit Master09:47, June 19, 2019Minwootree
»★« We got this »★«21:42, June 13, 2019Taldin
Procrastination butt-kickers!!22:25, June 11, 2019Taldin
The Language Hackers04:23, May 30, 2019Wilkinsonjames177
Halcyon's Party20:19, May 18, 2019Halcyon23
The Knights Hospitaller21:07, May 14, 2019Taldin
Questing for Health, Wealth and Wisdom21:10, May 9, 2019Taldin
Givling Force for Good01:05, May 3, 2019CTheDragons
Pirate Cove/Jun2018-Sep2018 Guilds with Inactive Leaders13:51, May 2, 2019CTheDragons
MENSA13:38, May 2, 2019CTheDragons
Python16:46, April 27, 2019Ktbird7
Afternoon Tea's Chronicle23:44, April 21, 2019Taldin
Makers of Habitica22:23, April 17, 2019Taldin
United Knights of Habitica10:51, April 15, 2019CTheDragons
The Collective18:00, April 2, 2019Univofmiss
Anxiety Alliance19:54, March 31, 2019Theyliveforever
Pirate Cove/Archive/Jan2016-Oct2016 Guilds with Inactive Leaders15:36, March 24, 2019Taldin
Challenge Quest13:28, March 19, 2019JosephK9
Graduate Student Guild17:16, February 20, 2019PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Library of Tasks and Challenges17:12, February 20, 2019PurpleCitrusTagBOT
Ghost Ship17:01, February 20, 2019Citrusellaeditswikis
Quest Co12:31, January 31, 2019212.106.27.135
Challenge... Accepted?23:08, January 13, 2019Taldin
Elven Grove02:44, December 31, 2018122.151.5.15
Time Travelers Anonymous01:17, October 26, 2018CTheDragons
Dawn of the Dragons15:32, October 23, 2018ChristyanMaat
Everyday Ehlers-Danlos Battles03:45, October 14, 20182601:401:501:7F10:C04F:9776:F96E:BB2
THE MYSTERY TRAIN. Puzzlers Archive12:00, October 8, 2018CTheDragons
Habitican Exploration and Research Organization (H.E.R.O.)/Challenge 3:Here, Be Dragons17:02, September 25, 2018Taldin
HAO - MMORPG19:32, September 14, 2018Taldin
It's the Party Party00:00, September 1, 2018CTheDragons
Gotta Catch 'Em All06:04, August 5, 2018CTheDragons
Oneironauts17:48, August 2, 2018LucidBrot
The Procrasta-Killers14:22, June 26, 2018CTheDragons
Aztecs.06:59, June 13, 2018LeightonHyton
Beasts of productivity08:55, May 24, 2018Hassanralali
Habitican Exploration and Research Organization (H.E.R.O.)16:27, May 15, 2018Taldin
YouTube Warriors11:55, May 5, 2018CTheDragons
Pirate Cove/Nov2017-Mar2018 Guilds with Inactive Leaders22:29, April 24, 2018CTheDragons
All Pets!12:49, April 20, 2018CTheDragons
RetroGuild11:15, April 20, 2018Daringheart
GreatFit - Useful Exercises and Nutrition Info15:02, April 5, 2018128.131.167.62
Short-Term Goal Accountability14:42, March 19, 2018Castanwydden
Minxes (Party)12:22, March 8, 2018CTheDragons
The combating loneliness guild.07:53, February 25, 2018CTheDragons
The Archons/Role Play02:57, January 15, 2018JosephK9
Gotta Catch Them All15:57, December 19, 2017Daringheart
Pirate Cove/May2017-Nov2017 Guilds with Inactive Leaders04:09, November 7, 2017CTheDragons
Knights of the Quest22:38, October 26, 2017CTheDragons
The Disoriented Dozen07:42, October 18, 2017Paulodesouzaf
Mandalorian Guild07:02, October 18, 2017Paulodesouzaf
All Quests All the Time10:53, October 2, 20172602:30A:C7DA:D3F0:6C0C:3A1F:D1D:ED26
Dragonriders and Spacetravelers23:54, August 28, 2017199.36.220.190
Empire14:49, August 28, 201784.29.152.120
The Overseers of Discipline20:55, August 27, 2017183.76.127.126
Habitican Exploration and Research Organization (H.E.R.O.)/Challenge 4:Be Prepared18:09, August 23, 2017Taldin
The Porn-Free Crusaders10:04, August 15, 2017Hydrogen Peroxide
The Razzle Dazzlers:Achievement Colour02:01, August 5, 201777.57.123.29
Quest-a-holics Anonymous13:52, August 3, 2017Teresat4994
Learn Mandarin23:48, July 13, 2017RandomGryffindor
Warriors of Habit08:26, June 15, 2017109.166.138.145
The High School Scholars23:53, May 30, 2017RandomGryffindor
Pirate Cove/Archive/Oct2016-May2017 Guilds with Inactive Leaders16:29, May 25, 2017CTheDragons
Jericho Squad15:09, May 3, 201788.222.186.124
Heroes and Villains21:17, April 18, 2017LadyAlys
Valley of Riddles23:47, April 16, 2017Sonnet73
On Hold23:47, April 16, 2017Sonnet73
Par-TAY14:48, April 12, 2017CTheDragons
Quests!00:08, April 3, 2017Falia777
The Palace07:26, March 19, 2017Schizelle
Veg Alliance12:34, March 9, 2017CTheDragons
A Motley Band of Misfits00:49, February 27, 2017Quilynn
Icy Springs17:28, February 15,
Powerful Men Guild04:15, February 8, 2017Sonnet73
Lotus13:43, February 5, 2017Sonnet73
Habitica Help: Ask a Question03:02, January 28, 2017CTheDragons
The Oxen03:47, December 21, 2016Sonnet73
Coven01:07, December 20, 2016Snowflakepixie
Procrastinators00:13, December 20, 2016FunkySnap
The Resistance16:50, December 19, 2016JoshDaEpic
Ye Olde STAG Kitchen & Academy of Cookery01:49, December 7, 2016Sonnet73
Monster be DEAD01:44, December 7, 2016Sonnet73
Language Guild: En Español01:41, December 7, 2016Sonnet73
Pathfinders05:20, December 6, 2016PirateDC
Productiviteam!00:23, December 1, 2016JoshDaEpic
The League of Extraordinary Newbies00:29, November 27, 2016Sonnet73
Afternoon Tea's chronicles part 3 A new journey04:26, October 9, 2016JerseyGirl01
Afternoon Tea's Chronicle/The journey continues04:16, October 9, 2016JerseyGirl01
MASTERY08:02, October 6, 201661.149.155.220
League of Indonesian Habiticans03:29, September 30, 2016VeerkeRegan
Valley of Riddles/Hints10:34, September 22, 2016Mara the Marine Marauder
30+ Professionals01:20, September 9, 2016Purplatypus
The Mystic Combatants19:57, August 25, 2016Taldin
Guild: Brasil00:35, August 15, 2016Purplatypus
United Kinsmen13:49, August 13, 2016Akirassasin
Polite Orthopraxy00:29, July 13, 2016Sonnet73
The Makers02:47, July 3, 2016Auditasum
Mindful STAGs14:38, June 27, 2016BeanieB
Quest Slayers11:38, June 23, 2016Sagerpg
The NeverendingQuesting Party!14:46, May 17, 2016EMule311
The Nerd Birds19:55, May 1, 2016TheFlyingOctopus
Notorious Streakers22:46, April 26, 2016LilibetLesley
Habitica Role-Play Challenges17:26, April 18, 2016Phantom818
College Info Geek16:40, April 4, 2016Taldin
Crew of the Grand Meteo Airship08:23, February 19, 2016VeerkeRegan
12 Stepping Habiteers13:29, February 18, 2016The real tenko
Pixels in Progress13:25, February 18, 2016The real tenko
Equipe Inteiramente Brasileira - Brasil Team13:11, February 18, 2016The real tenko
DFTBA13:10, February 18, 2016The real tenko
The Mavericks12:52, February 18, 2016The real tenko
The Ultra Party11:38, February 18, 2016The real tenko
Kick Ass Crusaders13:31, February 12, 2016Jeremy83404
The Archons21:12, February 7, 2016Sonnet73
Faith Uniting13:26, February 7, 2016216.116.6.93
The Fandom Experts15:10, February 4, 2016Sonnet73
The Do Better Gang23:19, December 15, 2015TheSkybax
Urban Hyenas02:53, December 1, 2015ItsMirre
League of the Lavender Rhinoceros07:30, September 15, 2015The Unexpected Shroom
Dango and Motato Association07:27, September 15, 2015The Unexpected Shroom
The House of Relentless Knowledge06:08, June 15, 2015한소로
Pray Without Ceasing (Catholic and other Christian Denominations)00:02, June 9, 2015Rogie99
Serious Writers, Programmers, and/or Academics10:45, May 20, 2015LadyAlys
Philippine RPG09:55, April 20, 2015Rogie99
Indonesia RPG05:38, April 4, 2015RBrinks
People Who05:36, April 4, 2015RBrinks
Resolution Collectors05:33, April 4, 2015RBrinks
Weenie Hut Jrs.05:27, April 4, 2015RBrinks
Canadian Bacon05:19, April 4, 2015RBrinks
Epic Egg Time15:50, January 15, 2015DLPanther
Road Warriors14:10, July 7, 2014Thepeopleseason
Na Fianna Habitica21:04, June 15, 2014AlexMcG

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