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The Iron Knight is a boss quest that marks the last part of the Golden Knight quest line. The quest owner receives a copy of the quest scroll as a reward for completing part 2 of the quest line, Gold Knight. It also can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 4 gems by players of level 40 or higher once part 2 has been completed. To initiate the quest, a player must be level 40 or above and must have completed part 2 of the quest line. Lower level party members are also able to participate in the quest.

This is one of the hardest bosses in the game. The Iron Knight's HP (1700) makes this a long quest and its strength multiplier (3.5) makes this a very difficult quest. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four-person party can typically finish this quest in over 4 weeks. The very high difficulty means missed Dailies will cause higher amounts of damage to the group; having a Healer in the party is highly recommended.


@Jon Arinbjorn cries out to you to get your attention. In the aftermath of your battle, a new figure has appeared. A knight coated in stained-black iron slowly approaches you with sword in hand. The Golden Knight shouts to the figure, "Father, no!" but the knight shows no signs of stopping. She turns to you and says, "I am sorry. I have been a fool, with a head too big to see how cruel I have been. But my father is crueler than I could ever be. If he isn't stopped he'll destroy us all. Here, use my morningstar and halt the Iron Knight!"


Defeat the Iron Knight.

On Completion[]

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With a satisfying clang, the Iron Knight falls to his knees and slumps over. "You are quite strong," he pants. "I have been humbled, today." The Golden Knight approaches you and says, "Thank you. I believe we have gained some humility from our encounter with you. I will speak with my father and explain the complaints against us. Perhaps, we should begin apologizing to the other Habiticans." She mulls over in thought before turning back to you. "Here: as our gift to you, I want you to keep my morningstar. It is yours now."


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Achievement: The Iron Knight x1
Mustaine Morning Star.png
Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar
Pet HatchingPotion Golden.png
2 Golden Hatching Potions
3 Honey (Food)
Experience Points.png
1500 experience
900 gold

Quest Line[]

A Stern Talking-ToGold KnightThe Iron Knight

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