Task Value refers to the value of a Habit, Daily, or To-Do. It is represented by the task's color, where yellow is neutral, orange and red are negative, and green and blue are positive. Task value factors into many things, including damage dealt for bad Habits and missed Dailies, experience gain, gold gain, and certain class Skills.

Task ColorsEdit


The different colors a task can have, ordered from highest to lowest value.

Colors provide a rough indication of a task's value. All new tasks start as yellow and will eventually become blue as their value increases (the player performs positive habits or does dailies), or red as their value decreases (the player performs negative habits or forgets dailies). There is no limit on actual minimum and maximum values, though there is an effective maximum and minimum. A Daily with no scheduled days (a permanently grey Daily) still has a value, which can be viewed in the Data Display Tool's Task Overview section.

Color Value Consecutive Clicks
Needed to Turn
This Color
(without Cron adjustments)
Bright Blue Greater than 12 12 positive
Light Blue Between 6 and 11 6 positive
Green Between 1 and 5 1 positive
Yellow 0 clicks total only 0 clicks
Orange Between -9 and -1 1 negative
Red Between -16 and -9 9 negative
Dark Red Less than -16 16 negative

Effects of Task ValueEdit

  • Experience gain decreases as task value increases.
  • Gold gain decreases as task value increases.
  • Damage from bad Habits or missed Dailies decreases as tasks value increases.
  • Item drop chance varies based on task value. In general, the drop chance decreases as the task's value increases. However, the drop chance begins to increase again once the task value exceeds 21.27.
  • Certain skills, such as Burst of Flames, are more effective against tasks with higher values.
  • Damage dealt to Bosses decreases as the task value increases

Ways Task Value is AffectedEdit

Habitica calculates task value automatically over time. Specifically, task value is affected by the following:

  • Performing a good Habit (+) or checking off a Daily will increase that task's value. Critical hits affect the magnitude of this increase.
    • The increase to task value without a critical hit is$ 0.9747^x $, where$ x $ is the current task value. (Two exceptions apply: If the current task value is below -47.27, use that value for$ x $ instead of the current task value. If the current task value is above 21.27, use that value for$ x $ instead of the current task value.)
    • The higher a task's value (up to 21.27), the less it will change.
  • Performing a bad Habit (-), missing a Daily, or procrastinating on a To-Do will decrease that task's value.  Task value changes by the same amount as for a good Habit/Daily, but in the opposite (negative) direction.
  • Performing certain skills on a task, such as Searing Brightness or Brutal Smash, will increase that task's value. Skills cannot affect the value of challenge tasks.
  • Habits without both a positive and negative action will have their value halved at each Cron until it reaches 0.1, when it will be set to 0.
  • Regardless of the value that shows in the Data Display Tool, tasks have an effective maximum positive value of 21.27 and negative value of -47.27 for the following reward calculations:
    • The change in task value (as shown above).
    • XP and GP rewards for clicking off a task or clicking a good Habit (+). This is most noticeable in that a task with a value of 30 is worth the same XP and GP as a task with a value of 22.
    • HP loss for an incomplete Daily at Cron or clicking a bad Habit (-).
    • Quest boss damage, which is done according to the task's effective value.

There are also a few ways to reset tasks to a neutral value, if they are not a challenge task:

  • You can completely reset a single task to the 0.0 (yellow) value by deleting it and recreating it.
  • You can reset all your tasks to the 0.0 (yellow) value with a Fortify potion without deleting the tasks.
  • You can reset your entire character to level 1 and 0 XP with an Orb of Rebirth, or the far more drastic Reset Account action.

Because task value is a representation of your progress on a task over time, there is no way to directly adjust a task's value. However, if you want to adjust the rewards/damage you receive from a task, there's a difficulty setting under the Advanced Options heading when you edit a task. You can set a task to be Trivial, Easy, Medium, or Hard, with Easy being the default. The harder the difficulty, the greater the rewards and damage. For example, you may want to use the Hard difficulty if a task is particularly difficult or protracted, like "Finish doctorate" or "Run marathon".

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