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Quick Start

To Do - Any tasks that are one-time actions.

Daily - Tasks that must be done once per day on specific days of the week.

Good (Plus) Habit - Any action that you want to perform more.

Bad (Minus) Habit - Any action you want to stop doing.

Reward - Things that you can buy using the gold earned with Dailies, To Do's, and Habits. These can be in-game items or custom Rewards outside of the game that you define.

When creating tasks, players can choose between three types: Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos. There are four factors to consider:

  • Repetition: Habits and Dailies are tasks you know will be repeated. To Do's are one-time tasks with little or no repetition, like getting a root canal or attending a party.
  • Schedule: Dailies can happen only once on a given day. (Although they can contain Checklists in order to encompass multiple tasks repeating once per recurrence) They are items that occur on a schedule, whether that is every day, weekdays only, weekends only, or specific days of the week. To Do's will be accomplished once or as often as you re-create them. Habits are activated as often as you do/do not perform the habit.
  • Penalties: Habits and To Do's have no penalty for not doing them in a timely manner. Dailies automatically penalize you if you don't complete them by the end of the days on which they are scheduled (see Daily). For Habits, a penalty will be received if you click the negative sign next to the habit.
  • Motivation: Habits can serve to stimulate doing something different or new, or penalize for doing something bad. Dailies can serve to build discipline for some recurring task. A To Do can motivate accomplishing something that will not be repeated often, or at all.

If your task is something that will only be done once or with very rare frequency, such as getting a health screening, make it a To Do. If you need to work on something consistently, like quitting smoking or eating more healthily, make it a Habit. Enter scheduled, repeatable tasks, such as taking your dog for its morning walk, as Dailies. Dailies are also good for habits or once-off tasks that you really need to work on, because you will be automatically penalized for every day you put them off.

Task Display

The Habits, Dailies, and To Do's columns of the Tasks page.

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