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Swamp of the Clutter Frog is a quest with a boss called the Clutter Frog. Defeating this boss will unlock the Frog Quest Pet. The quest scroll can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 4 gems.

The Clutter Frog's HP (300) makes this a short quest and its strength multiplier (1.5) make this an easy quest. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four-person party can typically finish this quest in about a week. This quest is recommended for lower level (less than level 25) characters and smaller parties.


As you and your friends are slogging through the Swamps of Stagnation, @starsystemic points at a large sign. "Stay on the path -- if you can."

"Surely that isn't hard!" @RosemonkeyCT says. "It's broad and clear."

But as you continue, you notice that path is gradually overtaken by the muck of the swamp, laced with bits of strange blue debris and clutter, until it's impossible to proceed.

As you look around, wondering how it got this messy, @Jon Arjinborn shouts, "Look out!" An angry frog leaps from the sludge, clad in dirty laundry and lit by blue fire. You will have to overcome this poisonous Clutter Frog to progress!


Defeat the Clutter Frog.

On Completion

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The frog cowers back into the muck, defeated. As it slinks away, the blue slime fades, leaving the way ahead clear.

Sitting in the middle of the path are three pristine eggs. "You can even see the tiny tadpoles and through the clear casing!" @Breadstrings says. "Here, you should take them."


Achievement: Swamp of the Clutter Frog x1
Pet Egg Frog.png
Frog Egg x3 (Once the quest has been completed, the eggs become available for gems in the Market.)
125 experience
25 gold

Quest Pets and Mounts

The eggs obtained from this quest can be used to raise the Frog pets and mounts.

Show/Hide the Quest Pets and Mounts
Frog Pet Frog Mount
Base Pet-Frog-Base.png Mount Frog-Base.png
White Pet-Frog-White.png Mount Frog-White.png
Desert Pet-Frog-Desert.png Mount Frog-Desert.png
Red Pet-Frog-Red.png Mount Frog-Red.png
Shade Pet-Frog-Shade.png Mount Frog-Shade.png
Skeleton Pet-Frog-Skeleton.png Mount Frog-Skeleton.png
Zombie Pet-Frog-Zombie.png Mount Frog-Zombie.png
Pet-Frog-CottonCandyPink.png Mount Frog-CottonCandyPink.png
Pet-Frog-CottonCandyBlue.png Mount Frog-CottonCandyBlue.png
Golden Pet-Frog-Golden.png Mount Frog-Golden.png

Development and Credits

  • Release date: October 11, 2015
  • Writers: Fluitare
  • Artists: Scroll - theBADH   Boss - Jon Arjinborn   Egg - Breadstrings   Mount - starsystemic   Pet - RosemonkeyCT
  • Trello Card