The Static Site is a part of the Habitica website which contains supporting information to the game; all the pages in this site have URLs beginning with You do not have to be logged in to view it.

A pale grey banner contains the following options from left to right: How It Works, Corporate Plans, Blog, Press Kit, Contact Us, and a button reading Play Habitica.

The main part of the static site header.

The first page in the static site is the main home page, This contains the main game login, and there is a banner at the top of the page with links to all of the main areas of the static site.

  • Habitica: the landing, or home page. Contains general information about Habitica and quotes from players.
  • How it Works: provides an overview of how Habitica works
  • Corporate Plans: provides information on Corporate Plans, with contact links
  • Blog: a link to the official Habitica blog (although the blog itself is not on the static site)
  • Tumblr: a link to the official Habitica Tumblr website
  • Press Kit provides images that can be used in articles or videos about Habitica, and a contact email for more information
  • Contact Us email addresses and other contact links

Most of this information is catered to non-players, and so this banner is not visible once a player is logged in.

The page footer contains links to other important technical and legal information, and remains available even once a player has logged in. Under the Community section, there is a link to the API page, which contains important information for developers. Under the Company section, there are links to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

The footer is on a pale grey background and contains the following columns from left to right: a mobile column with links to the iOS and Android apps, a company column containing many of the links found on the static site header as well as donation, merchandise, and policy links, a community column containing links to the community guidelines, bug report page, feature requests, API and extensions, and social media sites for Habitica, and a social column containing like and share buttons for a variety of social media platforms.