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There are a multitude of inspiring, thoughtful resources that can help users accomplish Tasks in Habitica and, in doing so, better themselves and their lives. The external sites on this page have been recommended by Habitica users who have found them useful in adapting productivity and goal-oriented methodologies to Habitica.

Sites Focused on Productivity[]

General Productivity[]

Life Hacks[]

According to Wikipedia, "life hacking" refers to any productivity trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method intended to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Lifehacker is a website that is a continual source of new life hacks and has an actively commenting community of "lifehackers". This site can be valuable for helping get things done. It's quite worthwhile to search for articles about goals most people struggle with, such as money, cooking, exercise, and organizing.
  • Mashgeek is another life hacking repository (Note: hasn't been updated since 2015)

Self Improvement[]

  • Zen Habits is a website focused on simplifying life rather than just trying to do more. It contains great information about breaking habits and addictions.
  • The Happiness Project is a blog set up by Gretchen Rubin to test popular ideas and scientific research on how to be happier. There's also a section specifically on habits.
  • Real Simple is a magazine is full of household, career, and lifestyle advice for busy people. While the articles are often more focused on women's projects, the writing style is straightforward and the recipe page is especially useful.
  • SuperBetter uses quests, power-ups, and bad guys to help users overcome specific issues. The ally system is similar to the party system in Habitica, but with far more accountability as players are able to see each other's tasks and have detailed discussions about them. Finding good allies is key to using this site effectively. There are built-in power-packs that provide a cohesive collection of activities to work through towards a goal, often backed by links to scientific research.
  • The GetMotivated subreddit is about motivation and how to get motivated.
  • The GetStudying subreddit is for those who have trouble getting started studying.
  • The GetDisciplined subreddit is about discipline and how to become disciplined.
  • The Atlantic - There's more to life than being happy (single article) provides an introduction to Viktor Frankl and logotherapy, which is meant to help people overcome depression and achieve well-being by finding their unique meaning in life.
  • LiveScience - Mind's Limit Found: 4 Things at Once (single article) suggests that it's worth considering how much we can keep in mind at once, without getting overwhelmed. To summarize the article, your actual working memory can probably handle three or four items, although this can be improved with training. Improving working memory seems to reduce impulsiveness and thus help willpower.
  • Buffer - 10 scientifically proven ways to make yourself happier (single article) is a good, fact-based, and short list of habits that are effective enough to justify a spot on your list, often with information about how much you need to get results (e.g., 100 hours of volunteering each year).
  • The Atlantic - How Olympians Stay Motivated (single article) talks about how mindfulness, self-talk, and an obscure chunk of the brain help elite athletes get through the training grind. Other insights mentioned but not focused on in the article: Olympians cite having day-to-day contact with a few very supportive people. They make heavy use of habits and routines. They specifically schedule in time for meals. They know what motivates them.
  • How Nutrition & Exercise Can Affect Mental Health and Nutritional psychiatry: Your brain on food (single articles) - the role of exercise and nutrition in mental health.

Sites that Help with Common Goals[]


  • Motivation contains articles on motivation for art students.
  • NaNoWriMo is a writing challenge to help people around the world write the first draft of a novel in just a month. The main event is November, but secondary Camp events are in April and July.
  • If you have a Habit or Daily to write a certain amount each day, these websites may help you meet your commitment: 750 Words, Write or Die 2, Written Kitten.

Cleaning & Organizing[]

  • Flylady is a cleaning site that helps you create order out of an overwhelming mess. The habit-building techniques used here can be fascinating; it's a great demonstration of how to adopt a lot of new habits quickly enough to see progress.
  • UfYH is a tumblr blog focused on promoting productivity and happiness through a clean workspace (content warning: contains swearing)


  • Real Simple Recipes is a modern housekeeping magazine, with a useful and expansive recipe collection, as well as series of articles on saving time in the kitchen, cutting back on calories and costs, and keeping cooking interesting.
  • Mug Meals Fast cooking with microwave (100+ mug meals).
  • Eat This Much automatically plans your meals for you based on some criteria you choose (e.g. the calory intake you are aiming for, vegan diet and more if you sign up). You can customize the auto-generated meal plan to your liking. They have a small tutorial to explain the basic features.
  • No Cook Meal Items a list of 100 no-cook meal items to keep around for low-energy days.

Fashion Improvement[]



Lifelong Learning[]

Stress Reduction[]

  • Action for Happiness is a site that contains simple activities that can help boost happiness, well-being, optimism, resilience, etc. These activities all come from the field of Positive Psychology.
  • Interactive Self-Care Guide - a flowchart that walks you through taking care of yourself on a bad executive function day (content warning: contains swearing)

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