As part of the setup process, players who join Habitica on mobile have the opportunity to choose areas of their life they wish to improve. They are then given three default tasks--one Habit, one Daily, and one To-Do--that correspond to each area of improvement they selected.

Players who have already completed this stage of the setup process are not able to return to it to add more areas of improvement. The tasks for each category are listed below so players can refer to it and add the tasks manually if they wish.

Category Habit Daily To-Do
Work Process email (+) Most important task Work Project
Exercise 10 min cardio (+) Stretching Set up workout schedule
Health + Wellness Eat healthy / junk food (+/-) Floss Schedule check-up
School Study/Procrastinate (+/-) Do homework Finish assignment for class
Teams Check in with team (+) Update team on status Complete team project
Chores 10 minutes cleaning (+) Wash Dishes Organize closet
Creativity Study a master of the craft (+) Work on creative project Finish creative project

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