Storytellers writing quest lines for Habitica

Quests are one of the most popular features of Habitica. Players collaborate with their parties to defeat bosses or collect required items. Each quest has a story with a beginning that sets the scene and describes the players' mission, as well as an ending that describes the eventual outcome if the party is successful. This page gives credit to the storytellers who craft the imaginative quest lines that are so appealing to players.

Author Quest
Lefnire Trapper Santa
Lefnire Find the Cub
Daniel the Bard The Fiery Gryphon
Daniel the Bard Free Yourself of the Dragon's Influence
Daniel the Bard Find the Lair of the Wyrm
Daniel the Bard Vice Awakens
The Hedgebeast
Daniel the Bard The Spirit of Spring
Lemoness Egg Hunt
Token The Rat King
Token The Call of Octothulu
Lemoness The Dread Drag'on of Dilatory
Lemoness The Dilatory Derby
Daniel the Bard and itokro Dish Disaster
Daniel the Bard The SnackLess Monster
Daniel the Bard The Laundromancer
UncommonCriminal and Token Help! Harpy!
GreyArea aka playgroundgiraffe Rooster Rampage
Arcosine The Icy Arachnid
Lemoness, waldere and Tru The Moonstone Chain
Lemoness, waldere and Tru Recidivate the Necromancer
Lemoness, waldere and Tru Recidivate Transformed
A Stern Talking-To
Daniel the Bard Gold Knight
Daniel the Bard The Iron Knight
Arcosine The Basi-List
Arcosine and Redphoenix The Night-Owl
Leephon and Daniel the Bard The Fowl Frost
Lemoness The Abominable Stressbeast of the Stoïkalm Steppes
Lemoness and Daniel the Bard King of the Dinosaurs
Lemoness and Daniel the Bard The Dinosaur Unearthed
itokro Escape the Cave Creature
TetoIsGreat The Killer Bunny
Bethany Woll and Theothermeme The Jelly Regent
Salambander, Leephon, and Lemoness The Thunder Ram
Lemoness The Kraken of Inkomplete
Calae Wail of the Whale
liorsamuel (and Lemoness) Message in a Bottle
liorsamuel (and Lemoness) Creatures of the Crevasse
liorsamuel (and Lemoness) Not a Mere Maid
janetmango, Lemoness, and SabreCat Such a Cheetah
VikingRunner Ride the Night-Mare
Lemoness and Sabrecat Burnout and the Exhaust Spirits
Fluitare Swamp of the Clutter Frog
Daniel the Bard and felipena The Serpent of Distraction
Tru Convincing the Unicorn Queen
Daniel the Bard, Flutter Bee, and SabreCat The Sabre Cat
Emily Austin and Felipe NA Monstrous Mandrill and the Mischief Monkeys
Maz Wendling The Snail of Drudgery Sludge
Lemoness The Be-Wilder
Bartelmy The Birds of Preycrastination
Flutter Bee The Tangle Tree
Summer (River Mori) The Magical Axolotl
Ginger_Hanna Guide the Turtle
Emily Austin The Indulgent Armadillo
schizelle The Mootant Cow
Emily Austin The CRITICAL BUG
Bartelmy The Nefarious Ferret
liorsamuel and Lemoness The Blaze in the Taskwoods
liorsamuel and Lemoness Finding the Flourishing Fairies
liorsamuel and Lemoness Jacko of the Lantern
sephydark The Feral Dust Bunnies
ajehy Find the Mysterious Shards
ajehy Stop the Overshadowing Stress
ajehy The Monstrous Moon
PixelHunter The Somnolent Sloth
Lilith of Alfheim The Trampling Triceratops
Lemoness Earthen Enemies
Lemoness Seek the Icicle Caverns
Lemoness Icicle Drake Quake
Lilith of Alfheim The Guinea Pig Gang
Elizabeth Queenan The Push-and-Pull Peacock
AnnDeLune Bye, Bye, Butterfry
Lemoness In Which Mistiflying Experiences a Dreadful Bother
Lemoness In Which the Wind Worsens
Lemoness In Which a Mailman is Extremely Rude
Thiam Infestation of the NowDo Nudibranchs
Mike.Antonacci What a Hippo-Crite
Faelwyn the Rising Phoenix, Bartelmy, and Lemoness A Tangled Yarn
Ali Stewart The Pterror-dactyl
Lil Ackbar Stop Badgering Me!
Cantras The Sneaky Squirrel
gwyllgi Danger in the Depths: Sea Serpent Strike!
summra and SabreCat Kangaroo Catastrophe
lilackbar and SabreCat The Veloci-Rapper
Lady Tabletop The Dolphin of Doubt
SabreCat The Silver Solution
Em Mysterious Mechanical Marvels
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