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This page contains some example To-Dos to help you develop your own.


These sample To Do's deal with monetary one-time tasks such as banking, paying bills, and filing taxes.

File Federal Income Taxes

Order New Checks

Advise Bank of Phone Number Change

Activate New Bank Card


Health-related examples of To Do's include tasks relating to exercise, medications, vitamins, fitness equipment, and well-being.

Make Doctor Appointment

Pick Up Medication

Buy Weekly Pill Organizer

Research Healthy Snacks

Refill First-Aid Kit


These housework-related sample To Do's involve one-time tasks that can help with the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of your living area.

Unclog Bathroom Drain

Put Together New Closet Organizer

Resurface Dining Room Table

Pick Up More Dish Soap

Clean Out Attic


These sample To Do's focus on your well-being, such as rewards, relaxation, hobbies, learning new skills, and keeping involved socially.

Finish "A Dance with Dragons"

Meet Joe and Emily for coffee

Join a local Gym

Buy English-to-Spanish Dictionary

Renew Science Weekly Subscription


For students, To Do's can be time savers and time management tools. These are examples of one-time tasks that need to be completed for school.

Complete Essay

Make Revision Timetable

Finish PowerPoint for lecture 1

Create Chemistry Flashcards

Turn Spare Room into Study Hall


Sample To Do's dealing with aspects of your occupation can include project management, career building, and work scheduling.

Send Bid to Company X before July 30

Complete Project Y by August 1

Update Spreadsheet Z by December 31

Update Resume

Submit Time Card Suggestion

General Tips[]

To-dos list

Players may find it useful to add one-time tasks to their To-Dos. Like a normal To Do list, items added here are meant to be taken care of, marked off, and forgotten about. To Do's can be used as a quick way to make notes about tasks that need to be taken care of when on the go, or make sure that certain steps in a project are done.

There are a few guidelines that can help a player decide whether an item should be a To Do or a Daily. Put a task in the To Do section if:

  1. You do not want to do it every day / It does not need to be done every day
  2. You do not want to incur a loss of health points for failing to do it
  3. You are not interested in building this task into a habit

Again, tasks created as To Do's are either one-time-only tasks or very infrequent tasks. For instance, calling a plumber would be a To Do, while taking out the trash might be better off as a Daily set to be active once a week.

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