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This page describes rules that should be followed when editing any content in this wiki and in its non-English versions. This page exists to comply with Fandom's Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy, which we need to follow so that this wiki's admins can block malicious accounts that vandalize the wiki.

If you'd like to help Habitica by doing wiki edits, please read Guidance for Scribes before starting to edit. Don't worry about making honest mistakes - you won't be blocked for that! :-)

This wiki's admins will block accounts that break the following rules.

  • Do not insert meaningless text into any pages on the wiki (e.g., gibberish such as "alkdjsflsdjf").
  • Do not add advertisements for any websites or services that are not related to Habitica, task management, productivity, self-improvement, or closely related topics.
  • Do not add adult content, obscenities, slurs, or insults.
  • Do not add false information that is deliberately intended to mislead people for malicious or mischievous reasons.
  • Do not delete useful information for malicious or mischievous reasons.