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The Rogue is a class that citizens of Habitica can choose when they reach level 10.

Rogues earn more gold and find drops more often than other classes. They also earn more frequent and rewarding critical hits. Their skills can generate gold and experience from tasks, provide their party with a buff to gold and drop earning rate, and allow the Rogue to dodge damage that originated from missed Dailies. They are valuable allies to have in collection quests.


  • As a beginner in Habitica, players will have a lot of items to buy as they progress through the levels. Earning more gold will help them to obtain the best equipment for their adventure relatively quickly. Having more gold also makes it easier to buy health potions, which are useful for players who struggle with unfinished Dailies and negative Habits.
  • Rogues have a skill that grants gold and experience and scales with task value. As a task value has no cap, Rogues are able to level and gather gold extremely quickly, limited only by their mana points!
  • Rogues are able to buff their party members' Perception, helping them find more items and gain more gold.
  • Rogues will be able to relax a little on missed Dailies, as they can use the Stealth skill to dodge damage at the end of the day. This is also useful during a boss quest to prevent the boss from inflicting damage to your party members because of your own missed Dailies. (However, players that need to use this consistently may wish to reconsider their Dailies list!)
  • The Rogue's higher drop rate can speed up completion of collection quests, where players need to find a certain amount of items.
  • Increased drop rates also make it easier for the player to achieve the Beast Master achievement, as well as making it easier to turn pets into mounts.

In short, the Rogue is a good class for those who are not interested in becoming a Healer, but still want to be able to survive relatively well while gaining lots of items and GP when a task is completed. This is ideal for people who want to unlock the best possible gear as soon as possible. This also benefits people who have custom Rewards and people attempting to earn the Beast Master achievement.


Rogue skills and their descriptions, as shown on Habitica's iOS app. Skills that are colored in can be used immediately. Skills in grey require more Mana Points before casting.

  • Consult the Skills and Buff pages for more information on how skills and buffs work.
  • All skills' effects are based on the caster's stats at the time of casting, not on the attributes of other party members.
  • Some skills are also affected by the value of the task they are cast on.
  • Some skills adjust the value of the task they are cast on. They have no ongoing effect on the task.
  • Skills never mark a task as complete. You do not have to complete a task before or after casting a skill on it. You can cast a skill on a complete or incomplete task.
  • All skills that buff the party also buff the caster, unless stated otherwise.
  • Buffs are applied immediately and persist until each party member's next Cron.
  • Skills do not affect quests, unless stated otherwise.
  • Consult the "Skills and Buffs" section in the Data Display Tool to learn more about the precise effect each skill will have when you cast it.

Icon Shop pickPocket.png
MP Cost 10 MP
Unlock Level 11
Target Task
Description You rob a nearby task and gain gold! (Based on: PER)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your PER and cast on your bluest tasks.
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Cast on a task to gain gold. Does not affect the task in any way.
Calculation Bonus = (Task Value + 1) + (PER * 0.5)

(If Task Value < 0, then 0 will be used instead of Task Value)
Gold = 25 * Bonus / (Bonus + 75)

Examples For a Green task with value = 4, and PER = 25, Bonus = 18, so Gold = 5

For a Green task with value = 4, and PER = 125, Bonus = 67.5 so Gold = 12

Changes Weaker at very high stats

Uses diminishing returns
Essentially capped at 25 due to the diminishing returns function approaching 25 as bonus approaches infinity

Icon Shop backStab.png
MP Cost 15 MP
Unlock Level 12
Target Task
Description You betray a foolish task and gain gold and XP! (Based on: STR)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your STR and cast on your bluest tasks.
Critical Hit? There is a 30% base chance of getting a critical hit. This will increase the XP and gold earned. To increase the chance that a critical hit occurs and to increase the bonus XP and gold from a critical hit, increase your STR.
Notes Cast on a task to gain gold and Experience. Does not affect the task in any way.

Critical Hit Chance = 30% * (1 + (STR / 100))
Bonus = (Task Value + 1) + (STR * 0.5)
(If Task Value < 0, then 0 will be used instead of Task Value)
XP = 75 * Bonus / (Bonus + 50)
Gold = 18 * Bonus / (Bonus + 75)

Examples For a Green task with value = 4 and STR = 25, Bonus = 18, so Gold = 3 and XP = 19

For a Green task with value = 4 and STR = 125, Bonus = 68, so Gold = 9 and XP = 43

Backstab Gold based on STR and Task Value.png
Backstab XP based on STR and Task Value.png
Changes Does not change the task value

Uses diminishing returns
Capped at 75 XP and 18 gold

Tools of the Trade
Icon Shop toolsOfTrade.png
MP Cost 25 MP
Unlock Level 13
Target Party
Description Your tricky talents buff your whole Party's Perception! (Based on: Unbuffed PER)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your PER with stat points or gear (buffs to PER will not make this skill stronger).
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the PER of every player in the party.
Calculation PER increase = Unbuffed PER * 100 / (Unbuffed PER + 50)
Examples For unbuffed PER = 25, you and your party will get a PER increase of 33

For unbuffed PER = 125, you and your party will get a PER increase of 71

Stat Buff based on Unbuffed Stat.png
Changes Much stronger (because PER has a relatively weak effect on drops and GP earnings)

Uses diminishing returns
Capped at 100
Uses unbuffed stat to determine the strength of the skill

Icon Shop stealth.png
MP Cost 45 MP
Unlock Level 14
Target Player
Description With each cast, a few of your undone Dailies won't cause damage tonight. Their streaks and colors won't change. (Based on: PER) (Cast multiple times to affect more Dailies.)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your PER.
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Provides a buff that causes a certain number of uncompleted Dailies to be ignored by the next Cron (daily reset): their streaks will not reset, their value/color will not change, and they will not cause damage to the player or to their party members during a boss quest. The number of Dailies that have been hidden by Stealth can be seen using the Data Display Tool.
Calculation Number of dodged Dailies = 0.64 * (Total Number of Dailies [both due and not due]) * PER / (PER + 55)
Examples For PER = 25 and 5 total Dailies, you will be able to dodge 1 uncompleted Daily

For PER = 125 and 10 total Dailies, you will be able to dodge 5 uncompleted Dailies

Changes Weaker (a single cast will hide at most 64% of your due Dailies)

No longer wasted on Grey Dailies
Uses diminishing returns
Bug fix: when Stealth hides a due Daily, the Daily's checklist items are now unticked by Cron (daily reset)


Rogues wield a weapon in each hand. While they can use shields and two handed weapons from the other classes or from non-class sources such as Quests or the Enchanted Armoire, only Rogue equipment will give a class bonus. The weapon that is used in the shield-hand slot is purchased separately.


Gathering all the Rogue Basic Gear gives players the Ultimate Gear - Rogue achievement. It costs 1340 gold to buy the whole set of basic Rogue gear.

The tables below show the pieces of equipment that can be purchased through the Rewards column by players who do not already own them.

Name Appearance (Weapon) Appearance (Off-hand) Cost (Gold, per piece) Effect (per piece) Description Notes
Weapon rogue 0.png
Shield rogue 0.png
0 Confers no benefit. A rogue's most basic weapon. Starting gear.
Short Sword
Weapon rogue 1.png
Shield rogue 1.png
20 Increases STR by 2. Light, concealable blade.
Weapon rogue 2.png
Shield rogue 2.png
35 Increases STR by 3. Slashing sword, swift to deliver a killing blow. Requires Short Sword.
Weapon rogue 3.png
Shield rogue 3.png
50 Increases STR by 4. Distinctive bush knife, both survival tool and weapon. Requires Scimitar.
Weapon rogue 4.png
Shield rogue 4.png
70 Increases STR by 6. Heavy batons whirled about on a length of chain. Requires Kukri.
Weapon rogue 5.png
Shield rogue 5.png
90 Increases STR by 8. Sleek and deadly as the ninja themselves. Requires Nunchaku.
Hook Sword
Weapon rogue 6.png
Shield rogue 6.png
120 Increases STR by 10. Complex weapon adept at ensnaring and disarming opponents. Requires Ninja-to.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Oiled Leather
Broad armor rogue 1.png
30 Increases PER by 6. Leather armor treated to reduce noise.
Black Leather
Broad armor rogue 2.png
45 Increases PER by 9. Colored with dark dye to blend into shadows. Requires Oiled Leather.
Camouflage Vest
Broad armor rogue 3.png
65 Increases PER by 12. Equally discreet in dungeon or wilderness. Requires Black Leather.
Penumbral Armor
Broad armor rogue 4.png
90 Increases PER by 15. Wraps the wearer in a veil of twilight. Requires Camouflage Vest.
Umbral Armor
Broad armor rogue 5.png
120 Increases PER by 18. Allows stealth in the open in broad daylight. Requires Penumbral Armor.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Leather Hood
Head rogue 1.png
15 Increases PER by 2. Basic protective cowl.
Black Leather Hood
Head rogue 2.png
25 Increases PER by 4. Useful for both defense and disguise. Requires Leather Hood.
Camouflage Hood
Head rogue 3.png
40 Increases PER by 6. Rugged, but doesn't impede hearing. Requires Black Leather Hood.
Penumbral Hood
Head rogue 4.png
60 Increases PER by 9. Grants perfect vision in darkness. Requires Camouflage Hood.
Umbral Hood
Head rogue 5.png
80 Increases PER by 12. Conceals even thoughts from those who would probe them. Requires Penumbral Hood.

Grand Gala Equipment[]

This table shows the special Rogue gear from all Grand Galas. These equipment sets are available for purchase in the Seasonal Shop, which opens during each Grand Gala. At that time, newly released equipment sets can be purchased with gold, and equipment sets from previous Grand Galas can be purchased with gems.

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Off Hand Armor Head Accessory
Summer Splash
Crab Rogue
Weapon special summer2022Rogue.png
Crab Claw
Shield special summer2022Rogue.png
Crab Claw
Broad armor special summer2022Rogue.png
Crab Armor
Head special summer2022Rogue.png
Crab Helm
Spring Fling
Magpie Rogue
Weapon special spring2022Rogue.png
Giant Earring Stud
Shield special spring2022Rogue.png
Giant Earring Stud
Broad armor special spring2022Rogue.png
Magpie Costume
Head special spring2022Rogue.png
Magpie Mask
Winter Wonderland
Fireworks Rogue
Weapon special winter2022Rogue.png
Shooting Star Firework
Shield special winter2022Rogue.png
Shooting Star Firework
Broad armor special winter2022Rogue.png
Dazzling Explosion
Head special winter2022Rogue.png
Thundering Finale
Fall Festival
Ooze Rogue
Weapon special fall2021Rogue.png
Dripping Goo
Shield special fall2021Rogue.png
Dripping Goo
Broad armor special fall2021Rogue.png
Unfortunately Not Slimeproof Armor
Head special fall2021Rogue.png
You Have Been Engulfed
Summer Splash
Clownfish Rogue
Weapon special summer2021Rogue.png
Anemone Tentacles
Shield special summer2021Rogue.png
Anemone Tentacles
Broad armor special summer2021Rogue.png
Clownfish Fins
Head special summer2021Rogue.png
Clownfish Hood
Spring Fling
Twin Flower Rogue
Weapon special spring2021Rogue.png
Twin Flower Bloom
Shield special spring2021Rogue.png
Twin Flower Bloom
Broad armor special spring2021Rogue.png
Twin Flower Stem
Head special spring2021Rogue.png
Twin Flower Hat
Winter Wonderland
Holly and Ivy Rogue
Weapon special winter2021Rogue.png
Holly Berry Flail
Shield special winter2021Rogue.png
Holly Berry Flail
Broad armor special winter2021Rogue.png
Ivy-Green Garb
Head special winter2021Rogue.png
Ivy Mask
Fall Festival
Two-Headed Rogue
Weapon special fall2020Rogue.png
Sharp Katar
Shield special fall2020Rogue.png
Swift Katar
Broad armor special fall2020Rogue.png
Statuesque Armor
Head special fall2020Rogue.png
Two-Headed Stone Mask
Summer Splash
Crocodile Rogue
Weapon special summer2020Rogue.png
Fang Blade
Shield special summer2020Rogue.png
Fang Blade
Broad armor special summer2020Rogue.png
Crocodile Disguise
Head special summer2020Rogue.png
Crocodile Helm
Spring Fling
Lapis Lazuli Rogue
Weapon special spring2020Rogue.png
Lazurite Blade
Shield special spring2020Rogue.png
Lazurite Blade
Broad armor special spring2020Rogue.png
Ultramarine Armor
Head special spring2020Rogue.png
Lapis Kabuto
Winter Wonderland
Lantern Rogue
Weapon special winter2020Rogue.png
Lantern Rod
Shield special winter2020Rogue.png
Lantern Rod
Broad armor special winter2020Rogue.png
Poofy Parka
Head special winter2020Rogue.png
Floofy Stocking Cap
Fall Festival
Operatic Specter Rogue
Weapon special fall2019Rogue.png
Music Stand
Shield special fall2019Rogue.png
Music Stand
Broad armor special fall2019Rogue.png
Caped Opera Coat
Head special fall2019Rogue.png
Antique Opera Hat
Eyewear special fall2019Rogue.png
Bone-White Half Mask
Summer Splash
Hammerhead Rogue
Weapon special summer2019Rogue.png
Antiquated Anchor
Shield special summer2019Rogue.png
Antiquated Anchor
Broad armor special summer2019Rogue.png
Hammerhead Tail
Head special summer2019Rogue.png
Hammerhead Helm
Spring Fling
Cloud Rogue
Weapon special spring2019Rogue.png
Lightning Bolt
Shield special spring2019Rogue.png
Lightning Bolt
Broad armor special spring2019Rogue.png
Cloud Armor
Head special spring2019Rogue.png
Cloud Helm
Winter Wonderland
Poinsettia Rogue
Weapon special winter2019Rogue.png
Poinsettia Bouquet
Shield special winter2019Rogue.png
Poinsettia Bouquet
Broad armor special winter2019Rogue.png
Poinsettia Armor
Head special winter2019Rogue.png
Poinsettia Helm
Fall Festival
Alter Ego Rogue
Weapon special fall2018Rogue.png
Vial of Clarity
Shield special fall2018Rogue.png
Vial of Temptation
Broad armor special fall2018Rogue.png
Alter Ego Frock Coat
Head special fall2018Rogue.png
Alter Ego Face
Summer Splash
Weapon special summer2018Rogue.png
Fishing Rod
Shield special summer2018Rogue.png
Fishing Rod
Broad armor special summer2018Rogue.png
Pocket Fishing Vest
Head special summer2018Rogue.png
Fishing Sun Hat
Spring Fling
Duckling Rogue
Weapon special spring2018Rogue.png
Buoyant Bullrush
Shield special spring2018Rogue.png
Buoyant Bullrush
Broad armor special spring2018Rogue.png
Feather Suit
Head special spring2018Rogue.png
Duck-Billed Helm
Winter Wonderland
Reindeer Rogue
Weapon special winter2018Rogue.png
Peppermint Hook
Shield special winter2018Rogue.png
Peppermint Hook
Broad armor special winter2018Rogue.png
Reindeer Costume
Head special winter2018Rogue.png
Reindeer Helm
Fall Festival
Trick-or-Treat Rogue
Weapon special fall2017Rogue.png
Candied Apple Mace
Shield special fall2017Rogue.png
Candied Apple Mace
Broad armor special fall2017Rogue.png
Pumpkin Patch Robes
Head special fall2017Rogue.png
Jack-o-Lantern Helm
Summer Splash
Sea Dragon
Weapon special summer2017Rogue.png
Sea Dragon Fins
Shield special summer2017Rogue.png
Sea Dragon Fins
Broad armor special summer2017Rogue.png
Sea Dragon Tail
Head special summer2017Rogue.png
Sea Dragon Helm
Spring Fling
Sneaky Bunny
Weapon special spring2017Rogue.png
Shield special spring2017Rogue.png
Broad armor special spring2017Rogue.png
Sneaky Bunny Suit
Head special spring2017Rogue.png
Sneaky Bunny Helm
HeadAccessory special spring2017Rogue.png
Red Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Frosty Rogue
Weapon special winter2017Rogue.png
Ice Axe
Shield special winter2017Rogue.png
Ice Axe
Broad armor special winter2017Rogue.png
Frosty Armor
Head special winter2017Rogue.png
Frosty Helm
Fall Festival
Black Widow Rogue
Weapon special fall2016Rogue.png
Spiderbite Dagger
Shield special fall2016Rogue.png
Spiderbite Dagger
Broad armor special fall2016Rogue.png
Black Widow Armor
Head special fall2016Rogue.png
Black Widow Helm
Summer Splash
Eel Rogue
Weapon special summer2016Rogue.png
Electric Rod
Shield special summer2016Rogue.png
Electric Rod
Broad armor special summer2016Rogue.png
Eel Tail
Head special summer2016Rogue.png
Eel Helm
Spring Fling
Clever Dog
Weapon special spring2016Rogue.png
Fire Bolas
Shield special spring2016Rogue.png
Fire Bolas
Broad armor special spring2016Rogue.png
Canine Camo Suit
Head special spring2016Rogue.png
Good Doggy Mask
HeadAccessory special spring2016Rogue.png
Green Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
Cocoa Rogue
Weapon special winter2016Rogue.png
Cocoa Mug
Shield special winter2016Rogue.png
Cocoa Mug
Broad armor special winter2016Rogue.png
Cocoa Armor
Head special winter2016Rogue.png
Cocoa Helm
Fall Festival
Bat-tle Rogue
Weapon special fall2015Rogue.png
Bat-tle Ax
Shield special fall2015Rogue.png
Bat-tle Ax
Broad armor special fall2015Rogue.png
Bat-tle Armor
Head special fall2015Rogue.png
Bat-tle Wings
Summer Splash
Reef Renegade
Weapon special summer2015Rogue.png
Firing Coral
Shield special summer2015Rogue.png
Firing Coral
Broad armor special summer2015Rogue.png
Ruby Tail
Head special summer2015Rogue.png
Renegade Hat
Body special summer2015Rogue.png
Renegade Sash
Spring Fling
Sneaky Squeaker
Weapon special spring2015Rogue.png
Exploding Squeak
Shield special spring2015Rogue.png
Exploding Squeak
Broad armor special spring2015Rogue.png
Squeaker Robes
Head special spring2015Rogue.pngFireproof Helm HeadAccessory special spring2015Rogue.png
Yellow Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Icicle Drake
Weapon special winter2015Rogue.png
Ice Spike
Shield special winter2015Rogue.png
Ice Spike
Broad armor special winter2015Rogue.png
Icicle Drake Armor
Head special winter2015Rogue.png
Icicle Drake Mask
Fall Festival
Vampire Smiter
Silver stake left.png
Silver Stake
Silver stake right.png
Silver Stake
Bloodred robes.png
Bloodred Robes
Bloodred hood.png
Bloodred Hood
Summer Splash
Roguish Pirates
Weapon special summerRogue.png
Pirate Cutlass
Shield special summerRogue.png
Pirate Cutlass
Broad armor special summerRogue.png
Pirate Robes
Head special summerRogue.png
Pirate Hat
HeadAccessory special summerRogue.png
Roguish Eyepatch
Spring Fling
Stealthy Kitty
Hook Claws
Shield special springRogue.png
Hook Claws
Sleek Cat Suit
Stealthy Kitty Mask
Purple Cat Ears
Winter Wonderland
Ski-sassin Pole
Ski-sassin Pole
Ski-sassin Parka
Ski-sassin Helm
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