Read between the Lines is the first part of The Mystery of the Masterclassers quest line. It is a gold-purchasable collection quest and can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 400 gold. The quest is unlocked for purchase once the other twelve gold purchasable quests have been completed.


You’re unexpectedly summoned by @beffymaroo and @Lemoness to Habit Hall, where you’re astonished to find all four of Habitica’s Masterclassers awaiting you in the wan light of dawn. Even the Joyful Reaper looks somber.

“Oho, you’re here,” says the April Fool. “Now, we would not rouse you from your rest without a truly dire—”

“Help us investigate the recent bout of possessions,” interrupts Lady Glaciate. “All the victims blamed someone named Tzina.”

The April Fool is clearly affronted by the summary. “What about my speech?” he hisses to her. “With the fog and thunderstorm effects?”

“We’re in a hurry,” she mutters back. “And my mammoths are still soggy from your incessant practicing.”

“I’m afraid that the esteemed Master of Warriors is correct,” says King Manta. “Time is of the essence. Will you aid us?”

When you nod, he waves his hands to open a portal, revealing an underwater room. “Swim down with me to Dilatory, and we will scour my library for any references that might give us a clue.” At your look of confusion, he adds, “Don’t worry, the paper was enchanted long before Dilatory sank. None of the books are the slightest bit damp!” He winks.“Unlike Lady Glaciate’s mammoths.”

“I heard that, Manta.”

As you dive into the water after the Master of Mages, your legs magically fuse into fins. Though your body is buoyant, your heart sinks when you see the thousands of bookshelves. Better start reading…"


Quest lostMasterclasser1 ancientTome
Quest lostMasterclasser1 forbiddenTome
Quest lostMasterclasser1 hiddenTome
Collect 40 Ancient Tomes Collect 40 Forbidden Tomes Collect 40 Hidden Tomes

On CompletionEdit

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After hours of poring through volumes, you still haven’t found any useful information.

“It seems impossible that there isn’t even the tiniest reference to anything relevant,” says head librarian @Tuqjoi, and their assistant @stefalupagus nods in frustration.

King Manta’s eyes narrow. “Not impossible…” he says. “Intentional.” For a moment, the water glows around his hands, and several of the books shudder. “Something is obscuring information,” he says. “Not just a static spell, but something with a will of its own. Something… alive.” He swims up from the table. “The Joyful Reaper needs to hear about this. Let’s pack a meal for the road.”


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Achievement: Read between the Lines x1
Experience Points
200 Experience
Potato x3
Meat x3
Milk x3

Quest LineEdit

Read between the LinesAssembling the a'VoidantCity in the SandsThe Lost Masterclasser

Development and CreditsEdit

  • Release date: October 13, 2017
  • Writer: Lemoness
  • Artists: Tuqjoi and stefalupagus