Moves active tasks with due dates to the top of the To-Dos list (excluding To-Dos with future due dates).

There are other useful Python scripts by the author at


  • Install Python and (if not already installed) pip. This script has been tested with Python 2.7 but should work with 3.x.
  • Clone the repo.
   git clone
  • Install pip packages.
   pip install -r requirements.txt
   USR = os.getenv('HAB_API_USER', "YOUR_USERID_HERE")
   KEY = os.getenv('HAB_API_TOKEN', "YOUR_KEY_HERE")
The variables USR and KEY map to your User ID and API Token, respectively. You can either set the environment variables HAB_API_USER and HAB_API_TOKEN to your User ID and API Token or change the strings "YOUR_USERID_HERE" and "YOUR_KEY_HERE" to your User ID and API Token.