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An RPG character using their Perception to search in some bushes.

Perception (PER) is a character stat that affects the rate of earning drops and gold points (GP) for each task. It is the primary stat for Rogues and the secondary stat for Mages.

This stat increases the chance of finding item Drops (including drops for collection quests) when completing Tasks, a player's daily drop-cap, Streak Bonuses, and the amount of gold awarded for every Task completed.

A player of any class can increase their own Perception by allocating stat points to it or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the PER stat. Rogues and Mages gain an additional class bonus for wearing the PER-providing equipment that is specifically intended for their class.

Rogues can use the skill Tools of the Trade to buff their own and their party mates' Perception by an amount that is determined by their own unbuffed Perception.


A notification showing gold gained.

A notification showing an item drop.

Specifically, Perception points have the following effects on drops and gold:

  • Increase gold gained from tasks by 2% per Perception point (also applies to gold gained from streak bonuses).
  • Increase drop chance bonus subtotal by 1% per Perception point (subtotal is then passed through an asymptotic diminishing returns function, so additional perception yields limited returns to drop chance per task).
  • Increase drop-cap by 1 for every 25 points of PER.

Note: You will NOT find level-based quest scrolls by increasing your Perception stat, as they are not random drops.