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A 3rd party tool made by a Habitican for a user to decide on your next pet quest, based on which quest they (and others that have their User ID listed) own, and have done previously. It also gives you a count of quest pets you already have, and thus help you choose the quest that has never been done before, or has been completed the least.

No API token is required for this tool to display all the necessary information, but User ID (the long string of characters) must be entered. This means that you just need everyone's User ID from your party and the tool will help you make a decision.

Git Repository is here.

Sections Available
  • Party Tools User.png
    User: This shows your account info that consists of your display name, level, class, health bar, gold, as well as two buttons ("Select" and "Remove").
  • Wanted Quest Pets: Allows you to sort all pet quests by default (Habitica release order), based on its shortage, the most quest the users have done, or alphabetically. It shows the number of pets "wanted", pets you (and other users) own, percentage of pets collected, and the pet names and images. Each pet is displayed with three numbers, the red one shows the number of pets and mounts that can still be collected, the green one displays the number of pets the users own, and the blue one shows the number of pets the "selected" user own.
  • Quests Available in the Party: This sections lists the pet quests, unlockable quests, as well as the gold quests that the users own.
  • Non Hatched Quest Eggs: It displays the number and type of eggs that haven't been hatched with potion yet. You are also able to sort by "Default", "Shortage", and "Most".
  • Gear Collection: It shows the list of equipment, with those you have being marked as "1" and those you haven't acquired "0". You are able to sort it by default, shortage, (owned the) most, A-Z (alphabetically), set or type.
  • Footer: The footer lists the link to its Git Repository, this wiki, and the copyright that includes the Habitica CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 licensing. It also links the two tools displayed above, the Bulk Feed Pets Tool and the Party & Guild Data Tool.


Enter your User ID , found in User > Settings > API, into the respective box. This will add the user and its data to the tool. You can add more users by adding more User IDs, e.g. your party members, so that you can use it to gauge your party needs more accurately. Clicking "Remove" will remove the member from the user list. Clicking "Select" will show a different set of numbers on pets, quest, and eggs that the selected user own.

Copying / bookmarking the url once adding all your User IDs will allow you to load all the Users without having to manually added each User ID.

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