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Looking for a Party to join? See Find a Party.

Parties allow Habitica players to form groups, and are required to start or participate in quests. Parties can also create custom challenges for members to tackle.

Parties offer community support and greater accountability, allowing members to support one another and follow each other's progress as a team.

  • Parties have a maximum limit of 30 members, and a minimum of 1 member (single player parties are allowed). Pending invites count towards the member count (ex. 29 members and 1 invite counts as 30 members. For the invite to disappear, the person receiving the invite must accept/decline, or the party leader may cancel the invite)
  • There is no level requirement to create or join a party, so players can be invited to a party as soon as they like, though some parties choose not to invite members below a certain level.

You can either create your own party, or join an existing party by accepting an invitation from another player. You can be in only one party at any time; to join a new party, you must leave the old one first.


The header of Habitica. On the left, the user's avatar and stats are displayed. Following that, four party members' avatars are displayed on the right, followed by a button allowing the user to view their party.

An adventurer's party.

You can see your party members' avatars in the header of the website, and in the Party section on the mobile app.


A sample party screen from the website. Left side: Party name, party leader's name, number of members with a link to view the list. Below that is a chat box, followed by "Fetch Recent Messages", "Reverse Chat", and "Send" buttons. Below that is where the chats appear, interspersed with system messages. Right side: Invite button, and a button to open a small menu. Menu options are "Message Party Leader" and "Leave Party", plus "Upgrade to Group" and "Edit Party" if you are the party leader. Below that are the image, hit point bar, and name of the quest, along with how many are participating and a button to view the starting text of the quest. Below that is the party description, followed by any party challenges.

You can communicate with all party members at once in the party chat (found under Party option in the website or app menu).

To communicate with just the leader, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right, and select "Message Party Leader". To communicate with a single party member who is not the leader, follow the instructions on the Private Messaging page.

Joining a Party[]

A page with a header depicting four people fighting a boss. Below the header, it suggests that the user play Habitica in a party. A button to create your own party lies in the center of the page. Near the bottom, there is another button to copy your username so as to join someone else's party with brief text above describing it.

The party page for a user who is not in a party.

If you want to experience Habitica with others but don’t know other players, searching for a Party is your best option!

If you already know other players that have a Party, you can share your @username with them to be invited. Alternatively, you can create a new Party and invite other players with their @username or email address (for real-life friends who do not yet have a Habitica account).

To create or search for a Party, select “Party” in the navigation menu, then choose the option that works for you. If you are not in a party, the Party tab shows the figure at the right. When you receive an invitation, the Party tab banner displays a party invitation, which you can accept or reject.

For additional ways to search for players with an existing party or to find players compatible with the party you'd like to create, refer to Find a Party. Refer to the Party Compatibility section for additional tips to consider when forming a party or inviting new members.

Creating and Customizing a Party[]

To create your own party:

  1. In the banner at the top of the website, click Party.
  2. Click Create a Party. A party will be created named Display Name's Party.
  3. From the menu with the three dots on the right side, click Edit to:
    • Change the name for your party. Party names do not need to be unique; you can use the same name as another party.
    • Specify whether anyone can create challenges or only you, the leader.
    • Create a description for the party. The description appears just below the Quest Details section on the Party tab. You can use markdown in the description.
  4. Click Update Party to save your changes.

You can also create a party on the mobile apps by going to Menu > Party > Create a new party. When creating a party from the mobile app, you are prompted to enter the name and description for your Party before it is created.

Party Leader[]

The party leader is the person who created the party and their Display Name is listed as "Group Leader" under the party name.

Party leaders have administrative rights for the party. They are the only ones who can:

  • Remove members from the party
  • Change the party name
  • Change the party description
  • Choose whether other members can create party challenges
  • Select a new leader
  • Cancel a pending invite
  • Upgrade the party to use a Group Plan
Guild party membership changes

To remove members or transfer leadership, click the three dots next to the member.

To transfer leadership or remove members:

  1. Click Member List.
  2. Click the 3 dots next to the member you want to promote/remove.
  3. Select the desired action in the dropdown list.

If the party leader decides to leave without first choosing a new leader, a random party member becomes leader and has all the administrative rights listed above. If that person does not want to be leader, they can select a new leader.

If the party leader becomes inactive, there is no way another member can take over leadership. The best option is to send a Private Message to the leader to ask them to transfer membership. If the leader doesn't respond, you can collect the @usernames of all the party members, ask everyone to leave the group, and then start a new party. The new party can have the same name if desired (party names do not have to be unique).

Adding Members to a Party[]

Any party member can invite new people to the party. There are two exceptions:

  • If the party has 30 members (or more), no one is able to invite new members. See Party Size for more information. The amount of pending invites also contributes to the party size. For example, if 5 invites are pending, and there are 25 people in the party, the total party size is 30, not 25, so you will not be able to invite more people until one or more of the invites are declined by the recipient or cancelled by the party leader.
  • If the party leader has upgraded the party to use a Group Plan, only the leader can invite new members (Group Plan cost is based on the number of party members and the leader must have full control over the membership).
Invite Party Members

On the website, the Invite button is on the right-hand side of the Party page.

To invite someone using the website, go to the Party tab and click Find Party Members in the header on the right-hand side of the page. On the mobile apps, go to Menu > Party under the Social section of the menu; scroll to the Members section, and tap Find Members.

The Find Members screen will appear with two options: List, and By Invite. Note: Each Habitican has a Username and a Display Name. The Username appears after the @ symbol and is an account identifier. The Username is used in replies to highlight the post for the user and can also be used to invite users to a party.


This option will display a list of players that are actively looking for a Party and can be invited to join.

To help find a good fit for your Party, you'll see some information, such as language, class, level, and how many days they have used Habitica. If you’d like to chat with someone before sending an invite, you can view their Profile and send a message.

By Invite[]

The dialog for inviting members has fields for inviting by email address or Username.

Dialog box on the website to invite members

Only the Username is necessary to invite members to a party. An email address can also be used but this is not recommended for inviting people who already have a Habitica account - the Username is more reliable. An email address can be used if you want to invite someone you know from the outside world who does not yet have a Habitica account.

The iOS invite page contains options for inviting by Username or email and contains fields to add the information for each user you wish to invite.

iOS Invite Members pag

Enter one or more Usernames and/or Email addresses, then wait a moment for Habitica to validate the Username/email address. When the Send Invites button turns purple with white text, click the button.

When inviting a user via Username, if a user has formatting in their name, e.g. _Boel_, you type "_Boel_" in the invite box, rather than "\_Boel_", which in a normal chat would remove the formatting. The formatting does not affect the party invite, and the Username will remain unformatted in the party invite.

To cancel an invite:

  1. Click on Member list
  2. Beside “Members” click “invites”
  3. Click the three dots besides the invite you wish to cancel
  4. Choose “cancel”

If the new member is not a Habitica user, tell your friend to expect an email from messengers@habitica.com.
(your name) would like you to join their party on Habitica, a game to help you improve your real-life habits!
Together, you can keep each other accountable for your goals while battling monsters and leveling up your avatars. It doesn’t matter if you’re flossing more or finishing that big assignment – either way, you’ll be earning gold, hatching pets, and unlocking weapons!
Create a Habitica account and come adventure at (your name)’s side!

  • Have them click on the link to sign up for Habitica; they will receive an invitation to join your party.
A gold badge containing two hearts.

If the new member is invited using their email address and they create the account with that email address within 7 days using the link provided, you will receive an Invited a Friend Achievement. If the achievement doesn't appear, ask for it to be given by you, by going to Help > Report a Bug (which will create an email to admin@habitica.com, where you can explain the situation).

If you invite a person to your party and that person accepts the invitation, you will receive one copy of The Basi-List quest scroll.

Cancelling Invites[]

This action can currently only be performed via the website. To remove invitations, click on the member list number, go to the Invite tab, and then click the dots and choose cancel. Only the party leader can do this.

Removing Members from a Party[]

If you are the party leader, you can remove party members. On the website:

  • Go to your Party page and click the Member Counter. Shield with Member Counter
  • Click on the vertical-3-dot icon Menu Icon.
  • Click on the Remove Member option from the popup menu.
Member popup menu

Party leaders can also remove party members using the Android and iOS apps. Alternatively, you can use the Party & Guild Data Tool, which works best for large parties.

Interacting with Your Party[]

A party member with their stats displayed.

Click on the avatar and you will see how they're doing.

Clicking on your party members' avatars lets you see their stats so that you can get an idea of how they're doing on a day-to-day basis. This often leads to peer pressure to get their act together (accountability partnerships, the whole point of Habitica!).

You are not able to see your party members' tasks, except for any tasks that are part of challenges.

You are also able to join quests as a party.


Your party has a private chat board, where members can talk to each other. The chat board also records information about skills cast for the party and quest events (i.e., start, end and damage dealt). The chat is not only a good place to get to know other party members, but it is also great for coordinating party strategies and requesting assistance. You can choose to receive desktop notifications for your party's chat board; see Notifications for more information.

Party Challenges[]

Your party can host a wide variety of private challenges. The challenges for your party are located on the right hand side-bar under the party description. Clicking on the challenge redirects you to the social challenges page. This page enables you to find out more about the challenges and participate in them. Note that the party owner can enable or disable the members' ability to create challenges for the party; see more under customization.

For more information about challenges and how to host them, please refer to Challenges.


Party Boss Quest iOS

On the Habitica iOS app, players can check up on the status of their parties' quests. Here, this player's party is participating in a boss quest with their party.

Quests allow a party to work together and give members the added incentive of accountability to complete their To Do's, Habits, and Dailies. For the website client, the party's current quest is located on the right side of the screen, just above the group description. For the app it is the first tab in the Party area. You must be a member of a party and have joined the quest before it is started in order to participate in that quest. If a quest is in progress when you join a new party, you must wait until that quest is complete before being able to contribute assistance to the party (on their next quest). Alternatively, the party leader/quest host can Abort the quest losing all progress, including pending, and start again with the returned scroll.

A party member's efforts towards a quest (items collected, damage done to bosses, damage to party from bosses) is only updated at their Cron. This includes any damage from skills like Burst of Flames, or Brutal Smash.

Warning: On boss quests, it's possible for one party member to kill themselves and other members of their party by leaving multiple Dailies unfinished at Cron. See Healing Damage to minimize this risk.

While still a member of a party, it is possible to complete a solo quest if other party members want to take a break from questing. Be aware that a new quest can't be started for the party until you have finished your solo quest. For more detailed information, see Quests.

Sending Each Other Cards[]

The thank you card icon is a light blue envelope with a medal above it. Cards allow party members to greet each other, show each other gratitude and send each other predetermined holiday messages during the holidays. They have the added incentive of motivating members to keep active. Cards can be purchased from the Market for 10 gold, and are sent by clicking on a party member's avatar in the header. Sending and receiving cards grants an achievement.

Transformation Items[]

The seafoam item is a light blue vial.Similar to sending cards, party members may buy and use certain items on one another, such as Shiny Seeds or Snowballs, to grant an achievement to and produce a cosmetic effect on the selected party member. The items are available only for a limited time, but will not disappear from the player's inventory once bought. They can be found in the seasonal shop for 15 gold points. (Note: there have been reports on the r/habitica subreddit of users who join random parties and utilize these items on all party members and then leave the party as a fun joke/game. If someone is doing this to your party repeatedly, we recommend just asking them to stop rather than reporting the user unless it seems truly nefarious, in which case the user should be reported to the Habitica admin team using the app's Support contact information.)

A player can choose to reverse the effects if they don’t like the look. Refer to Transformation Items for full details.

Keeping Parties Motivated[]

Main article: Keeping Parties Motivated

Over time, party members may lose interest or experience burnout. In addition to challenges and quests there are other ways to keep your party members interested, involved, and motivated.

The member pop-up, with the sort dropdown displayed. There are seven options: class, background, join date, login date, level, name and tier.

Sorting Party Members in Header[]

Main article: Header

You can use the order for party members in header option to control how party members are ordered in the header. There are seven ways to sort your party members. Note that for large parties, the website header will only show a few members. To see all of the party members, click "View Party" and select a sorting criterion on the pop-up screen. All party members should now be visible.

Party Compatibility[]

When you're choosing a party, it's worth discussing how often you like to use the site, how often you wish to talk to other players and whether you are planning to do quests. Very productive parties often have mutual goals and get more done on them together (examples include families, college students, people working on Habitica). It is wise to discuss whether/how to get in touch with each other outside of the game; this can help add to accountability and can also help when a party member goes quiet or inactive.


You may also wish to give some consideration to character levels, but note that it is not at all necessary to play with characters of the same level. Players of similar level may feel more satisfied in their ability to contribute equally to quests. However, the more varied the levels of experience within the group, the more likely you are to have a mix of classes, and each class brings unique benefits to the party. Note: Certain quests are recommended for higher-level players only, and as such might only take place in higher-level parties or among the higher-level members of a party. Additionally, if any players are also subscribers, then they may have access to gems, which can be used for providing motivation to complete challenges or to purchase pet quest scrolls for members to complete their stables.

Party Size[]

As of April 11, 2017, the party size limit is 30 party members (previously, there was no party size limit; the limit was implemented to prevent bugs and glitches affecting large parties, as well as to improve overall site performance). The minimum party size is one. Note that pending further developments, having more than about a dozen players in one party might create browser performance problems. Parties with over 30 members (added before the size limit was instituted) can keep their members, but they cannot invite any additional members until the member count is under 30.

Ideally, you can choose to have a party small enough that you can all keep track of each other, and stay friendly and motivated, but large enough that you can take on quests successfully together. Designers have mentioned that parties of six are ideal for taking on quests. It is recommended that a party have four or more members to maintain a high level of accountability.

As mentioned previously, only 30 party members can be displayed in the website header. For parties with more than 30 members, the same 30 members will always be displayed regardless of the header sort order. This makes it impossible to cast transformation buffs on or send cards to some party members from the website (it is possible to do this through the Party & Guild Data Tool). However, skills that affect the party (i.e., buffs as well as Blessing and Earthquake) will always apply to the entire party. Skills like Ethereal Surge will only apply to players who do not have a class of Mage.

Additionally, a large party can paradoxically make playing Habitica both easier and more dangerous. On the one hand, the combined boss damage from a large party means boss quests rarely take more than a few days to complete. Similarly, even the longest collection quests can be completed rapidly. Finally, a large active party means lots of buffs which can lead to greatly increased item drops, gold, and experience. But on the other hand, a large party increases the chance of missed Dailies within the party, which increases your chance of health damage and death during a Boss quest.


Quests are an integral part of the party system. Parties which have a balanced team of different classes are particularly capable of completing quests successfully. Every class has access to different class Skills that buff the entire party in different ways:

  • Warriors can use skills that raise everyone's ability to do damage (buffing Strength) or slightly increase their resistance to damage (buffing Constitution)
  • Mages can use skills that increase the party's Mana Points and experience gain rate (buffing Intelligence) or can also directly restore the party's mana
  • Healers can use skills that keep the party from dying due to damage taken (buffing Constitution more efficiently than Warriors) or directly restore the party's Health
  • Rogues can use a skill that helps everyone receive more gold and have a higher chance of item and quest drops (buffing Perception)

Rogue Skills

Skills that can be used only by Rogues

An important point is that only the Warrior and Mage classes have skills that do additional damage directly to Quest bosses; the Healer and Rogue classes are limited to damage they cause when they complete their Habits, Dailies, and To Do's. This will show up as notable differences in the damage that each party member does in a boss quest.

Healers shine in larger parties, where more people leads to more chances for damage on a given day. Healers may feel less effective in groups where everyone is diligent at completing all of their Dailies and thus have little to no damage is coming in.

Similarly, the Rogues' ability Tools of the Trade is extremely useful during item collection quests, but has no impact on boss quests. The increased Perception from the buff will still increase everyone's gold income and drop chance but will not affect the quest.


While a party's members can come from all around the world, you may wish to consider joining or creating a group with similar time zones. When a party member casts a buff upon the entire party, the advantage will only last until each party member's day resets at Cron.

For example, Mirko Vosk in Sydney, Australia casts Tools of the Trade, granting all of his fellow party mates a boost to their perception at 5:15am. His party mate, Emmara Tandris, however, lives in Mumbai, India, and after her day resets at midnight (only 15 minutes after Vosk cast his spell), she logs into Habitica and triggers her Cron, thus removing the benefit of Vosk's buff.

Leaving a Party[]

Leave Party

On the Party page of the website, click on the vertical-3-dot icon next to the button "Invite to Party", then choose Leave Party from the popup menu. You will be asked to confirm in a pop-up message.

To leave a party through the apps:

  • On iOS, go to the Party screen, scroll to the bottom and tap Leave Party.
  • On Android, go to the Party screen, then tap the overflow button (icon with three dots) in the top right corner, which provides a menu with an option to leave the party.

Party leaders do not have the option to leave their parties from the apps, but can do so through the website.

A few tips to consider before leaving your party:

  • If you are currently on a quest, then you will need to leave the quest before you leave the party. Attempting to leave the party while on a quest will bring up a notification stating "You cannot leave Party during an active quest. Please leave the quest first." This is to prevent people accidentally losing their quest progress. If you are hosting the quest you cannot leave the quest, only abort it. For instructions on leaving a quest, see Leaving a Quest.
  • Any chat messages that you post for the party chat will still show after you leave it. For example, you might want to post a goodbye message to your party members before clicking Leave Party.
  • Any private challenges you have created within the party, for example monthly tasks, might be still accessible at Challenges by using the filter dialog, however this is not guaranteed. It is recommended to close or delete all active challenges that you own so that they do not permanently clutter up the party's challenge list.

When all members leave a party, the party disappears and cannot be joined by anyone. The name of a party that you have left can be reused to create a new party, even if the old party still exists. Two or more parties with the same name can exist without any conflicts because each has its own unique identifier that is not related to the name.

Known Bugs[]