Troll causing a server outage

As with any popular website, there may be occasions when the main Habitica site is unavailable. Should this happen, updates and advice will be released via the Habitica Twitter account.

Unearned Damage or Death Edit

Sometimes, a problem logging in will prevent you from completing your Dailies. This may cause your character damage or even death. Fortunately, Habitica is designed so you can restore yourself without much trouble.

If your character is hurt, you can use the Fix Character Values button to add enough gold so that you can buy the potions you need to restore health, or simply restore your Health points.

If your character died, you will have lost a level, your gold, and one piece of equipment (which you can buy back immediately). Again, you can use the Fix Character Values button under Settings. Be sure to increase your level by 1 as well as restore your Experience and Gold to the levels they were at before you died. Include enough additional gold to buy the piece of equipment you lost.

You can restore your Dailies' streaks by editing them directly from the Advanced Options section in the task edit screen. However, note that Habitica does not keep a record of a lost streak; you will need to take periodic snapshots using the Data Display Tool to keep proper track of your streaks.

Unplanned Inn VisitEdit

If a major Habitica problem prevents users from logging in for a few hours or more, the staff may cause all players to Rest in the Inn to prevent health loss and death from missed Dailies (this was last done on 2/3 July 2017). You will know that you are Resting because your avatar's eyes will be closed and there will by three Zs next to your head. You can check out of the Inn by using the large green button on the left-hand side of the Tavern page on the website, or from the Settings screen in the app.

While you are in the Inn, your Dailies will reset at Cron, but any progress you made on a quest will not have been applied yet. After you check out, the progress will be applied at your next Cron.

Cron Safe Mode Edit

For long outages or in the event of unexpected downtime, Habitica administrators may enable Cron Safe Mode for every player on the site (this was done on May 21, 2016 when the site was down for maintenance). This allows Cron to run as normal except that players will not take any damage or lose any streaks. For more information, see the Cron page.

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