The Habitica iOS beta is for all users that want to help improve the upcoming app release. While we try to make sure that all Testflight beta builds are as stable as possible, bugs and crashes are to be expected. If you encounter any issues, use the in-app feedback option found in the About screen from the app’s menu. This will help us find and fix any problems before the public release.

Steps to join Edit

  1. Open the website with the beta form
  2. Enter your name (this does not necessarily have to be your real name. Just use whatever you are comfortable with)
  3. Enter your Apple-ID email. This is not necessarily your Habitica email address, but instead the email you use for your Apple account. If you are unsure what address that is, you can find it in the settings app on your phone.
  4. After you tap the "Get Beta Access" button, you should be registered as a beta tester.
  5. In the App Store download the Testflight app. This is used to download and manage the beta builds.
  6. Once the Testflight app is installed, open it and log-in using your Apple-ID credentials.
  7. After logging in, you should see the latest Habitica beta available for download (if none is shown, wait until you receive a notification from Testflight that there is a new build available).
  8. Testflight builds will update frequently while we’re working on a pending update, so be sure to update before testing

Reporting Bugs Edit

There isn't anything extra needed. Habitica is now using InstaBug for Bug reports.