The official Habitica Android mobile app can be obtained for free on:

It contains the major features of the Habitica website (e.g., checking off tasks, chatting in the Tavern, accessing your Party).

Promo ios login

The Habitica app login screen


Install the app. Log in using the same details you use on the Habitica website (either Facebook login or Username and password).

Report bugs in the Report a Bug guild or through the "Report a Bug" option on the About page.

Android menu

The Android app menu

Habitica for Android is the official mobile client for Habitica users. It is based on the unofficial Android app created by MagicMicky. The app functions as an add-on or an on-the-go companion to the Habitica website, and while it is possible to use Habitica solely on the app (task completion, chatting, task allocation), some features on the website are still the most up-to-date and the app is catching up on it.

The options described in the following sections (except the header, which is displayed on nearly every app screen) are available via the menu, which is accessible by pressing the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the app. It is also accessible by pulling right from the left-most part of the screen, and pulling left to collapse it back.

Tabs are a common part of the Android app interface. You can navigate between different tabs by tapping the desired tab name or swiping left or right.



The Android app header

Similar to the website header, the Android app header is located at the top of the screen and contains the player's avatar, health and experience bars, and current level and class. Once the player reaches level 10, the header also displays the mana bar. Additionally, the header shows the amount of Gems and gold a player has; and may also show the amount of Mystic Hourglasses if the player owns any, but will not be displayed at all if the amount is zero. Tapping on your avatar takes you to the Avatar screen. Tapping on your gem count takes you to the Gems & Subscription screen.

The header is displayed on nearly every app screen; however, swiping up to scroll down the screen automatically hides the header to maximize screen space. Scrolling to the top of the screen will restore the header.


Android app icon bar

The bottom navigation bar of the app

The Tasks entry is the first option listed in the menu. You can create, check off, and edit Habits, Dailies, To Do's, and Rewards via the app. You can navigate between the different pages for each type of task by tapping on their respective names in the bottom navigation bar or swiping left or right. The Habits page is opened by default when the app is started.

Creating and Managing Tasks Edit


The editing screen that appears when creating a new Daily.

To create a new Habit, Daily, To Do, or Reward from the mobile app, tap the floating action button (plus icon) in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and select the desired type of task. Alternatively, long press the floating action button to create a new task that matches the task tab you're currently viewing. This will cause an Add page to pop up. Depending on the type of task to be created, the page has different fields and options available. The following options are available for all tasks: text (i.e., task name/title), notes, difficulty, and tags. Additionally:

  • For Habits, you can set positive and/or negative actions.
  • For Dailies, you can add a checklist and set the frequency, applicable day(s), start date, and reminders.
  • For To Do's, you can add a checklist, set the due date, and add reminders.

For Rewards, you can enter the Reward name, notes, tags, and the gold cost.

Once the desired information is inserted, press save in the upper right-hand corner to create the task or reward. To cancel adding the task or reward, tap the left arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

When you tap on a Habit, Daily, To Do, or Reward, (in the white space), you are brought to an edit page where you can view the details for or edit that item. From this screen, you can also delete the task by tapping the Delete button.

To reorder your tasks, simply tap and hold on the task you wish to move and drag it to the desired place.

To dismiss the pop up for adding tasks and rewards, you can either tap the X icon or swipe up or down to scroll the screen.

Habits Edit

Your Habits are listed under the Habits tab. You can tap the + or - as you normally would on the website to score a good or bad Habit, respectively. Habits can be edited by tapping on the white space or the text box itself.

Dailies Edit

Your Dailies are listed under the Dailies tab, with streaks (>>) displayed for each Daily. You can check off your Dailies by tapping the respective checkboxes to the left of the Daily names. Dailies can be edited by tapping on them.

Android checklist

Checklist progress button

Checklists can be created from the edit menu as on the website. They are accessed once you've added them by tapping the small colored checklist progress button on the right side of the Daily to expand the checklist. From the expanded checklist, items can be ticked off normally. When all checklist items are ticked or if the Daily is not due, the progress button turns grey.

To Do's Edit

Your To Do's tab contains only active (incomplete) To Do's. If you have set due dates for any To Do's, those due dates are shown. You can check off your To Do's by tapping the respective checkboxes, and checklists can be accessed by tapping the small colored checklist progress button on the right side of the To Do. To Do's can be edited by tapping on them.

Rewards Edit

Under Rewards, you can see and purchase unowned class equipment, Health Potions, custom Rewards, equipment you lose from death, pinned items and the Enchanted Armoire.

Your current levels of Gems, gold, and Mystic Hourglasses are displayed at the top of the screen in the header. Swipe down to reveal them if they are not already visible.

Refreshing and Filtering Tasks Edit

Android refresh and filter

Filter and overflow icons

To refresh/sync tasks, tap the overflow icon (three dots) in the top right-hand corner of the screen. When the overflow icon does not show a refresh option or there is no overflow icon (e.g. on the Tavern or Party chat screens) it is also possible to refresh by pulling down the screen below the Header. Some screens do not have any refresh option and pulling down will not work, namely the Stable and the Equipment screen, but refreshing on other screens or closing and reopening the app will work the same way.

Tap the filter icon (three lines forming a triangle) in the top right-hand corner of the screen to bring up the Filters modal. You can filter tasks by tags by checking the boxes next to the tag names. You can also add a tag by tapping "Add new Tag", edit existing tags by tapping "Edit", and delete a tag by tapping the "X" next to the tag you wish to delete while in Edit mode. There are also additional filtering options depending on which task screen is active:

  • Habits: All, Weak, Strong
  • Dailies: All, Active, Grey
  • To Do's: Active, Scheduled, Completed
  • Rewards: All, Weak, Strong (Disclaimer: These do not work, since custom rewards do not have difficulty)

Menu TabEdit

Android sidebar normal

The top-most section of the menu

From this section, user is able to access their Inbox and their Settings.


The Envelope icon will open the Inbox section that shows a list of users from whom you've received, or to whom you've sent, private messages (PMs). Tapping a Username shows the messages you've exchanged with that person and allows you to send them a message.

Settings Edit

The gear icon will open the Settings page, which provides various options similar to the website, with various sections: Account, App Settings, Daily Reminder, Custom Day Start, Push Notifications, and Maintenance.

Account Edit

Tapping "Profile" will allow you to edit your Display Name, add a Photo URL, and edit the About section of your profile.

"Authentication" allows you to edit your Username and Email. You will need to enter your password before saving any changes. The "Subscription Status" will display your subscription info, as also shown in the Gems & Subscription tab. It also displays the "Danger Zone", under which you can either choose "Reset Account" or "Delete Account".

"API" displays your User ID and API Token, that you can copy by tapping on. It will also show your QR Code for other users to invite you, and a Download button below it.

"Change your class" allows you to change your class and refund your stat points for 3 gems. Reassigning stat points can now be done in-app, but sometimes the changes can be partially reverted because of sync errors, so the website could prove to be easier to use for this purpose.

"Fix Character Values" allows you to edit your current stats. If you've encountered a bug or made a mistake that unfairly changed your character, you can manually correct those values here.

"Logout" allows you to immediately log out of your account and brings you to the login page.

App Settings Edit

"First Day of the Week" allows you to set when your week starts.

"Language" allows you to change your app's language. Changing this will change the website to the same language.

"Audio Theme" allows you to turn on/off or change your app's sound effects. Changing this will change the website to the same Audio theme.

"Set Dailies default to 'due' tab" allows you to change the default display of the Daily tab, between 'Due' and 'All', just like the website.

Daily Reminder Edit

Under this section, you can activate a daily reminder on your phone and specify at what time this reminder appears.

Custom Day Start Edit

Under this section, you can set your custom day start if you want your Dailies to roll over at a different time (the default is midnight). This will show a clock pop-up, along with minutes settings, but it will not work properly. This is because the website only allows an hourly-based custom day start, and minutes settings on Android will cause errors.

Push Notifications Edit

Under this section, you can select whether you'd like to receive push notifications and specify which ones you'd like to receive (i.e., when you win a challenge, receive a private message, are gifted gems, are gifted a subscription, are invited to a party, are invited to a guild, are part of a quest that has just begun, or are invited to a quest).

Maintenance Edit

Under this section, you can force the app to reload its content.


Android skills

This Rogue has enough mana to cast all their skills exceppt Stealth; they also own a transformation item (the Snowball)

You can cast Skills from the mobile app by selecting Skills from the menu, under Tasks. For each skill, the name, description, and mana point cost are shown. Tap the mana point cost to cast a skill.

If you do not have enough mana to use a Skill, the mana point cost and the text will be greyed out.

From this page, you can also cast transformation items (i.e., Seafoam, Shiny Seed, Snowball, and Spooky Sparkles) on fellow party members. Transformation items can be bought from the Seasonal Shop when available.

Stats Edit

Android stats page-0

Breakdown of character stats

This displays the breakdown of your Character Stats as well as the toggle for Automatic Allocation, but currently only the Task-Based Allocation works on all platforms. When you have reached level 10 and above, you will be able to assign points to your different stats. There is a known issue that you can do it before level 10, which will soon be fixed. Upon levelling up, the top part of the screen will display how many points you have, and upward arrow on each stat to allocate the point, just like the website.

Android available stat

Available stat points to allocate

Below this screen, there is a guide to the different stats on how each of the stats will affect the game.

Social Edit

The Tavern, your Party, Guilds, and Challenges can be accessed via the app. They are found under the Social heading of the menu. Tapping a user's name on one of the Social pages brings you to their profile, which displays their avatar; health, experience, and (if level 10 or over) mana bars; level; class; gold; profile description and photo; Username (that you can copy); battle gear; costume; stats; number of pets and found and mounts tamed; and achievements (not including challenges or quests).

Tavern Edit

Android tavern overall

The Tavern when all sections are collapsed

Android world boss tavern

The Dysheartener (a previous World Boss) in the Tavern

The Tavern is divided into "Inn" and "Chat", with the "Inn" section being updated on the v1.4 release. The different sections in the "Inn" can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on the arrow next to the respective sub-headers. It consists of "World Boss" (when there's an active one), "Check into Inn", "Community Guidelines", "Helpful Links" and "Player Tiers".

World BossEdit

Android tavern active boss

Tavern section when a World Boss is invading Habitica

When a world boss is active, this section will appear: clicking the down arrow will collapse the Boss Art, Rage Strikes, and World Boss Description, and clicking the up arrow will expand it.

Below the Boss Art, the name of the boss, its health, your pending damage, rage attack name, and rage bar are displayed. The Rage Strikes section shows the possible 3 strikes, and will be unveiled when the attack occurs. Below that, the current World Boss story is written.

Check into InnEdit

To Rest in the Inn, tap the yellow "Pause Your Dailies" button below the image of Daniel the Tavern Keeper under the Inn tab. Afterwards, you can un-pause it by tapping the "Re-activate Your Dailies" button. While you are resting in the Inn, "Damage paused" will appear in purple under Tavern in the menu.

Community GuidelinesEdit

Tavern community guidelines
This section links the Community Guidelines (direct link), under which is also explained the importance of Community Guidelines and keeping a welcoming environment for all users.

Helpful LinksEdit

Android helpful links
This section has two useful buttons, one to report a bug, and another for the FAQ. Both will direct you to the respective in-app section and are not external links. The FAQ button will open the "Help & FAQ" sub-section, found in the menu under the "About" section. The Report a Bug button will open the "About", that allows you to send an email to the developer, along with your app's debugging information.

Player TiersEdit

Android tavern tier
Just like the Tavern on the website, this shows the contributor tiers and its respective color for user's reference. The colors were changed to follow the website in the v1.4 release.


Under the Chat tab of the Tavern page, you can access the Tavern Chat. Tavern Chat displays avatars next to chat messages, and player names are colored according to their contributor tiers. Clicking on a player's name will open their profile.

Tapping the text section of each message opens up the options to reply to the message (which will copy their Display name into the "Write Message" box), copy the message to your clipboard (with its raw markdown formatting), or flag the message if you think it abuses the Community Guidelines. For your own messages, you will also be able to delete them. Clicking the grey box with a + and number allows you to like that post, and that box will turn green to show your like. The number will increase according to how many likes it receives, or decrease when the like button is pressed once again (reversing your own like action). Note that, in Habitica, it is not possible to "dislike" or "downvote" a post.

Party Edit

There are two tabs under the Party page:

Android pending damage

The yellow colored part of the HP bar shows pending damage against a boss

  • The Party tab, which shows your party's name, description, and current quest (including quest progress, pending damage, participants, and options to accept/reject quest invites or begin/abort/cancel a quest if you are the quest owner or party leader). Further down the Party tab is the member section, which shows information about each member, including their avatar, name, level, class, and current health, as well as an indication on their avatar of whether they are in the Inn (sleeping avatar with zzz and closed eyes). Tapping on a member brings up their profile, which displays their avatar; health, experience, and (if level 10 or over) mana bars; level; class; gold; profile description and photo; Username (that you can copy); battle gear; costume; stats; number of pets found and mounts tamed; and achievements (not including challenges or quests).
  • The Chat tab, which shows chat messages from your fellow party members along with system messages from casting party skills and transformation items, as well as quest progress.

The Party chat, like Tavern Chat, displays avatars next to chat messages, and player names are colored according to their contributor tiers.

The Party page has an overflow button (icon with three dots) in the top right corner that provides a menu with an option to invite friends via email address or User ID. If you are the party leader, this menu also contains an option to edit the party's name and description, as well as an option to remove party members. If you are not the party leader, it has an option to leave the party.

Guilds Edit

The Guilds page shows a list of guilds you have joined. Clicking on one brings you to the individual guild page, which has two tabs:

  • The Guild tab, which shows the guild's name and description
  • The Chat tab, which shows chat messages from your fellow guild members

The main Guilds page also includes a Public Guilds button, under the list of the Guilds you have joined. Clicking on it brings you to a list of public guilds and allows you to join any public guilds in which you are interested. You can tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search the list of public guilds by name. The guilds search page is the only page that displays guild membership numbers on the app.

Individual guild pages each have an overflow button (icon with three dots) in the top right corner that provides a menu with the option to leave the guild if you have previously joined that guild. Otherwise, a guild will have a Join button at the top right corner.

Challenges Edit

Android Public Challenge Tab

Discover Challenges tab

There are two tabs under the Challenges page:
  • The My Challenges tab, which shows a list of challenges you're currently participating in
  • The Discover tab, which shows a list of challenges you can participate in

Each challenge listing shows the challenge title, the number of gems awarded (in green under the gem icon), the group the challenge belongs under (i.e., Tavern or a guild/party you are a member of), whether the challenge is an official Habitica challenge, and the number of challenge participants. Clicking on the overflow (three-dots) icon on the top right corner on both the My Challenges and Discover tabs will give you the option to Create a Challenge, as well as to Refresh. The Filter icon beside it lets you filter the Challenges from your selected Guilds as well as whether you own the challenge or not.

Android Challenge Details Tab

Challenge Details screen

Tapping on a challenge under the My Challenges tab brings up a screen showing the description of the challenge, the challenge creator, the gem prize, the number of participants, and the challenge tasks. Tapping the arrow beside Challenge Categories collapses the description, and pressing it again expands the description. At the bottom of the screen, there is an option to leave the challenge.

Tapping on a challenge under the Discover tab brings up a similar screen showing the description of the challenge, the challenge creator, the gem prize, the number of participants, and the challenge tasks, as well as a "Join" button.

Tasks for challenges you are already participating in are shown with the rest of your tasks.

Inventory Edit

The available features under the Inventory heading are Shops, Avatar, Equipment, Items, Stable, and Gems & Subscription

Shops Edit

Android app shops tabs

The tabs on the Shops page

The Shops page features three tabs, the first one being the Market tab, where you can purchase Class (and Classless) Equipment, Eggs, Hatching Potions (including Magic Hatching Potions during Grand Galas), Food and Saddles. If you are a subscriber, you can also purchase Gems with gold through this tab, under the Special section.

The second is the Quests tab. At the top Discounted Quest Bundles are shown (if any are available). You can purchase Unlockable Quests in the next section for 4 Gems each. These quests are unlockable at certain points of the game and do not need to be purchased unless they have been used. Note that rebirthing allows you to get some of these quests at different levels too if you do not want to use gems. There is also the Masterclasser Quest Lines section, which is all gold-purchasable scrolls ranging from 200 to 700 Gold. The last section of this tab sells Pet and Mount Quests for 4 Gems each.

The third is the Seasonal Shop tab that only opens during the Grand Galas, and where you can purchase Seasonal Items (e.g. Snowball or Spooky Sparkles), this Gala's Seasonal Equipment using Gold, as well as past years' Seasonal Equipment using Gems.

Lastly, the Time Travelers tab is where you can purchase world boss pets and mounts, along with various subscriber items from the past and future, for 1 Mystic Hourglass per set.

Avatar Edit

You can customize your avatar's size, shirt, skin, hair color, hairstyle, bangs, flower, beard, and mustache, as well as change your avatar's background here. You can buy various backgrounds, designed by Habiticans, by using gems here. Note that the backgrounds are sorted by month, and not year; the free unlockable backgrounds are available at the bottom of the screen. In addition, you can purchase Animal Skins, Rainbow Skins, and Seasonal Skins (when available) sets under the Skin section; the Special Shirts set under the Shirt section, Rainbow Colors and Seasonal Colors (when available) sets under the Hair Color section; Hairstyle sets under the Base section and Facial hair sets under the Beard and Mustache sections.

You can also access this section quickly by tapping your avatar in the header that appears above most screens.

Equipment Edit

You can select your battle gear and costume, as well as select whether you would like to wear a costume. The items are not listed in the open, unlike the website, so clicking on each category (Head, Head Accessory, Eyewear, Armour, Back, Body, Weapon, and Shield) under the Battle Gear or Costume section will show you a list of available equipment of that category, along with its image, stats, and description.

Items Edit

The Items page is where you can find your eggs, hatching potions, food, and quests. Additionally, under the Special tab, you can open your monthly mystery item gift if you are a subscriber.

You can sell items, hatch eggs, and invite your party to quests, but you cannot feed your pets from the Items screen. (Feeding is instead done via the Pets screen under Stable.) The number of each item you have is shown below the item name in grey.

You can sell any item by tapping on it and tapping the red Sell (x Gold) option that pops up. You can hatch eggs by tapping an egg, selecting the Hatch with potion option that pops up, and then tapping the hatching potion you would like to pour over them (or vice versa, starting with a hatching potion). Refresh the page or close and reopen the app if it doesn't appear in your Stable afterwards.

You can also invite your party to a quest by tapping on a quest and then selecting Invite party (this will not work if your party is already has a quest).

Pets & Mounts Edit

This is where you can find your pets and mounts.

Pets Edit

The Pets tab is where you can find all your pets, sorted by category (i.e., Standard, Magic Potion, Quest, Rare), and then listed by type (e.g., Bear Cub, Cactus, Cheetah, Octopus). For each type of pet, the page will show the name of the pet, an image of an egg, and the number of pets of that type that you have hatched.

By tapping on a type of pet, you are taken to a screen that shows you which pets you have and their growth bars, which pets you used to have (in which case they lack the growth bar and are greyed out), and which pets you have not yet hatched (these are indicated with a paw icon with a question mark on it).

To equip a pet, tap the pet you would like to equip and choose Use when that option pops up. To unequip a pet, clicking Use will remove the pet from your avatar. However, it might take a refresh before the pet disappears.

To feed a pet, tap the pet you would like to feed and then select Feed. You will be taken to a pop-up with a list of the foods you have; then, select the desired food. You can tap anywhere outside of the pop-up if you would no longer like to feed the pet.

Mounts Edit

Similarly to the Pets page, the Mounts page is where you can find all of your mounts, sorted by category and then listed by type. For each type of mount, the following is shown: name, an image of a tamed mount, and number of mounts you have tamed of that type. If you have not yet tamed a mount of that type, the icon of the paw with the question mark will be shown.

You can ride a mount by tapping on the desired mount and selecting Use when the option pops up. Clicking Use on the same mount will unequip it. However, it might take a refresh before the mount disappears.

Gems & Subscription Edit

There are two tabs under the Gems & Subscription page:

  • The Gems tab, which allows you to support Habitica by purchasing gems. Currently, you can purchase 4 gems for $0.99, 21 gems for $4.99, 42 gems for $9.99, or 84 gems for $19.99 through the app (prices in USD). This may vary depending on your registered local currency, and the currency conversion could cause the price to increase or decrease. Habitica has partnered with Seeds, an organization that sends micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, so that when you buy an 84-gem pack, 20% of the purchase goes to a microborrower and 10% goes to Seeds.
  • The Subscription tab:
    • For non-subscribers, the tab lists the benefits of subscribing and allows you to buy a subscription. You can subscribe in one-month ($4.99), three-month ($14.99), six-month ($29.99), or twelve-month blocks ($47.99) (prices in USD).
    • For subscribers, the tab lists the benefits of subscribing and shows the status of your subscription, the length of your subscription term, your payment method, and the bonuses you have received as a result of your subscription (i.e., Gem cap and the number of Mystic Hourglasses). Depending on your payment method, you may also have the option of cancelling your subscription.

If you are a subscriber, you can use the app to open your monthly mystery item gift (Items > Special) and buy Gems with gold (Shops > Market).

About (heading) Edit

Under the About heading, the available features allow you to view the news, find a list of frequently asked questions, and get more information about the app.

News Edit

The latest news, as reported by Bailey on the website, can be found here.

Help & FAQ Edit

Here you can access a list of commonly asked questions, as well as tap the link to the Habitica Help guild if you need more help. Tapping on each question will give you the corresponding answer. There is also a button to "Reset Justin's Walkthrough" which you can tap to let Justin explain the basics of the app from the beginning.

About (page) Edit

On the top of the About page, there are links to access the Habitica website and wiki, as well as the app version number. Beneath are buttons to rate the app on Google Play, report a bug, send feedback, and access the GitHub source code page. If there is a new update available, there will be a button beneath the current app version number that you can tap to be redirected to Habitica's Google Play page.

Widgets Edit

Android Widgets Dailies and Habits

Screenshot showing Daily and Habit widgets, and Habitica app

You can choose from four types of widgets:

  • Habitica Dailies displays and allows you to check off your Dailies.
  • Habitica Todo List displays and allows you to check off your To Do's.
  • Habitica Do Habit lets you choose a Habit and display it along with its + and/or - so that you can easily score it without opening the app.
  • Habitica Stats shows your health and experience bar, but editing the widget and expanding it will show a full header, with your avatar, mana bar, and gold, as shown in the screenshot below.
Android Widgets ToDos and Status

Screenshot showing To Do and Stats widgets

In most cases, you can add a widget to your home screen by touching and holding an empty space on your home screen, then tapping the "Widgets" option that appears; however, the process for adding a widget may vary depending on the home screen/launcher you are using. Some lock screens also allow widgets to be displayed on them.

If you cannot find the Habitica widgets but are able to see widgets for other apps, check whether your app is on an SD card. If so, try moving the app to your phone (by going to your device's Settings > Applications/Application Manager > Habitica). As context, on Android, it is possible for a user to move some apps to their phone's SD card and run them from there, to save space on the phone's own storage area. However, some widgets cannot be used if their apps are stored on the SD card.

Help! My App is Misbehaving! Edit

If information is not displaying correctly in your app, or you are unable to perform a function as expected, please try the following steps.

  1. Check that you have the latest version available on Google Play.
  2. Ensure the developer option "Do not keep activities" is turned off. This will only be available if you have enabled developer options on your phone.
  3. Perform a soft sync by going to Settings (under About in the Menu) and clicking "Reload Content" at the bottom under Maintenance.
  4. Clear your cache and data
    • Log out
    • Go to the Settings section on your device
    • Go to Applications/Application Manager
    • Find the Habitica app
    • Clear the cache and data
    • Log back in.
  5. If all the steps above fail, report the bug in the Report a Bug guild or in the app under About > Report a Bug. The last option is often preferred as it automatically captures your device information and the report is sent directly to the developer to analyze. It is sent in the form of an email, with your app version and User ID, and a space for you to write your report to the app developers.

Just reinstalling the app, without clearing data, may not fix your issue as Android devices typically keep data after uninstalling.


The only NPC that does not appear in the app is Matt Boch, who is supposed to be on top of the Stable page.

Known BugsEdit

Challenges Will Not Load / Refresh

Description: If you are a member of guilds with many challenges like the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges or The Challenge Sandbox, your Challenges tabs will not populate. (Both these guilds have over 60 challenges.) Or, if your Challenges tabs are already populated and then you join guilds like the ones mentioned, the Challenges tabs will not refresh with any changes.
Solution: If you wish to see your challenges in your Challenge tabs, try leaving guilds that have many challenges.
Octocat habitica-android Issue #717

Timetravel sets are displayed as individual items.

Description: The app displays individual subscriber items as costing 1 Mystic Hourglass, whereas the website sells these items in subscriber sets consisting of 2-4 items for the same price. However, if you purchase a subscriber item from the app, you will receive the entire set correctly after being charged 1 Mystic Hourglass. Subscriber sets will also be displayed for purchase correctly if you pin the set to your Rewards column from the website, then access the Rewards tab on the app.
Octocat habitica-android Issue #862
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