Message in a Bottle is the first part of the Dilatory Distress equipment quest line and is a collection quest. It is also the first gold-purchasable quest and can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 200 gold


A message in a bottle arrived from the newly rebuilt city of Dilatory! It reads: "Dear Habiticans, we need your help once again. Our princess has disappeared and the city is under siege by some unknown watery demons! The mantis shrimps are holding the attackers at bay. Please aid us!" To make the long journey to the sunken city, one must be able to breathe water. Fortunately, the alchemists @Benga and @hazel can make it all possible! You only have to find the proper ingredients.


Habitrpg fire coral 1 by ieatchibi-d7qadwi
Blue fins5 by hazel
Collect 20 Fire Coral Collect 20 Blue Fins

On CompletionEdit

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You don the the finned armor and swim to Dilatory as quickly as you can. The merfolk and their mantis shrimp allies have managed to keep the monsters outside the city for the moment, but they are losing. No sooner are you within the castle walls than the horrifying siege descends!


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Achievement: Message in a Bottle x1
Experience Points
75 experience
Broad armor special finnedOceanicArmor
Finned Oceanic Armor
Although delicate, this armor makes your skin as harmful to the touch as a fire coral. Increases Strength by 15.

Quest LineEdit

Message in a BottleCreatures of the CrevasseNot a Mere Maid

Development and CreditsEdit

  • Release date: July 14, 2015
  • Writers: liorsamuel (and Lemoness)
  • Artists: Kiwibot, Benga, hazel, aiseant, and starsystemic
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