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  • Hi RainbowDragon666.

    I've removed the new Quest Scrolls page, however I can undo the removal if needed. My reason was that I think the topic is already covered well in the Quests page and having duplicated pages can make it less convenient to find information rather than more (for example, you might start reading about quests on the Scrolls page but then have to go to the main Quests page to see the rest of the information, including information you've already read). However if you disagree or if you had additional plans for that page, you'd be most welcome to talk about what you'd like to do in the Wizards of the Wiki guild. We can discuss your ideas, and I can revert the page removal after that if we decide I should.

    Here's the content that was on the page:

    "Quest Scrolls are items in Habitica that can be used to instigate quests. Some can be bought for gold or gems while other drop when reaching a certain milestone or completing another quest. To the right is an example of a quest scroll, in this case the Basilist."

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  • Hi RainbowDragon666!

    You wrote in the Settings page that it's possible to get negative attribute points by changing your level with Fix Character Values. Can you tell me how that can be done? I haven't been able to make it happen with some testing.

    There was a bug that allowed your number of allocatable attribute points to be negative, but we fixed that and it's just reported as zero now when you have more points allocated than your level would usually allow.

    I've temporarily removed that note from the Settings page because if there is another bug that allows negative attribute points, we'll want to report it with a bug template.

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    • I have encourtered this a while ago (not sure if it was fixed), as a joke I changed my level to 9001 but when I changed it back since it was lower than 100 I had negative attribute points

      I think it might be because when I upped my level past 100 I was awarded attribute points for leveling up (which I didn't spend). When I changed back It realized I shouldn't have thoose attribute points and took them away resulting in negative point.

      P.S thanks for telling me this

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    • Ah yes, we've definitely fixed that bug. Thanks for explaining!

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    • My apologies for putting incorrect information on a page.

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    • That's okay! Don't worry about it. It was correct as far as you knew at the time and it was easily fixed. :)

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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm looking forward to helping out around the wiki, but if I mess something up please tell me!

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  • Hi RainbowDragon666, welcome to Habitica Wiki!

    Thanks for your edit to the Class System page. We're looking forward to have you earn badges, while editing and see you climb up the leaderboard. In case you don't know how to go on, see our Guidance for Scribes and check out our Wiki Trello board for current projects. Be sure to adhere to our Community Guidelines, they will help you integrate to our great environment. Getting your first HabitRPG Contributor tier can be very easy.

    Contributor Tiers

    As soon as you reach 100 points, we need you to head over to The Knights Chambers and start a thread in honor of your contributions. We would like to know how you helped HabitRPG Wiki grow, so your Contributor Reward is well deserved. Fixing grammar and adding valuable content to stubs and new articles is much appreciated, however simply adding categories to articles would not suffice for a contributor tier. Additionally, major contributions to active Trello projects may be rewarded with a contributor tier. Please note that tier attribution is generally based on staff discretion.

    Got more questions?

    Feel free to visit the Message Wall of the admins Breadstrings, LadyAlys or JiggerD if you have any questions or would like some advice on how to proceed. You can also head over to The Courtyard or The Keep to get answers by the user base.

    We appreciate your help!

    Happy Editing! :)

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