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  • Hi Millionrams, welcome to the Habitica Wiki!

    Thanks for your edit to the Dailies page. We're looking forward to having you earn badges while editing and seeing you climb up the leaderboard. Please review our Guidance for Scribes for the conventions we follow and for ideas on what kinds of edits to make. Join the Wizards of the Wiki guild to discuss wiki editing with other editors. Be sure to adhere to our Community Guidelines; they will help you integrate into our great environment.

    Contributor Tiers

    When you reach 100 points, head over to The Knights Chambers and start an application in honor of your contributions. We would like to know how you helped the Habitica Wiki grow, to make sure your Contributor Rewards are well deserved. Adding valuable content to stubs and new articles is much appreciated; however, some kinds of very small changes are not sufficient by themselves for a contributor tier. Please note that tier attribution is based on staff discretion.


    Our wiki has a formal categories system. Before adding any categories, consult the Category Index and review descriptions for categories of interest. Please refrain from adding categories that are not already in use.

    Got more questions?

    The Wizards of the Wiki guild is a great place to ask questions about wiki editing. You're also welcome to visit the Message Walls of the admins (LadyAlys, Taldin, and Sonnet73) if you have any questions or would like some advice on how to proceed.

    We appreciate your help!

    Happy Editing! :)

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