Legendary Equipment are equipment items that were designed by Kickstarter backers who pledged US$300 or more. All $300+ backers received their items in-game following the successful campaign.

Each legendary item is available to players when they complete an associated equipment quest. The equipment quests are:

Legendary equipment items do not confer class bonuses, and can be worn by any class.

You can only ever have one copy of Legendary Equipment at a time. Subsequent completions of the quest do not give you additional copies.

However, if you lose a piece of Legendary Equipment by dying, you can get it back by either:

  • Buying it with gold in the Rewards section, as for any equipment lost through death (each piece of Legendary Equipment costs 200 gold points), or
  • Repeating the quest, which, on completion, will put a new copy of the piece of Legendary Equipment back in your inventory. The option to buy the equipment will then be removed from the Rewards section.

Equipment ListEdit

To prevent spoilers, the list of Legendary Equipment has been hidden.

Show/Hide the Legendary Equipment table
Item Quest Line Image Bonus
Nameless Helm Attack of the Mundane
Nameless Helm
+25 to STR
+25 to INT
Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon Vice
Weber Shaft
+25 to STR
+25 to PER
Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar The Golden Knight
Mustaine Morning Star
+25 to CON
+25 to PER
Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic The Moonstone Chain
Chalard Tunic
+25 to CON
+25 to INT