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The Habitica Kickstarter.

Early in 2013, Tyler started a Kickstarter to raise funds for full-time development on some core features of Habitica, including the mobile apps, the party system, avatar customization (skin tone, hair color, build, etc), boss battles, mounts, and integration with popular and social productivity services (such as Google Calendar and Fitbit).


Incentives offered to Kickstarter backers included access to beta testing, large amounts of Tokens (now known as gems), their name listed on the GitHub wiki (this has been modified to the Hall of Patrons), various pieces of a contributor-only set of armor, a special mount and pet, and, of course, Tyler's gratitude. Custom t-shirts were also incentives at higher tiers, as was one custom in-game item, named and described in the backer's honor, with stats of their choosing.

All those who contributed to the Kickstarter are listed within the Habitica website in the Hall of Patrons, located within the Social tab.

Backer itemsEdit

Starting at the $5 tier, backers received gems. Backers who pledged larger amounts also received the items shown in the table below. Since the Kickstarter campaign has finished, there is no way for newer players to earn these items. The $300 backer level allowed backers to design a Legendary Equipment item.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Shade Armor
150 Increases CON by 20. Screams when struck, for it feels pain in its wearer's place. For Kickstarter backers of $45 or more.
Shade Helmet
150 Increases INT by 20. Blood and ash, lava and obsidian give this helm its imagery and power. For Kickstarter backers of $45 or more.
Tormented Skull Shield
150 Increases PER by 20. Sees beyond the veil of death, and displays what it finds there for enemies to fear. For Kickstarter backers of $45 or more.
Dark Souls Blade
150 Increases STR by 20. Feasts upon foes' life essence to power its wicked strokes. For Kickstarter backers of $70 or more.
Ethereal Lion Mount
HabitRPG Your Life The Role Playing Game - Nightly 2014-05-28 16.04.012
For Kickstarter backers of $70 or more. This item has now been granted to all $70+ backers. See GitHub ticket #3544 for updates.
Cerberus Pup Pet
For Kickstarter backers of $80 or more.

Kickstarter backer items

All Kickstater backer items equipped together

Fun fact: when all of the Backer items are equipped at the same time, Cerebus's tail and the smoke from the Blade make it look like the lion is smoking a pipe.

Non-Playing Characters (NPCs)Edit

The top tier of contributors ($800) became enshrined as the NPCs of Habitica. In chat areas, their names are highlighted in black with green text.

Equipment and Quest LinesEdit

Four pieces of equipment were designed by high-pledge Kickstarter backers. Each piece was given to those backers automatically and are available to all players via specific equipment quests.

To prevent spoilers, the list of Legendary Equipment has been hidden.

Show/Hide the Legendary Equipment table
Item Quest Line Image Bonus
Nameless Helm Attack of the Mundane
Nameless Helm
+25 to STR
+25 to INT
Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon Vice
Weber Shaft
+25 to STR
+25 to PER
Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar The Golden Knight
Mustaine Morning Star
+25 to CON
+25 to PER
Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic The Moonstone Chain
Chalard Tunic
+25 to CON
+25 to INT

Stretch goalsEdit

The initial goal for funding was set to US$25,000. This was exceeded, reaching US$41,191 with 2,817 people showing interest in the project. After the initial goal was met, further features were added as stretch goals, including:

Now that the Kickstarter is over, players may make financial contributions by purchasing gems, subscribing, or buying merchandise.