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Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic is a piece of Legendary body armor that the player receives for successfully completing Recidivate Transformed, the third part of the Recidivate quest line. This questline begins with the The Moonstone Chain quest, awarded at level 60.

The Tunic's bonuses are most clear for Healers (whose primary attribute is Constitution) and Mages (whose primary attribute is Intelligence), but it can have benefits for Warriors and Rogues as well, even though it doesn't buff their primary stats. It can help any player resist more damage from missed Dailies and negative Habits, earn more experience, and expand their stock of Mana Points. The addition of 25 Intelligence points is enough to increase a player's Mana Points by 50 and their experience gain by 62.5% of the base reward, while the addition of 25 Constitution points is enough to decrease the damage a player takes from missed dailies and negative habits by 10%. Further, additional Constitution will enable Healers to heal more effectively using Blessing and Healing Light or help Warriors to defend their party better with Intimidating Gaze, while Intelligence will empower Mages to deal more damage with Burst of Flames and recharge non-mage party's mana more with Ethereal Surge.

You can only ever have one copy of Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic at a time; subsequent completions of the quest do not give you additional copies.

However, if you lose Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic by death, you can get it back by either:

  • buying it with gold in the Rewards section, as for any equipment lost through death (Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic costs 200 gold points), or
  • repeating the quest, which, on completion, will put a new copy of Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic back in your inventory. The option to buy the equipment will then be removed from the Rewards section.

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Equipment key is armor_special_2, and armorSpecial2Text in the locales files.