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Intelligence (INT) is a character stat that affects experience and mana points (MP). It is the primary stat for Mages and the secondary stat for Healers.

Higher Intelligence allows the player to earn more XP from doing tasks, which means that they will level up more quickly. It also increases the player's MP cap and rate of MP regeneration.

Maximum MP can be determined by the following formula: ()

Once the maximum MP of the player is over 100, their maximum daily mana regeneration rate becomes 10% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 10 MP every Cron. Their mana gained from positive Habits becomes 0.25% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 0.25 MP, and mana gained per Daily, To Do or To Do checklist item becomes 1% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 1 MP.

A player of any class can increase their own Intelligence by allocating stat points to it (also adds 1 MP per point allocated to INT) or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the INT stat. Mages and Healers gain an additional class bonus for wearing the INT-providing weapons and armor that are specifically intended for their class. 

Mages can use the skill Earthquake to buff their own and their party mates' Intelligence by an amount determined by their own unbuffed Intelligence.


A light purple bubble displays a star icon for experience, followed by the words + 13 Experience

Intelligence increases the amount of experience earned.

Specifically, Intelligence points have the following effects on experience and mana:

  • Increase experience gain by 2.5% per Intelligence point.
  • Increase maximum mana points by 2 per Intelligence point.
  • For each Intelligence point above 35, increase mana point recovery by 0.2 mana points per Cron reset, 0.02 mana points per daily or to do completion, and 0.005 mana points per positive habit completion. (See above).
  • Each time a player assigns an stat point to Intelligence, the player will receive a one-time recovery of one mana point.