In Which the Wind Worsens is the second part of the Mayhem in Mistiflying equipment quest line and is a collection quest. It is a gold-purchasable quest and can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 300 gold


"Mistiflying is dipping and rocking as the magical bees keeping it afloat are buffeted by the gale. After a desperate search for the April Fool, you find him inside a cottage, blithely playing cards with an angry, trussed-up skull.

@Katy133 raises their voice over the whistling wind. “What’s causing this? We defeated the skulls, but it’s getting worse!”

“That is a pickle,” the April Fool agrees. “Please be a dear and don’t mention it to Lady Glaciate. She’s always threatening to call off our courtship on the grounds that I am ‘catastrophically irresponsible,’ and I fear that she might misread this situation.” He shuffles the deck. “Perhaps you might follow the Mistiflies? They’re immaterial, so the wind can’t blow them away, and they tend to swarm around threats.” He nods out the window, where several of the city’s patron creatures are fluttering towards the east. “Now let me concentrate — my opponent has quite the poker face!"


Quest mayhemMistiflying2 mistifly1
Quest mayhemMistiflying2 mistifly2
Quest mayhemMistiflying2 mistifly3
Collect 25 Red Mistiflies Collect 15 Blue Mistiflies Collect 10 Green Mistiflies

On CompletionEdit

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You follow the Mistiflies to the site of a tornado, too stormy for you to enter.

“This should help,” says a voice directly in your ear, and you nearly fall off of your mount. The April Fool is somehow sitting directly behind you in the saddle. “I hear these messenger hoods emit an aura that guards against inclement weather — very useful to avoid lost missives as you fly around. Perhaps give it a try?


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Achievement: In Which the Wind Worsens x1
Experience Points
75 experience
Head special roguishRainbowMessengerHood Roguish Rainbow Messenger Hood
This bright hood emits a colorful glow that will protect you from unpleasant weather! Increases Constitution by 15.

Quest LineEdit

In Which Mistiflying Experiences a Dreadful BotherIn Which the Wind WorsensIn Which a Mailman is Extremely Rude

Development and CreditsEdit

  • Release date: April 20, 2017
  • Writer: Lemoness
  • Artist: Beffymaroo