Help menu.png

The Help tab in the toolbar displays various helpful options to acquaint yourself with Habitica.

  • FAQ - Takes you to an FAQ page. This FAQ is much shorter than the Wikia FAQ. It focuses on answering the most common questions that users have.
  • Overview for New Users - Takes you to the Overview for New Users page, which has some basic guidance on getting started with Habitica.
  • Report a Bug - Takes you to the Report a Bug guild where you can report bugs in Habitica and post messages for help about a bug.
  • Ask a Question - Takes you to the Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild, the best place to ask a question; our intrepid band of helpful Habiticans can help!  
  • Request a Feature - Takes you to the Habitica User Feedback and Suggestions form for feature requests. An account on that site is not necessary.
  • Contributing - Takes you to the list of ways you can help improve Habitica and get contributor tiers.
  • Wiki - Takes you to the Habitica Wikia home page.
  • Contact the Moderation Team - Takes you to a form for reporting violations of the Community Guidelines such as bullying, harassment, and other issues requiring moderation. The form is only available from inside when logged in. Note that reporting posts or private messages is best done by clicking on the "report" icon on that message, rather than by using this form.
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