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The Healer is a class that citizens of Habitica can select when they reach level 10. 

Healers have a high defense against damage and gain experience and mana quickly. Their skills allow them to heal themselves and other players in their party, provide their party with a defensive buff, and reduce the redness of their own tasks to reduce the amount of damage those tasks can deal to them. They are valuable allies to have in battles against strong bosses.


  • Healers specialize in the Constitution stat, which reduces the damage they take from missed Dailies and negative Habits. This may be useful to players who have many challenging Dailies, or who frequently indulge in bad habits.
  • Healers don't deal much damage in boss battles, but they can play an invaluable role in keeping other party members alive. While the Healer's Constitution buffing skill (Protective Aura) does not defend the party against boss damage, Healers can help prevent death by:
    • Restoring their own and party members' health points using the Blessing skill
    • Buffing their own and party members' Constitution, which reduces additional damage taken from a player's own missed Dailies and negative Habits
  • The Searing Brightness skill allows Healers to reduce the redness of their non-challenge tasks, further reducing the damage they take from uncompleted Dailies.

The Healer is a forgiving class that is good for people and parties who have difficulty with their Dailies and Habits. If a player doesn't want to focus on dealing damage, they can become a Healer instead and focus on supporting themselves and their party during battle.


Healer skills and their descriptions, as shown on Habitica's Android app. Skills that are colored in can be used immediately. Skills in grey require more Mana Points before casting.

  • Consult the Skills and Buff pages for more information on how skills and buffs work.
  • All skills' effects are based on the caster's stats at the time of casting, not on the attributes of other party members.
  • Some skills are also affected by the value of the task they are cast on.
  • Some skills adjust the value of the task they are cast on. They have no ongoing effect on the task.
  • Skills never mark a task as complete. You do not have to complete a task before or after casting a skill on it. You can cast a skill on a complete or incomplete task.
  • All skills that buff the party also buff the caster, unless stated otherwise.
  • Buffs are applied immediately and persist until each party member's next Cron.
  • Skills do not affect quests, unless stated otherwise.
  • Consult the "Skills and Buffs" section in the Data Display Tool to learn more about the precise effect each skill will have when you cast it.

Healing Light
Icon Shop heal.png
MP Cost 15 MP
Unlock Level 11
Target Player
Description Shining light restores your health! (Based on: CON and INT)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your CON and/or INT (both have equal effect).
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the player's Health (Health cannot rise above 50).
Calculation Healing = (CON + INT + 5) × 0.075
Examples At CON+INT=50 you will heal for 4 HP.

At CON+INT=200 you will heal for 15 HP.

Healing based on CON + INT.png
Changes None

Searing Brightness
Icon Shop brightness.png
MP Cost 15 MP
Unlock Level 12
Target Player
Description A burst of light makes your tasks more blue/less red! (Based on: INT)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your INT.
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the value of all of the player's non-challenge Habits, Dailies, and To Do's (makes them more blue / less red).
Calculation Reduced Redness = 4 * (INT / (INT + 40))
Examples At INT=50 you will reduce redness by 2.22

At INT=200 you will reduce redness by 3.33

Task Value Increase based on Stat.png
Changes Now stronger

Is not capped at 4, but diminishing returns produce a similar effect
Now only applies to non-challenge tasks

Protective Aura
Icon Shop protectAura.png
MP Cost 30 MP
Unlock Level 13
Target Party
Description You shield your Party by buffing their Constitution! (Based on: Unbuffed CON)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your CON with stat points or gear (buffs to CON will not make this skill stronger).
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the CON of every player in the party.
Calculation CON Buff = 200 * Unbuffed CON /(Unbuffed CON + 200)
Examples For unbuffed CON=25, you and your party will get an additional 22.2 CON

For unbuffed CON=125, you and your party will get an additional 76.9 CON

CON Buff based on Unbuffed CON.png
Stat Buff based on Unbuffed Stat.png
Changes Now stronger

Uses diminishing returns
Is not capped at 200, but diminishing returns gives a similar effect
Uses unbuffed stat to determine the strength of the skill

Icon Shop healAll.png
MP Cost 25 MP
Unlock Level 14
Target Party
Description Your soothing spell restores your whole Party's health! (Based on: CON and INT)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your CON and/or INT (both have equal effect).
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the Health of every player in the party (Health cannot rise above 50).
Calculation Healing = (CON + INT + 5) × 0.04
Examples At CON+INT=50 you will heal for 2 HP.

At CON+INT=200 you will heal for 8 HP.

Healing based on CON + INT.png
Changes None



Healers wield rods or scepters in their weapon-hands and shields in their off-hands.

Gathering all the Healer Basic Gear gives players the Ultimate Gear - Healer achievement. It costs 1205 gold to buy the whole set of basic Healer gear.

The tables below show the pieces of equipment that can be purchased through the Rewards column by players who do not already own them.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Novice Rod
Weapon healer 0.png
0 Confers no benefit. For healers in training. Starting gear.
Acolyte Rod
Weapon healer 1.png
20 Increases INT by 2. Crafted during a healer's initiation. Requires Novice Rod.
Quartz Rod
Weapon healer 2.png
30 Increases INT by 3. Topped with a gem bearing curative properties. Requires Acolyte Rod.
Amethyst Rod
Weapon healer 3.png
45 Increases INT by 5. Purifies poison at a touch. Requires Quartz Rod.
Physician Rod
Weapon healer 4.png
65 Increases INT by 7. As much a badge of office as a healing tool. Requires Amethyst Rod.
Royal Scepter
Weapon healer 5.png
90 Increases INT by 9. Fit to grace the hand of a monarch, or of one who stands at a monarch's right hand. Requires Physician Rod.
Golden Scepter
Weapon healer 6.png
120 Increases INT by 11. Soothes the pain of all who look upon it. Requires Royal Scepter.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Acolyte Robe
Broad armor healer 1.png
30 Increases CON by 6. Garment showing humility and purpose.
Medic Robe
Broad armor healer 2.png
45 Increases CON by 9. Worn by those dedicated to tending the wounded in battle. Requires Acolyte Robe.
Defender Mantle
Broad armor healer 3.png
65 Increases CON by 12. Turns the healer's own magics inward to fend off harm. Requires Medic Robe.
Physician Mantle
Broad armor healer 4.png
90 Increases CON by 15. Projects authority and dissipates curses. Requires Defender Mantle.
Royal Mantle
Broad armor healer 5.png
120 Increases CON by 18. Attire of those who have saved the lives of kings. Requires Physician Mantle.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Quartz Circlet
Head healer 1.png
15 Increases INT by 2. Jeweled headpiece, for focus on the task at hand.
Amethyst Circlet
Head healer 2.png
25 Increases INT by 3. A taste of luxury for a humble profession. Requires Quartz Circlet.
Sapphire Circlet
Head healer 3.png
40 Increases INT by 5. Shines to let sufferers know their salvation is at hand. Requires Amethyst Circlet.
Emerald Diadem
Head healer 4.png
60 Increases INT by 7. Emits an aura of life and growth. Requires Sapphire Circlet.
Royal Diadem
Head healer 5.png
80 Increases INT by 9. For king, queen, or miracle-worker. Requires Emerald Diadem.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Medic Buckler
Shield healer 1.png
20 Increases CON by 2. Easy to disengage, freeing a hand for bandaging.
Kite Shield
Shield healer 2.png
35 Increases CON by 4. Tapered shield with the symbol of healing. Requires Medic Buckler.
Protector Shield
Shield healer 3.png
50 Increases CON by 6. Traditional shield of defender knights. Requires Kite Shield.
Savior Shield
Shield healer 4.png
70 Increases CON by 9. Stops blows aimed at nearby innocents as well as those aimed at you. Requires Protector Shield.
Royal Shield
Shield healer 5.png
90 Increases CON by 12. Bestowed upon those most dedicated to the kingdom's defense. Requires Savior Shield.

Grand Gala Equipment[]

This table shows the special Healer gear from all Grand Galas. These equipment sets are available for purchase in the Seasonal Shop, which opens during each Grand Gala. At that time, newly released equipment sets can be purchased with gold, and equipment sets from previous Grand Galas can be purchased with gems.

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Head Shield Accessory
Summer Splash
Angelfish Healer
Weapon special summer2022Healer.png
Beneficial Bubbles
Broad armor special summer2022Healer.png
Angelfish Tail
Head special summer2022Healer.png
Angelfish Ear Fins
Shield special summer2022Healer.png
Remedial Ripples
Spring Fling
Peridot Healer
Weapon special spring2022Healer.png
Peridot Wand
Broad armor special spring2022Healer.png
Peridot Armor
Head special spring2022Healer.png
Peridot Helmet
Shield special spring2022Healer.png
Peridot Shield
Winter Wonderland
Ice Crystal Healer
Weapon special winter2022Healer.png
Enduring Ice Crystal
Broad armor special winter2022Healer.png
Crystalline Ice Armor
Head special winter2022Healer.png
Crystalline Ice Crown
Shield special winter2022Healer.png
Crystalline Ice Wand
Fall Festival
Flame Summoner Healer
Weapon special fall2021Healer.png
Summoning Wand
Broad armor special fall2021Healer.png
Summoner's Robes
Head special fall2021Healer.png
Summoner's Mask
Shield special fall2021Healer.png
Summoned Creature
Summer Splash
Parrot Healer
Weapon special summer2021Healer.png
Staff of Corn
Broad armor special summer2021Healer.png
Parrot Plumage
Head special summer2021Healer.png
Parrot Mask
Shield special summer2021Healer.png
Sunflower Seed Shield
Spring Fling
Willow Healer
Weapon special spring2021Healer.png
Willow Branch
Broad armor special spring2021Healer.png
Willow Bark Coat
Head special spring2021Healer.png
Salix Wreath
Shield special spring2021Healer.png
Salicylic Shield
Winter Wonderland
Arctic Explorer Healer
Weapon special winter2021Healer.png
Flake-Flanged Rod
Broad armor special winter2021Healer.png
Arctic Parka
Head special winter2021Healer.png
Arctic Exploration Headgear
Shield special winter2021Healer.png
Arctic Armguards
Fall Festival
Death's Head Moth Healer
Weapon special fall2020Healer.png
Cocoon Cane
Broad armor special fall2020Healer.png
Hawkmoth Wings
Head special fall2020Healer.png
Death's Head Mask
Shield special fall2020Healer.png
Cocoon Carryall
Summer Splash
Sea Glass Healer
Weapon special summer2020Healer.png
Frosted Glass Rod
Broad armor special summer2020Healer.png
Regalia of Tumbling Waves
Head special summer2020Healer.png
Glass-Studded Helm
Shield special summer2020Healer.png
Tumbled Glass Aegis
Spring Fling
Iris Healer
Weapon special spring2020Healer.png
Sword-Lily Staff
Broad armor special spring2020Healer.png
Protective Petals
Head special spring2020Healer.png
Iris Fascinator
Shield special spring2020Healer.png
Perfumed Shield
Winter Wonderland
Winter Spice Healer
Weapon special winter2020Healer.png
Clove Scepter
Broad armor special winter2020Healer.png
Orange Peel Gown
Head special winter2020Healer.png
Star Anise Emblem
Shield special winter2020Healer.png
Giant Cinnamon Stick
Fall Festival
Lich Healer
Weapon special fall2019Healer.png
Fearsome Phylactery
Broad armor special fall2019Healer.png
Robes of Darkness
Head special fall2019Healer.png
Dark Miter
Shield special fall2019Healer.png
Grotesque Grimoire
Eyewear special fall2019Healer.png
Dark Visage
Summer Splash
Conch Healer
Weapon special summer2019Healer.png
Bubble Wand
Broad armor special summer2019Healer.png
Tropical Tides Tail
Head special summer2019Healer.png
Conch Crown
Shield special summer2019Healer.png
Conch Trumpet
Spring Fling
Robin Healer
Weapon special spring2019Healer.png
Spring Song
Broad armor special spring2019Healer.png
Robin Costume
Head special spring2019Healer.png
Robin Helm
Shield special spring2019Healer.png
Eggshell Shield
Winter Wonderland
Winter Star Healer
Weapon special winter2019Healer.png
Wand of Winter
Broad armor special winter2019Healer.png
Midnight Robe
Head special winter2019Healer.png
Starry Crown
Shield special winter2019Healer.png
Enchanted Ice Crystals
Fall Festival
Carnivorous Plant Healer
Weapon special fall2018Healer.png
Starving Staff
Broad armor special fall2018Healer.png
Robes of Carnivory
Head special fall2018Healer.png
Ravenous Helm
Shield special fall2018Healer.png
Hungry Shield
Summer Splash
Merfolk Monarch
Weapon special summer2018Healer.png
Merfolk Monarch Trident
Broad armor special summer2018Healer.png
Merfolk Monarch Robes
Head special summer2018Healer.png
Merfolk Monarch Crown
Shield special summer2018Healer.png
Merfolk Monarch Emblem
Spring Fling
Garnet Healer
Weapon special spring2018Healer.png
Garnet Rod
Broad armor special spring2018Healer.png
Garnet Armor
Head special spring2018Healer.png
Garnet Circlet
Shield special spring2018Healer.png
Garnet Shield
Winter Wonderland
Mistletoe Healer
Weapon special winter2018Healer.png
Mistletoe Wand
Broad armor special winter2018Healer.png
Mistletoe Robes
Head special winter2018Healer.png
Mistletoe Hood
Shield special winter2018Healer.png
Mistletoe Bell
Fall Festival
Haunted House Healer
Weapon special fall2017Healer.png
Creepy Candelabra
Broad armor special fall2017Healer.png
Haunted House Armor
Head special fall2017Healer.png
Haunted House Helm
Shield special fall2017Healer.png
Haunted Orb
Summer Splash
Seashell Seahealer
Weapon special summer2017Healer.png
Pearl Wand
Broad armor special summer2017Healer.png
Silversea Tail
Head special summer2017Healer.png
Crown of Sea Creatures
Shield special summer2017Healer.png
Oyster Shield
Spring Fling
Floral Mouse
Weapon special spring2017Healer.png
Egg Wand
Broad armor special spring2017Healer.png
Robes of Repose
Head special spring2017Healer.png
Petal Circlet
Shield special spring2017Healer.png
Basket Shield
HeadAccessory special spring2017Healer.png
Purple Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Sugar Plum Healer
Weapon special winter2017Healer.png
Sugar-Spun Wand
Broad armor special winter2017Healer.png
Shimmer Petal Armor
Head special winter2017Healer.png
Sparkling Blossom Helm
Shield special winter2017Healer.png
Sugarplum Shield
Fall Festival
Gorgon Healer
Weapon special fall2016Healer.png
Venomous Serpent
Broad armor special fall2016Healer.png
Gorgon Robes
Head special fall2016Healer.png
Medusa's Crown
Shield special fall2016Healer.png
Gorgon Shield
Summer Splash
Seahorse Healer
Weapon special summer2016Healer.png
Healing Trident
Broad armor special summer2016Healer.png
Seahorse Tail
Head special summer2016Healer.png
Seahorse Helm
Shield special summer2016Healer.png
Sea Star Shield
Spring Fling
Springing Bunny
Weapon special spring2016Healer.png
Spring Flower Wand
Broad armor special spring2016Healer.png
Fluffy Bunny Breeches
Head special spring2016Healer.png
Blossom Diadem
Shield special spring2016Healer.png
Floral Buckler
HeadAccessory special spring2016Healer.png
Purple Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Festive Fairy
Weapon special winter2016Healer.png
Confetti Cannon
Broad armor special winter2016Healer.png
Festive Fairy Cloak
Head special winter2016Healer.png
Fairy Wing Helm
Shield special winter2016Healer.png
Pixie Present
Fall Festival
Weapon special fall2015Healer.png
Swamp-Slime Potion
Broad armor special fall2015Healer.png
Potioner Robes
Head special fall2015Healer.png
Hat of Frog
Shield special fall2015Healer.png
Stirring Stick
Summer Splash
Strapping Sailor
Weapon special summer2015Healer.png
Wand of the Waves
Broad armor special summer2015Healer.png
Sailor's Armor
Head special summer2015Healer.png
Sailor's Cap
Shield special summer2015Healer.png
Strapping Shield
Body special summer2015Healer.png
Sailor's Neckerchief
Spring Fling
Comforting Kitty
Weapon special spring2015Healer.png
Cat Rattle
Broad armor special spring2015Healer.png
Comforting Catsuit
Head special spring2015Healer.png
Comforting Crown
Shield special spring2015Healer.png
Patterned Pillow
HeadAccessory special spring2015Healer.png
Green Kitty Ears
Winter Wonderland
Soothing Skater
Weapon special winter2015Healer.png
Soothing Scepter
Broad armor special winter2015Healer.png
Skating Outfit
Head special winter2015Healer.png
Snuggly Earmuffs
Shield special winter2015Healer.png
Soothing Shield
Fall Festival
Mummy Medic
Scarab wand.png
Scarab Wand
Gauzy gear.png
Gauzy Gear
Head bandages.png
Head Bandages
Jeweled shield.png
Jeweled Shield
Summer Splash
Reef Seahealers
Weapon special summerHealer.png
Wand of the Shallows
Broad armor special summerHealer.png
Seahealer Tail
Head special summerHealer.png
Coral Crown
Shield special summerHealer.png
Shield of the Shallows
Body special summerHealer.png
Coral Collar
Spring Fling
Loving Pup
Weapon special springHealer.png
Lovely Bone
Broad armor special springHealer.png
Fuzzy Puppy Robes
Head special springHealer.png
Crown of Friendship
Shield special springHealer.png
Squeaky Ball of Ultimate Protection
HeadAccessory special springHealer.png
Yellow Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
Snowflake Wand
Snowflake Robe
Snowflake Crown
Snowflake Shield
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