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Players can use Hatching Potions to hatch pets by combining potions with eggs. The egg determines the type of pet that will hatch, and the potion determines its color or other physical attributes (e.g., skeleton or zombie). Any pet (except for rare pets) can be hatched with any standard potion.

All standard potions are available as drops that players receive randomly for completing Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos once they have completed their second task. Players can also purchase hatching potions in the Market for gems, or sell them for gold. Some quests also offer hatching potions as rewards. The potions range in value from Base, which hatches a normal pet and sells for 2 gold points, to Golden, which hatches a cheerful golden-colored pet and sells for 5 gold points.

Magic Hatching Potions are special hatching potions that are available during Grand Galas or other recurring community events, or as prizes for logging into Habitica. Wacky Hatching Potions are a special subsection of magic hatching potions that are available during Grand Galas or Community events.

Drop Probability Edit

Potion Item Drop

When a potion drops, the type of potion is determined randomly. Different types have different drop probabilities:

  • 40% chance of receiving a Base, Desert, or White potion
  • 30% chance of receiving a Red, Shade, or Skeleton potion
  • 23.33% chance of receiving a Cotton Candy Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, or Zombie potion
  • 6.67% chance of receiving a Golden potion

Note that due to the random nature of drops, individual users may receive certain potions at higher or lower rates than those quoted above.

Using PotionsEdit


Purple outline around a tiger egg. No outline behind a fox egg. Indicates that a tiger, but not a fox, can be hatched with the selected potion.

Under the Inventory tab, you will see the potions you currently own. Click on a potion to use it. Once clicked, any eggs that you can hatch with that potion will be highlighted in purple. Click on a highlighted egg to use the potion; this will bring up a prompt confirming that you would like to hatch the egg using said potion.

If an egg is not highlighted, that means that you already have a pet of that type that was hatched with the potion you have selected. (For example, if you already have a red wolf, clicking on a red hatching potion will not highlight any wolf eggs in your inventory.) Should you attempt to use the potion to hatch an unhighlighted egg anyway, you will receive an error, and will not lose the egg or potion. However, once you have upgraded a pet to a mount, you may hatch a second pet of that type to replace it, enabling you to have a pet and mount of the same species and color at once.

Available Standard Hatching PotionsEdit

Hatching Potions Gem Price
Sell Price
Base hatching potion
Base 2 2
White hatching potion
White 2 2
Desert hatching potion
Desert 2 2
Red hatching potion
Red 3 3
Shade hatching potion
Shade 3 3
Skeleton hatching potion
Skeleton 3 3
Zombie hatching potion
Zombie 4 4
Cotton candy pink hatching potion
Cotton Candy Pink 4 4
Cotton candy blue hatching potion
Cotton Candy Blue 4 4
Golden hatching potion
Golden 5 5

Magic Hatching PotionsEdit

Magic Hatching Potions are special hatching potions. There are three types of Magic Hatching Potions:

  • Seasonal Edition hatching potions, which can be bought from the Market for a limited time when announced, including during special events or Grand Galas
  • Daily Check-In Incentives hatching potions, which were released with the Daily Check-In Incentives feature and can be earned by logging into Habitica a certain number of times
  • Quest hatching potions, which can be obtained by performing the relevant quest, or, once unlocked, can be purchased from the Market

Magic Hatching Potions can only be used on standard "Generation 1" eggs (i.e., non-quest eggs). The resulting pets enjoy all types of food.

Please note with Seasonal hatching potions, may not be released in next year at the same time.

Magic Hatching Potions Gem Price
Sell Price
Type Available During/Around Release Date
Pet HatchingPotion Spooky
Spooky 2 2 Seasonal Fall Festival 1 October 2015
Pet HatchingPotion Peppermint
Peppermint 2 2 Seasonal Winter Wonderland 7 December 2015
Pet HatchingPotion Floral
Floral 2 2 Seasonal end of/after Spring Fling 25 April 2016
Pet HatchingPotion Thunderstorm
Thunderstorm 2 2 - Random time during the year. 9 August 2016
Pet HatchingPotion Ghost
Ghost 2 2 Seasonal Fall Festival 22 September 2016
Pet HatchingPotion Purple
Royal Purple n/a 2 - any time, as Daily Check-In Incentives 23 November 2016
Pet HatchingPotion Holly
Holly 2 2 Seasonal Winter Wonderland 15 December 2016
Pet HatchingPotion Cupid
Cupid 2 2 Seasonal around Valentine's 2 February 2017
Pet HatchingPotion Shimmer
Shimmer 2 2 Seasonal Spring Fling 23 March 2017
Pet HatchingPotion Fairy
Fairy 2 2 Seasonal Spring Fling 20 April 2017
Pet HatchingPotion Aquatic
Aquatic 2 2 Seasonal Summer Splash 29 June 2017
Pet HatchingPotion Ember
Ember 2 2 Seasonal after Summer Splash 8 August 2017
Pet HatchingPotion StarryNight
Starry Night 2 2 Seasonal Winter Wonderland 19 December 2017
Pet HatchingPotion Rainbow
Rainbow 2 2 Seasonal after Spring Fling 13 March 2018
Pet HatchingPotion Glass
Glass 2 2 Seasonal Summer Splash 26 June 2018
Pet HatchingPotion Glow
Glow-in-the-Dark 2 2 Seasonal Fall Festival 25 September 2018
Pet HatchingPotion Frost
Frost 2 2 - Random time during the year. 20 November 2018
Pet HatchingPotion IcySnow
Icy Snow 2 2 Seasonal Winter Wonderland 20 December 2018
Pet HatchingPotion RoseQuartz
Rose Quartz 2 2 Seasonal around Valentine's Day 12 February 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Celestial
Celestial 2 2 Seasonal Spring Fling 21 March 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Sunshine
Sunshine 2 2 Seasonal after Spring Fling 14 May 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Bronze
Bronze 2 2 Quest Brazen Beetle Battle quest 21 May 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Watery
Watery 2 2 Seasonal Summer Splash 20 June 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Silver
Silver 2 2 Quest The Silver Solution quest 13 August 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Shadow
Shadow 2 2 Seasonal Fall Festival 26 September 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Aurora
Aurora 2 2 Seasonal Winter Wonderland 19 December 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Amber
Amber 2 2 Quest The Amber Alliance quest 26 November 2019
Pet HatchingPotion Ruby
Ruby 2 2 Quest Ruby Rapport quest 13 February 2020
Pet HatchingPotion BirchBark
Birch Bark 2 2 Seasonal Spring Fling 19 March 2020

Wacky Hatching PotionsEdit

Wacky Hatching Potions are similar to Seasonal Edition magic hatching potions in that they are available for a certain time. They change a pet's overall appearance as opposed to only changing their color or physical attributes. There is currently only one kind of wacky hatching potion, the garden potion.

Wacky Hatching Potions Gem Price
Sell Price
Available During/Around Release Date Effects
Pet HatchingPotion Veggie
Garden 2 2 Around April Fools' Day 9 April 2019 Turns pets into vegetables or fruit; a re-released version of the April Fools' Day 2019 prank
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