Habitversary Party is a blog created by Habitica moderator Cantras to celebrate a player's annual membership-birthday or "Habitversary". Each player submits their story to the monthly Habitversary Challenge which can be found in the Tavern challenges.


On (or near) your Habit-anniversary, think a bit about how far you’ve come in the past year. Even if you don’t think it is much, you’ve probably done something! Make a post in the Tavern about it! Include "@Cantras" so Cantras can find them easily.

Cantras collects the stories from the challenge and draws a random winner after the end of the month.


Tomorrow is my #Habitversary, and in the past year, I’ve brought my grades up, flossed regularly, and kept the houseplants alive. I haven’t totally quit smoking, but I’ve cut down and now a pack lasts a week instead of 2 days, so I’ve made progress! (@Cantras)

Helpful InformationEdit

  • You can find your Member-Since date in your profile by clicking your name in any chat area (it will show your member-since date and the last day you logged in [which will be today], so make sure you're looking at the right one!).
  • If you did something you can’t or don't want to say in the Tavern, it’s okay to be vague.
  • Everyone has different abilities and goals. That is why it is up to chance who wins out of everyone who
    • a) completes the challenge and
    • b) reported their Habitversary in the correct month. (If you post in the wrong month, Cantras will still add it to the blog, but it will not be eligible to win, and it will not include a screenshot of your avatar.)
  • Whether your progress is completing a novel or a couch-to-5k program, cutting down on television, or getting out of bed more days than you did last year, you have the same chance of winning.

In Addition Edit

When you create your Habitversary post (or if you feel the urge to share your accomplishments at a time that is not your Habitversary), consider posting to the Testimonials of Habitica Guild as well. The new Testimonials of Habitica Guild is designed to celebrate your accomplishments with Habitica all year round. Be aware that posting to the Testimonials of Habitica Guild may result in being quoted on the main page or elsewhere (perhaps with an image of your avatar).

Habitversary Posts from ModeratorsEdit