A set of scripts to interact with Habitica:

  • Python wrapper for the RESTful Habitica API abitica.api.Habitipy
  • Command-line interface with subcommands (e.g.  habitipy todos)

Features Edit

  • Access to your Habitica account from command line
  • Colourful output
  • Easy and intuitive subcommands syntax
  • Pluggable and extendable architecture
  • API with built-in help

Install Edit

Habitipy comes in two main versions: basic and emoji. If you don't want emoji on your terminal you are free to install with only:

pip install habitipy

if you want something like :thumbsup: to be converted to an actual emoji unicode symbols like Thumbs up before it will be printed to terminal, you should use: pip install habitipy[emoji]

In both cases you should put sudo in front of the command, if you are installing habitipy package to a system directory. To install habitipy just for you, use pip install --user habitipy

And the last, but not the least thing about installation - if you want bleeding edge development version (potentially unstable!), you should clone the repository and install habitipy

  • pip install -e habitipy

Configuration Edit

Most configuration of habitipy is done in ~/.config/habitipy/config. You can just run any habitipy command - and habitipy will ask your user ID and API key and create this file for you. You can find your user ID and API key from your Habitica's API settings.

See README for more information about configuration.

Usage Edit

  • Run habitipy status to show your current Level, Class, XP, HP, Quest and other variables
  • Run habitipy --help to show list of all available commands

Example of listing dailies Edit
  • e.g. habitipy dailies

Habitiy dailies up

Completing a daily Edit
  • e.g. habitipy dailies done (task id)

Habitipy dailies listing and completing-0

Python API Edit

Habitica restful API is accessible through habitipy.api.Habitipy class. It uses parsed apiDoc from Habitica by downloading and parsing latest source from Habitica's Github repository. This enables API endpoint completion and documentation from ipython console. See README for more information and examples about the API.

Origin Edit

Habitipy is a fork from another Python based Habitica command-line tool: philadams/habitica, which has not been maintained for some time.