The Habitica ZeeMap shows Habiticans mapified, demonstrating that Habitica is truly a global community and has players all over the world. It was initiated by Habitica users to let Habiticans pin their locations.


To see the full map, visit the Habitica ZeeMaps page. (Note that this replaces the old HabitRPG ZeeMaps page, which is no longer maintained.)


To add your pin, go to the Additions menu and select one of the Add Marker options. A popup will open with a form into which you can enter your name (Habitica display name) and location information (can be as general or detailed as you wish). Click the Submit button to finish.


There are two search functions on the map: Locate and Search. They can be found under the View menu.

Locate is used to find a specific location on the map. Enter the location (city, state, country, zip code, etc.), click the Locate button, and the map will zero in on that location to show the pins of any users in that area.

Search is used to find a specific Habitica user. Enter part of their display name, then click the Search button, and the pin for any user with that snippet in their name will be displayed.